April 28, 2006

What is low income in San Francisco?

SFHomeBlog.com – A San Francisco Real Estate Blog: CalHFA updates income limits on affordable housing
In San Francisco, the income limits for resale homes (for one or two people) is $135,720 for moderate units, and $81,432 for low income units, and for new construction (read: South Beach High Rises) $135,720 is the moderate limit and $95,004 is the low income limit.

How crazy is that? You’re low income in San Francisco if you make less than $95,000 per year. Looks like the lines for affordable unit lotteries are going to grow exponentially now…

Holy cow…

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  1. Peter P Says:

    I am completely against the idea of building or designating “low income” (BMR) housing units. This is purely a political move that accomplishes nothing.

    Instead, we should relax building regulations. Developers should be able to build whatever they want with a minimal permit process. Just let them build any number of 50-story towers and the housing shortage problem can be solved in a few years.

    Some may say that this will ruin neighborhoods and depress property values. I would say that the free market will sort this out quicker than they can say “NIMBY”.

  2. Jim Says:

    this is an old post and my response may not be read by anyone, but the “free market” system proposed above wouldn’t fix the housing shortage problem: it’d make the problem worse. if the permit process were eased and if low income “designations” were abolished, developers wouldn’t just make a bunch of affordable 50 story towers – rather they’d just build a bunch of expensive 50 story luxury apts, what with san francisco housing demand being what it is. it’s silly to think developers would go after the low and moderate income markets while the high income market is so strong. “free markets” are fine, but ron paul-esque free market libertarianism usually doesn’t work in real life.

  3. Just Eager Says:

    See the “Golden Era” has climax. Bay Area yes, admit
    San Francisco is for the elite. Now without rationalizing the pretence about. Lower income is not
    accuate the advocates. Would like have better leverage, if your landowner. Or Land Lord you paramount what saying. San Francisco is currently
    becoming the NYC. Of west coast no by price if reading this. Square Footage is profit hey, Gavin did.
    Best he could along many others. Bottom line if your
    not professional whom. Pay the standard 2,500 your
    Ass is grass. No literally, sitting on the grass for
    those. Say I have no concern when lose your income.
    Opposite is what you incur harsh realities. They need
    have rent control in full effect in San Francisco.

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