February 11, 2006

$469,000 for a shoebox/victorian home in San Francisco

Home Detail – ZipRealty Real Estate

1107 GILMAN AVE, Bayview Heights, CA 94124**

List Price: $469,000
ZipRealty will give you up to $2,814 cash back.*

This was submitted by a Burbed.com reader – Thanks Sebastian! Sebastian also notes:

This is one of my favorites:
A must see home! Well maintained victorian home in bayview height area. Close to transportation, freeways and the new 3rd street light rail. 2bd/1ba, lot size 2495 sq ft built in 1912. It is now rented to section 8 tenants at $1925 per month.Subject to tenants right. Property to be sold as is condition. Super chance for investment and for lst time home buyers.

Well on the upside, the smaller the house, the less the vacuuming you’ll have to do. And less to defend! After all, this is the part of the city that generated this headline:


[Mayor] Newsom wants to use fire trucks to help battle crime
He would plant firefighters in their rigs on street corners

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8 Responses to “$469,000 for a shoebox/victorian home in San Francisco”

  1. Brian Barringer Says:

    That news link is too funny. I wish the goverment would pay for me to live in a crackerbox in the city. That house is so small and it rents for soo much on the goverments dime. Lucky bastards.

    If I was buying bottom of the market I would go for this place:

  2. Bayosphere Says:

    Home Prices and People’s Long-Range Dreams…

    SF Chronicle: Cost of housing among area’s top woes: Survey cites it as major reason 2 of 5 residents consider leaving. You’re not …

  3. JCclimber Says:

    I have good friends living in this area.
    They won’t step out of their house into their yard without locking the house. And the yard is fenced in with a locked gate.

  4. Pismobear Says:

    That’s why you idiots should have a right to carry law and pit bulls and rotweiler requirement.

  5. burbed Says:

    Well that’s an interesting thought. Doesn’t Texas have “everyone must carry” laws?

    Let’s look at SF versus Dalls:


    Hm. Dallas has a higher crime rate in every category!

    Let’s try Houston:


    Hm. Houston has a higher crime rate in every category (tied for Auto Theft though)!

    I guess SF should allow more guns if they want to increase violent crime.

    FWIW, Houston and Dallas have crime rates worse than New York City. Now that’s shocking.

  6. marizen Says:

    Another reason to love Newsom.

  7. ubitprlesl Says:

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  8. Reader Mail: He’s leaving the area, folks [Burbed.com] Says:

    […] A reader sent me an email, linking to this exact same house I posted earlier: San Francisco — Burbed.com: Your Silicon Valley Home and Mortgage Insanity Blog […]

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