March 31, 2006

Real Estate Bubble Blogs – Moneysmartz

Real Estate Bubble Blogs – Moneysmartz Category Updates: Moneysmartz Personal Finance Blog
Real Estate Bubble Blogs – Moneysmartz Category Updates

Be worried, be very worried.

In addition to global warming, the dollar, and Iraq, add the housing bubble to your list of worries.

This is old news for many, but the chorus of concern seems to be reaching a climax.

Get ready for another decline say a growing list of real estate bubble bloggers.

In surveying real estate bubble bloggers, Moneysmartz found some very, very depressing news and more than a few blogs worth a moment of your time, particularly if you live in a bubble market.

Wow this is a pretty comprehensive list of bubble real estate blogs.

But the fact is that Bay Area real estate isn’t very bubblicious – it’s always been this crazy.

Thanks for the link though…

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