January 30, 2007

1 year old town house

Burbed has seen a lot of very very strange Bay Area houses. But my readers often times do a better job.

Here’s an entry from M C:

1 year old town house
$890000 1 year old town house (sunnyvale)


M C had this to say:

1. Does he come with the house?

2. Has he given the house a complete inspection

(*cough*) ?

3. Is the house good enough for a doctor to live in?

4. He’s there to administer CPR when you keel over at this price for a cheaply built spec townhouse.

Maybe there is some sort of cultural thing I’m missing here.

I dunno. Personally this is pretty damn creepy. I’m closing my browser window right now!

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  1. waiting_for_the_fall Says:

    The townhouse comes with it’s own live-in doctor. What do you expect for that price?

  2. JasonofsoCal Says:

    Maybe that’s the house from “The Grudge”.

    Personally, I would prefer Sarah Michelle Geller in those photos. 🙂

  3. Mr.Saito Says:

    It’s like the movie The King of Scotland. If you’re a murderous dictator visiting California this would be your Silicon Valley pied-a-terre, equipped with your own doctor. The townhome also features a spacious sound proof dungeon/basement completely outfitted with torture equipment and escape door.

  4. Brendan Says:

    DUDE!!! I can’t stop laughing. The best listing I’ve ever seen. I thought that burned down house in the cambrian I sent was good. This is the best. Maybe we should have some sort of contest for reader’s submissions. I think this one would win hands down.

  5. Chad Says:

    I say someone send him an email and tell him the house looks great but can you please send a close up of the diplomas. $100 says they are from some unknown Feng-Shui acupuncture “institute.”

  6. tasterspoon Says:

    These also give me the heebie jeebies. These look like those spirit photos, where the doctor wasn’t there when they took the picture, but mysteriously appeared when the prints came back.

    Why is he walking around at home with a stethoscope casually thrown around his neck?

  7. Chad Says:

    What they fail to tell you is that this Dr. is a midget. And the house is the mini playhouse in the seller’s backyard.

  8. Norcalboomer Says:

    I think he is there to give the lucky buyer a rectal exam after they sign on the dotted line. I hope he has k-y jelly in his pocket!!

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