July 17, 2006

‘The Unstoppable Ascent Has Stopped’ In San Diego

The Housing Bubble Blog » ‘The Unstoppable Ascent Has Stopped’ In San Diego
“San Diego had the wildest run-up among major California cities. The boom was stoked by cheap loans, changes in tax law, creative financing and a generalized mania that fed upon itself. The market also began to fade first in San Diego. Whatever happens here, optimists and pessimists agree, will happen later in the rest of the state.”

“At a sales office in the Ocean Beach neighborhood, broker David Davis said the market had already bottomed out. ‘Our No. 1 industry is now tourism,’ Davis said. ‘Unless they take away the sun, we’ll be fine.’”

“If Davis radiates cheer, the fliers taped to the window outside the office door tell a different story. ‘Huge Price Reduction,’ one says. Another says both ‘Reduced’ and ‘$15,000 Credit.’”

“In some cases, the prices are dropping faster than the fliers can be reprinted. A two-bedroom town home has its price of $324,900 crossed out with a marking pen, replaced by $309,900. Another house, a four-bedroom in suburban La Mesa, has a printed price of $575,000. Below that is handwritten $549,000. Scribbled below that is a new minimum: $499,000.”

This will never happen in the Bay Area. Two reasons:

1) The Bay Area is special.

2) They’re not making any more land.

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