March 26, 2007

Affordable starter home… or Fallujah-replica in the Bay Area – you decide

MLSlistings Property Detail for MLS number 710942
San Jose, CA 95002$419,9001286mich.jpgThis Single Family Residence has the following features:
MLS#: 710942 Approx Age: 58 Years Approx Sq Ft: 991
Detached Single Family 1 Story Cottage/Bungalow

Well, so the house looks a little run down… that’s no big deal. Fixer upper… blah blah blah. I never liked grass anyway.

But click inside and then you get this:


Wow. Nothing says perfect starter home for young Bay Area families like this. Or, if you’re getting ready to deploy to Iraq, this would also be a great place to practice house to house searches!

All yours for $419,900.

Are those tears of joys I see?

Update: I forgot to post the sales history!

Sale History
07/10/2006: $344,845
08/09/2004: $385,000
06/22/2004: $229,000

Wow… this house gets better every year!

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33 Responses to “Affordable starter home… or Fallujah-replica in the Bay Area – you decide”

  1. oldsharecropper Says:

    This is beyond belief. The golden state.

  2. SFBubbleBuyer Says:

    That second buyer in 2004 got screwed.

  3. sharky Says:

    What I’m trying to figure out is how did the current owner arrive at the conclusion that he deserves a $75k profit for owning this nightmare for seven months? It’s not like he put in a sub zero fridge or anything….

  4. burbed Says:

    Seriously. If the had just added Pergo, then this place would totally be worth the extra $75k.

  5. vfsv Says:

    We crunched the rent vs. own numbers & found:

    Myth #3: Rent Is Wasted Money

  6. Norcalboomer Says:

    Look at the picture: 2 power lines are visible, 2 garbage cans out front, is it made for 2 families? The Bay Area is so special, I think several families should be outbidding each other for the opportunity to get their own Santa Clara Valley ATM. Who needs to work anymore, that is so 20th century!!

  7. Brendan Says:

    A flipper’s dream.

    -New paint

    New Sales Price:


    Next idiot who buys it: Priceless

  8. Brendan Says:

    Hahahha.. I also had a funny idea. We should have burbed raves in houses like this. Hahahahahah!!! It couldn’t get any worse with some beer and vomit spread around that place could it?

  9. henry Says:

    San Jose my ass. This dump is in beautiful Alviso.

  10. burbed Says:

    Oh snap!

  11. jo jo Says:

    Hey dont make fun of my house…I bought it from watching flip this. You guys are so mean

  12. i8thekittypurr Says:

    Look, there’s a perfectly good stove for cooking crack on !!

  13. Jose Says:

    Este casa es mio! Creo que este website es muy estupidio!

    La casa es por la familia nuevo.

  14. Steveoh Says:

    So that’s how the other half lives… Guess I really am throwing away money on rent.

  15. nmtkdoybir Says:

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  16. U're all dumb Says:

    NorcalBoomer: Two garbage cans – one for trash; one for recyclables.
    Two power lines – going to two SEPARATE houses.

    All: This would be considered a “starter” home since all the comparables around it would probably be anywhere from 20-50% higher. Do the math.

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  18. Chris Says:

    I think I saw this house in an old episode of “Dragnet” from 1966..

  19. rubyport63 Says:

    Ah, the garbage cans…look closely: the can on the left had a big ol’ “A” it, which means “Unit #A”, which means – two units! Two families! (…recycle cans are always a different color than regular garbage cans 🙂 Cheers!


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  21. sonarrat Says:

    The best part is that Yahoo’s site puts it in San Jose, but it’s not actually there – it’s in Alviso, where all of the garbage collects in the slough (or ‘wetland preserves’ if you prefer). And as if the daily infusion of solid waste wasn’t enough, the county dump is at 237 & Zanker. Love that fresh feeling!

  22. weave Says:

    Click the link, the price has dropped to $399k. WHAT A BARGAIN!

  23. Lost Cause Says:

    Holy Shite!

  24. MossySF Says:

    Or Holy Shiite!

  25. sonarrat Says:

    Still not sold at $379,900, and it’s mid-October.

  26. Pianist Says:

    “Contractor Special”, now REO @ $320,000, call City of San Jose re code violations & fix-up requirements.

  27. sonarrat Says:

    $320K, now it’s starting to look.. palatable.. sort of.

  28. DensityDuck Says:

    Once it hits $300K it might be worth buying; then you immediately demolish the entire lot all the way down to the dirt and build a walled compound on the site. Hire an armed driver to chauffer you back and forth and you’re fitting right in with the third-world nature of Alvisio…

  29. oj Says:

    On the bright side, the authorities haven’t the labeled the residence a former Meth Lab.

    The gangmembers and drug dealers, thankfully, never reported their activity to police…

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  31. Timeline Guy™ Says:

    Real-a-tor speak: “Enviro friendly ‘zero scape’ preserves water. Spacious side yard with bonus kids playhouse in back. Interior features ‘Urban Chic’ decor. Concrete pad in back perfect fro RV or Yacht parking. Very private back yard with real wood fencing. Seller will provide a $75 credit for carpet cleaning. Hurry, this desirable dream home won’t last.”

    — Timeline Guy™

  32. sonarrat Says:

    This dump finally sold for $250,000 – on Valentine’s Day, 2008. How romantic!

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