March 24, 2006

$659,000 3 bedroom 2.75 bathrom 2.8 acre house!!!


Did you really think this was going to be in the Bay Area? No way! It’s Friday! Time for a reality check!

With Microsoft in the news this week, I thought it’s time we took a look at what BAY_AREA_MEDIAN_HOUSE-PRICE – $100,000 could buy you: Find a Home – Listing Detail


Redmond, WA  98053
MLS ID#: 26034300
3 Bed, 2.75 Bath
2,930 Sq. Ft.
2.8 Acres
Single Family Property, Area: Redmond/Carnation, Subdivision: non tract setting, Approximately 2.8 acre(s), Lot is 121968 sq. ft., Year Built: 1997, View, Two story, Hardwood floors

Yeah… that’d be about $2 million here in the Bay Area. Maybe even $3 million.

But Redmond isn’t the Bay Area. They don’t have our gang problems, our public school funding problems, our traffic problems, our sprawl problems — instead, they have rain.

Bay Area wins by a long shot! Still the best place in the world to live!

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4 Responses to “$659,000 3 bedroom 2.75 bathrom 2.8 acre house!!!”

  1. Chris Yeh Says:

    Please stop…I want to cry!

  2. Marius Says:

    That house is in Carnation, WA, which isn’t really Redmond at all. Carnation is a rural farming community many miles out of town.

  3. burbed Says:

    Good to know. I’ll find one closer to Microsoft next time.

  4. Jerry Says:

    Next time you’re picking one out, try

    It has great aerial views of the Redmond area, which should make it easier to find properties near MSFT.

    This one is a few blocks from the MSFT campus.

    BTW, the earlier poster was correct, Carnation is pretty far out in the sticks. The commute is horrific. Schools are pretty good though. For instance, the junior high has a glass furnace & teaches glass blowing, etc.

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