August 29, 2007

What does a $1 mil house look like in Redwood City?

MLSlistings Property Detail for MLS number 721100
Redwood City, CA 94062


This Single Family Residence has the following features:
MLS#: 721100 Approx Age: Unavailable Approx Sq Ft: 1370
Detached Single Family 2 Stories 3 Bedrooms
1 Bathroom 1 Shower over Tub 1 Tub
Eat in Kitchen Dining “L” Utility Room

Now, granted this house is on a somewhat larger lot – but when I think of a “million dollar home” I guess I wasn’t expecting this.

But then again, this is Redwood City – it has the World’s Best Weather(TM). And thus, this house is worth almost $1 million.

Wanna bet that next year it will be worth $2 million?

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  1. sonarrat Says:

    It’s eye-widening, but this house is pricey because it’s in a heavily wooded, secluded area. On the peninsula, you’ll generally pay more to be closer to 280, because 1) the parkland is on that side, and 2) the commute beats the hell out of 101.

    San Mateo County has more undeveloped forest, by area, than habitable land. And they’re not making any more of it!

  2. DensityDuck Says:

    Yes; you’re buying a $50k house on a $950k lot.

  3. DensityDuck Says:

    Also, it won’t be worth two million until someone buys it, rips it all to pieces, and builds a six-unit condo on the space.

  4. Mark Says:

    Seems like a good place for a meth lab!

  5. crabby Says:

    House with pool and 32 acres for 375K

    Get out of SF – You can buy a nice plane and visit four or five time a year…lol

  6. Brooke Says:

    And it only has one bathroom?! $1 million only gets you one bathroom? Crazy! What an ugly piece of crap house.

  7. REIL Says:

    Emerald Hills is special because once you get in there, you won’t be able to find your way out. Look it up on the map.

    But seriously, though, if you had the money to rebuild from scratch, it is a nice location to get away from it all.

  8. Ron Says:

    The MLS listing indicates pretty clearly that this is a teardown. So, you dumbasses missed the actual snarky point, which is not that it’s a million dollar home, but that at $1m for a quarter acre (albeit in a nice location), you are paying $300k more than the going rate.

    Seriously, how ignorant are the posters here?

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