July 24, 2006

Bay Area still isn't building enough houses

Bay Area still isn’t building enough houses
Bay Area cities and counties built 83 percent of the homes needed to meet population and job growth over the last seven years, exacerbating the region’s affordability crunch and lengthening many residents’ commute times, according to a study by a business-oriented think tank.

While cities from Hercules to San Jose approved more than their “fair share” of housing between 1999 and 2005, other municipalities such as Larkspur and Redwood City issued permits for only a fraction of the total condos and single-family homes prescribed by a regional group of governments, said authors of the Bay Area Housing Profile.


In fact, researchers at the council expect that unless the pace of building in the Bay Area increases substantially, the housing crisis will deteriorate over the next quarter-century with the region expected to grow by 600,000 households and 1.6 million jobs.

Further proof that the Bay Area is special, and that they’re not making any more land. Just like I said – forget stock options, give me a house!

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  1. Moira Birss Says:

    More land isn’t necessarily needed to house the current population, and that to come. Infill development (construction in areas that have already been developed) saves resources and allows for more housing construction.

  2. Shaun Says:

    They built too much commercial property but not enough residential. Central planning never seems to work.

  3. burbed Says:

    We can thank Prop 13 for why cities love building commercial property and not residential property.

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