February 28, 2007

Great house for Google employees!

MLSlistings Property Detail for MLS number 701796
Mountain View, CA 94041

Open House Showing
Sunday, February 11, 2007 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Minutes to Downtown Mt. View & Google Corp.
Large landscaped lot, spacious rooms, hickory floors, stainless appliances. Granite & marble,cathedral ceilings, cat 5 wiring,…

This Single Family Residence has the following features:
MLS#: 701796 Approx Age: New Approx Sq Ft: 2800
Detached Single Family 2 Stories Contemporary
4 Bedrooms 2 or More Master Suites 3&1/2 Bathrooms

Remember: Houses are for Google employees. If you’re not a Google employee, please move to Gilroy and get a condo there. Got it?

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  1. JasonofsoCal Says:

    What’s ironic is, if I actually HAD $1.6 million dollars, I would retire and buy a house someplace cheaper.

    What exactly is the incentive to use those amounts of money to buy substandard homes all the the pleasure of continuing to work?

    Maybe I am just un-American. Actually, I must be since I can actually do math.

  2. JayDawg Says:

    No one with $1.6 million buys a home worth that much. They buy a $6 million home. This home is for people with $100K in the bank.

  3. i8thekittypurr Says:

    Google can suck mine. Had like 4 interviews there with the lamest, wannabe-cool kids–didn’t get the gig–reminds me of how Excite used to have that stupid red slide at their HQ before they imploded. Guess I didn’t have the approprate amount of indie-cool they were looking for. Lord knows, they don’t seem to value traditional business smarts. All the Google arrogant pr*cks can eat one.

  4. waiting_for_the_fall Says:

    I remember Excite’s Red Slide. Pretty lame.

  5. kenji4861 Says:

    I work at Google and I can tell you most of us are not rich. Probably only the first 1000-2000 employees are.

  6. Pakaya Says:

    Do you know that Google is currently being audited by the IRS?

  7. Andres Says:

    agree with i8thekittypurr,
    got three interviews, two with kiddies, who i think they got the job based on pure luck. they can’t even understand simple theory of dist sys programming, which i was interviewed for, yet had a gut to talk down “regular” people. passed those programmer wannabes, 3rd interview with the manager, he was nicer, still arrogant, but bit nicer.
    with this rate of arrogant, google will go down faster than they went big. too bad for those first 1000-2000 “REAL” employees who put a lot of work, and hired bunch of moron.

  8. fedak Says:

    I live across the street from this one. I think it finally sold. They had it originally listed for 1.9.

    The listing fails to mention that its more or less next door to the smoke shop, tattoo parlor, check cashing place, bus stop, and liqour store.

    Its also right down the street from the adult book store noted a couple blog posts down

  9. REIL Says:

    Actually did not sell. The listing was cancelled.

  10. burbed Says:

    They’re probably waiting for the spring pick up!

  11. fedak Says:

    For sale sign just went back up. Think this is the 4th or 5th listing for this, with a new realtor each time.

    Price is still around 1.6m

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