September 30, 2006

Boomers – buying big houses for 2

A recurring theme is that now is a great time to buy because the Bay Area is more special than ever, that they’re not making any more land, that immigrants are rushing in to buy, and that boomers are buying like crazy.

I’ve always wondered about that last part – but go figure, it’s true!

Trendsetting boomers ready for some ‘me’ time in their homes – MarketWatch
CHICAGO (MarketWatch) — Every eight seconds, another baby boomer turns 60. And as the trendsetters of the generation head for retirement, they’re yearning for their dream homes.

But their idea of housing utopia doesn’t necessarily hinge on spending quality time with the grandkids, according to a study commissioned by publisher Hanley Wood and released this week at the company’s American Housing Conference in Chicago.

More than a third said their adult children and their own parents are not a consideration in creating their dream homes. Sixty-three percent said enjoying their home after age 60 is a priority above or equal to spending time with the grandchildren, and just 35% said they’d relocate to be closer to family and loved ones.
“The generation has always been considered selfish,” said Frank Anton, chief executive officer of Hanley Wood, a media and information company for the housing and construction industry. “This survey would indicate maybe they’re more selfish than anyone knows.”
The longing for “me” time is a theme that often appears in their real estate preferences, as identified by the Hanley Wood study. Many have a list of dream amenities: Homes that are cozy and comfortable, yet airy and spacious; homes without stairs, but with room for a Stairmaster; living spaces that are energy efficient, but deluxe. They don’t want single-age communities, instead looking for opportunities to stay active.

Go figure!

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  1. NVMojo Says:

    Being sort of a late Boomer, this disgusts me. We have slowly been downsizing since we sold a home about 4 years ago …it feels great …can’t imagine stocking up on selfishness like this.

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