September 27, 2007

$1 million – the average price of a Santa Clara House – WOOT!

The Silicon Valley Real Estate Report



This is the kind of stuff that I know people love to write to their friends and families in other states about.

Dear Mom and Dad – I live in a place where the average house sold for a million dollars last month. What about you? Take that, suckas!

It brings a tear to my eye. It really does.

Great work everyone. Let’s keep this up and try to break $2 million next year!

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5 Responses to “$1 million – the average price of a Santa Clara House – WOOT!”

  1. Ubermonkey Says:

    Does the average home in Santa Clara come with a tube of KY to help with the pain from the payments?

  2. Big B Says:

    Now hold on a sec…

    My home area (Montgomery County, MD) is a DC ‘burb and an article just came out today which might give this a run for its money!

    The median price of a new home in the -county- is 1.133 million.


  3. james Says:

    yeah but you live in maryland!!!


  4. burbed Says:

    I’ve seen those – they’re new McMansions that are 3000 sqft+.

    Who wants a house that’s new and big?

    It’s all about eco friendly here. You want a small old house because they’re better for the environment. And that way you’ll have less money to consume stuff – again, good for the environment.

    Win/win if you ask me.

  5. sg Says:

    No McMansion can beat this million dollar one:

    Not even the ones in “poorer” countries.

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