August 27, 2006

Do you own either of these book?

Do you own this book?

Or its 2005 pre-quel?

If you do, please leave a comment about what you thought of the book(s).

Especially if you own a property featured on this site… like this one:

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  1. Ken Says:

    First I’ve heard of the books, but I know the pattern:

    The same pattern as Edgar Whiesenhaunt’s end-of-the-world book 88 Reasons Why the Rapture WILL Happen in 1988 (1988), followed a year later by 89 Reasons Why the Rapture WILL Happen in 1989.

    Or the top songs of —
    1929 — “Happy Days are Here Again”
    1931 — “I’ve Got Five Dollars”
    1933 — “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?”

  2. Alex Says:

    Thank You

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