March 22, 2006

Getting busted for -GOING- to school… Residency Verification

So recently, all Sunnyvale (and possibly Cupertino) residents got a flyer from the Fremont Union High School District highlighting this:

Ah yes… in most places, you get busted for cutting school. In the Bay Area, you’re supposed to drop a dime on those who are going to the wrong school.

Considering that the median condo in Santa Clara is $500,000, and that the median home is $723,500 these days… isn’t it kind of strange that parents are pulling all sorts of shenanigans to get their kids into a better school?

Sure… maybe you bought a house in a cheaper neighborhood… like… only $600,000. At that price shouldn’t you get a school that you’re proud of? Instead of sneaking your kids somewhere else?

And why the crackdown anyway? The median home price of Sunnyvale-Cupertino ranges from $655,000-$920,000.

This explains it:


Of course! The local community where median home prices ranges from $655,000-$920,000 is having a financial crisis. Better budget an additional $15,000 a year to send your kids to private K-12!

Only in California.

Thank you Proposition 13.

Update 4/18: Some people have linked to this saying that this is due to illegal immigration. My sources say that it is not necessarily the case – that even citizens do it. Let’s say you own a house in East Palo Alto – wouldn’t you rather your child go to… say Gunn instead?

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  1. Robert Says:

    Yup, this isn’t due to illegal immigration, it’s completely due to better scoring schools than elsewhere. They used to have the same problem in the San Bruno (junior high?) schools; some of the houses in San Bruno were actually part of the Pacifica school district. To avoid having to drive over the hill for everything, some parents would use a friend’s address so their child could be at the closer schools.

    But this is nothing to the trouble in New York state. Because each town would set its own tax rates, you could see taxes double from one town to the other. Sometimes the quality of the town services would even correlate with the level of taxes. I’d imagine that (for example) the Katonah (Westchester County) schools make damn sure that kids from Bedford Hills next door don’t sneak in.

    A friend worked at a public library in one town on Long Island; the houses across the street were in a different town. Folks who lived across the street weren’t allowed to check books out of that library. Don’t want those cheapskates reading here!

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