January 24, 2007

Townhouses allow people to work from home…

Mountain View Voice: Stierlin project rejected (January 19, 2007)
Five residents spoke in favor of the 11-unit development at a February 2006 meeting, saying it would provide much-needed housing near major transit corridors and downtown. Developer Steve Lowenthal said the townhouse style homes would allow people to work from home and would be an example of “smart growth.”

In what way would townhouses allow people to work at home better than… say… a loft, a studio, a single family home, a condo?

And, if you were planning to work from home all the time – why move to Mountain View? Why not move somewhere else where you could afford a real home, or spend half as much for an equivalent townhouse?

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  1. tasterspoon Says:

    The last question’s easy: free WiFi! It makes up for everything.

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