May 30, 2006

$529,988 for a 720 sqft garage in East Palo Alto

MLSlistings Property Detail for MLS number 629633
East Palo Alto, CA 94303


Alright, so it is actually a house – not just a garage. But the real question is – does the buyer get to keep the flag?

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  1. tom stone Says:

    i can rent a 2000sq ft house on 5 acres in a relly good school district in sw sonoma county for $1850 a month,or buy this garage in epa,for about $4000 a month piti with a 5 year i/o balloon,hmmm,let me think about this.

  2. burbed Says:

    >let me think about this.

    While you were thinking of it, this house probably appreciated $100.

  3. burbee Says:

    You’ll have plenty o’ time to think about it during your commute.

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