May 26, 2007

College grads fleeing California – how can we tax them?

San Jose Mercury News – Report: California faces looming skills gap as college grads look elsewhere
For decades, the educated have flocked to California to make their fortune in aerospace, computer and other high-tech jobs. But that modern gold rush is over, which could spell trouble for the state’s economic future.

With stratospheric housing prices pushing an unprecedented flow of college graduates out of the state, a prominent think tank says California faces a worrisome shortage in future decades: A lack of highly skilled workers to buttress the state’s quality of life.

A report released today by the Public Policy Institute of California says that while a new flow of highly educated foreign immigrants has covered the needs of California businesses in recent years, the out flux of college graduates to other states, limits on immigration, a growing number of jobs that require a college degree, and the fact that California is not producing enough college graduates collectively means that the state faces a worrisome brain gap.

This is bad news. Who will be buying homes and paying for retirements if these people leave California?

Clearly, repealing Prop 13 is out of the question – it would be the height of ridiculousness that someone who buys a home today should pay the same property tax as his neighbor who bought in 1977. After all, the person who bought in 1977 clearly helped improve the community by the sheer act of living there. It’s tough you know!

The only solution to mitigate the problem of these people leaving is to support Proposition 1313: Protect Californian Homeowners By Youth Exit Tax

Basically, every time someone¬†who is under 65 leaves the state, he or she will be assessed an exit tax. The tax rate will be the highest for those who are youngest, and will gradually decrease until it is 0% for someone who is 65. The taxes collected will go to a fund to ensure that everyone who sells their home in California will break even. This will encourage California’s youths to not leave the state, and buy Californian homes – thus Saving the American dream and stabilizing society.

Problem solved!

Are you with me?  Support this Proposition today!

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  1. Norcalboomer Says:

    You should run for governor!!
    I sold my small business in California in 1994 and left the state. I paid the tax at the time of the sale and received monthly payments for a number of years from the new owners. After the collapse and the State deep in the red, I received a letter from the State of California telling me essentially ” We believe you have California source income and have not filed Calfiornia State Income Taxes for the past x years. If you pay what you owe now, you will not be subject to fines”. As you can imagine I was more than a little pissed off. I called my accountant in California and he assured me that I did not owe any California Income Tax, I paid the entire state tax due at the time of my departure. I took a deep breath, relaxed and waved a symbolic finger gesture to my native Golden State dearly loved politicians and threw away the letter. I think this is a great idea. The state could create a whole new bureacracy, perhaps thousands of unemployed realtors, construction workers, loan officers, and even illegals could become State Youth Exit Tax Collector Officers ( they could even have uniforms, badges,guns and patrol cars). They could be stationed on every college campus, at every port of entry, airports, highways at the borders, monitoring e-mail communications to see if young people are planning out of state moves, etc. and collect the Tax even at the point of a gun. It would help to ease unemployment that is inevitably going to accompany the Real Estate implosion, provide a new source of revenue for the state to spend on itself, and try to capture some of that ” creative class” FUTURE wealth that the state will miss out on as these young people leave state. Sir, you are truly brilliant, talent like yours needs to be harnessed in Sacramento to keep the great state of California at the forefront!!! :).

  2. Area 51 Says:

    Hey, then California could *really* be like Mexico.
    You know Mexico charges tourists an “airport tax” (more like an extortion fee) of $45 before they’re allowed to board their plane to the good ol’ USA…………..
    Aztlan Reunification is only a matter of time.

  3. burbed Says:

    Don’t we charge taxes like that? They’re built into the cost of the ticket.

    Or is this something else?

  4. Norcalboomer Says:

    It is something else. I remember paying $20 cash in ” exit tax” in 1985 just prior to boarding Mexicana Airlines on my way home from a trip to Baja. I thought it would be more appropriate to call it ” ransom”.

  5. OutOfCali Says:

    As a Calfornian of 20 years that just purchased a great home in Seattle after tiring of excessive taxes, traffic, poor quality of life and paying for the benefits of lazy assed slackers and illegal aliens I say….EAT ME while I spend my 8.3% increased income due to my reduced tax burden!

  6. Bill Compton Says:

    Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

  7. Jack Says:

    What an idiot! Thats the kind of mentality that screwed up CA. “I want to pay the lowest property tax in the nation, on my beach front property, but its my kids fault for not wanting to live in the state I f’d up by voting for that said property tax and at the same time under funding the worst public education in the country!” You’re a greedy prick! I’m not coming back to this site.

  8. burbed Says:

    Um, it’s called sarcasm. You really ought to look at some of other content on this site.

  9. Arizona is Laughing at You Says:

    You should run for Governor! What a great idea, retroactively readjust everyone’s property taxes upwards to pay for better services and schools!

    It’s a great idea, because when peopele are taxed out of their homes and right around the time EVERY NON-ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT LEAVES CALIFORNIA, property values will plummet, and property taxes will eventually stabilize at reasonable levels for everyone who’s left. Problem solved.

    (By the way, I would brush up on your Spanish.)

  10. burbed Says:

    Because that’s what happens in states where property taxes are based on market prices – all the citizens leave.

    It’s hard to find a single citizen in Washington state I hear.

  11. Not in our name: No moratorium on foreclosures! [] Says:

    […] That said, it’s election year. Perhaps it’s time for Proposition 1313: Protect Californian Homeowners By Youth Exit Tax. […]

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