July 16, 2007

Thanks SFGate!

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Burbed (www.burbed.com): Calls itself the “Bay Area home price insanity blog” and picks apart the marketing language used to sell homes.

Thanks for the mention. To all new readers, let me show off some of the Best Of Burbed!

Have you seen the stats on how the Bay Area is such the perfect place to live, full of good restaurants, smart people, and great weather that our housing prices soared even as “more people left than they did in Detroit”? Nothing says strong fundamentals like our best of class income/price ratio:

Have you seen the house in San Jose that could be confused with a house in Fallujah? We support diversity here in the Bay Area – insurgents, we want you too!

Or maybe you’re into two family homes -here’s a great one:

Looking for something in a nicer neighborhood? Well, how about this $799k house in Saratoga?

Or maybe you eat food – in that case check out this post on why your BBQ will cost 17% more for basic groceries than in a place that’s unspecial like Seattle. Good thing we don’t have a state income tax like they do – oh wait, that’s backwards. Well, good thing we have lower gas costs – oh that’s backwards too. Well at least we don’t have a sales tax – oh wait… we have that too. Well, it’s because our groceries are sunnier!

Welcome to Burbed!

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  1. seamus Says:

    Congrats on the publicity. Still love the site almost as much as I love renting.

    Keep up the great work.


  2. Joel Says:

    Good luck convincing seattlites that Seattle isn’t special. Ask anyone around here if home prices can ever come down and you’ll invariably get “Oh gosh no, Seattle has jobs and Microsoft and Boeing and it’s such a desirable place to live and we have so many jobs and Microsoft!”

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