October 17, 2007

SFGate: Bay Area is too Expensive. Burbed:Bay Area is too Affordable

A Bay Area couple with two kids can’t make it on $50,000 a year
The hard truth is that $53,000 a year doesn’t cut it anymore in the Bay Area. Tens of thousands of working families in the region, even those with what many would consider decent-paying jobs, find a modestly comfortable standard of living is out of their reach.

A family of four in the Bay Area with two working adults must earn $77,069, equaling an hourly wage of $18.53, just to pay for basic necessities, a study released today calculates. If only one adult works, that figure falls to $53,075, largely because the family doesn’t have to pay for child care, according to the report by the California Budget Project, a liberal Sacramento research group. But that one wage-earner must make $25.52 an hour.

And a single parent with two children needs to take in $65,864 annually, at an hourly wage of $31.67, to cover expenses, the Budget Project figures.

Statewide, the two-working-parent family needs an annual income of $72,343 to cover necessities; the family with one working adult must earn $50,383.

Blah blah blah.

Frankly, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a household income of at least $100k and doesn’t work at a tech company.

SF Gate, as part of its usual Main Street Media (MSM) spiel blah blah blah’s about how truck drivers with families can barely afford to live in SF.

Let’s talk about the real story here: there are truck drivers with families that can barely afford to live in SF.

The fact is, things like that really hurt the Bay Area’s image. If we are to be The Most Special Place on Earth, The Most Desirable Place on Earth, then we must make it a goal that truck drivers with families cannot possibly afford to live here.

We’ve already made some great progress in making the middle class leave, now we just need to take the next step and make everyone leave.

(Or repeal child labor laws so that the driver’s children can work. Or both!)

So while some may think it’s too unaffordable here, Burbed’s position is that it is too affordable.

<sigh> I can only dream of the day when the median condo is $1 million. Some day that will come. Some day.

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16 Responses to “SFGate: Bay Area is too Expensive. Burbed:Bay Area is too Affordable”

  1. Norcalboomer Says:

    Burbed, I agree the Bay Area is too affordable. Just look at all the homeless people. They live there in droves and most of them don’t even have jobs!! Income?… Income?. We don’t need no stinking income!! ( Poetic license from Mel Brook’s ” Blazing Saddles).

  2. Barbara Says:

    Man. What will they be saying next? I mean, they should all move out to the East Bay, where it’s not really the Bay Area anymore. Antioch anyone?

  3. gfw Says:

    More my style. Snark on BEHALF of the working class!

  4. RealEstater Says:

    What in the world is SFGate talking about? First they ran an article about the housing market crashing and foreclosures everywhere, now this. When I look around it’s the exact opposite. Any house that gets listed gets sold, usually with multiple offers. Also, as Burb correctly stated, does anyone NOT make $100K?

  5. ex-sunnyvale-renter Says:

    $100k is poverty wages in the BA. You need to make $250k to be middle class.

    I suggest slavery be made legal in the BA so “Bay Aryans” can keep themselves in good help, keep the gardening done etc. Plus, aren’t robots going to do all the work soon?


    (For a good read on this, read the online book “Manna” by Marshall Brain.)

  6. Joriz Says:

    I heard there’s an exodus of bright ppl moving out of state. I’m sure the next will be exodus of companies/businesses literally moving out here as well.

  7. burbed Says:

    That’s why we need to sponsor what I call Proposition 1313: Protect Californian Homeowners By Youth Exit Tax


  8. sonarrat Says:

    Not to worry, the talented immigrants with savings in currencies other than USD will take advantage of the flat or declining property values and keep us afloat. Sweet!

  9. Martin Says:

    >The fact is, things like that really hurt the Bay Area’s image. If we are to be The Most Special Place on Earth, The Most Desirable Place on Earth, then we must make it a goal that truck drivers with families cannot possibly afford to live here.

    I think you are an asshole. I am a professional from Europe, I am getting a salary within this range:
    Median Salary by Job – People in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States (United States)Compare your salary: Get a free Salary Report

    But, I think Bay Area has no other way, then down.

    Area is overcrowded. People either very nervous, either snobbish, either paranoid. Area is extremely policed: police, police, police and police…
    I am not a criminal, just hate being treated like a criminal. Huge numbers of illegal Mexicans, Filipinos and so on. In downtown San Francisco(Market street, between Powell and Civic center) there is a huge number of homeless and just hateful people, mostly blacks. Some mexicans and blacks trying to make money walking in the middle of the streets with traffic and throwing themselves on your car…
    I came up with idea that in Bay Area lives mostly some kind of trash.

    And look at this house. It’s for sale for $435,000. You have to be insane to buy this house. I would give an estimate for is as a 50k. I wouldn’t even buy it for this price…


    And again, yes, I work for hightech and a lot of my friends. Only 2-3 out of 15 could afford to buy something. Yes, we are smart. But we don’t want to have an army of parasites on our shoulders. We don’t want to become slaves for 30 years, dragging those 500k mortgages. So, I will be working, generating ideas and some parasite will get 2-3k a month as an interest from me, just doing nothing!!!! NO!!!!!NO!!!!NO!!!!NO!!!!

    I know a lot of people bought houses at the top of this insane price rise and some of them actually made this rise, getting interest only or ARM’s mortgages.

    I think we should let them burn now!!!

    No way I will buy a house in SFBA.
    1. Dirt.
    2. Overcrowded.
    3. Crazy police.
    4. Insane cost of living.
    5. Paranoid, snobbish people.
    6. Don’t want to be a mortgage slave.
    7. Don’t want to carry parasites on my back.
    9. No mainstream culture, too diverse. Don’t want to live in this zoo.

  10. “I think you are an @sshole. I am a professional from Europe” [Burbed.com] Says:

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  11. Martin Says:

    >…then we must make it a goal that truck drivers with families cannot possibly afford to live here.

    I think the person, who says this kind of humiliating/discriminating stuff about truck drivers truly deserves to be called like that.

    I would rephrase: …then we must make it a goal that illegal mexicans and other scum, which is pouring into the area, bringing diseases, drugs, crime from the 3rd world with families cannot possibly afford to live here.

    I know, I am not politically correct, but bitter truth is more important. I suggest you to go to Oakland, Watsonville, Richmond, Hunter’s point(Bayview), Daly City, Hayward…

    You will meet there real hatred, because you are white. My friend was severely beaten by blacks in Oakland. He was hospitalized.

    Another friend got into an accident, which was caused by illegal, drunk mexican. It was on 101, on the entrance to SF. His arm was broken, car totaled. Mexican run from his car 5 min after an accident, right in front of all people of the stopped traffic on 101. An open bottle of tequila was found in the car. No driver’s license, no insurance.

    I was rear-ended by drunk mexican as well. Hit and run. I went after him. He got arrested and got a DUI. No driver’s license, no insurance.

    Mexicans stole a boat/yacht from one of my friends.

    I’ve never been harassed so heavily like in the Bay Area by none-whites, just because I am European.

    In opposite, if someone refuses to rent a place to a black guy in the white neighborhood just only on a suspicion, the screaming shakes whole country.

    Bay area is doomed. Too much hatred and unfairness towards European-Americans.

  12. Martin Says:

    >…but it’s another haterz comment.

    >Remember where the part where Martin says he’s from Europe?

    >Yep. He probably expects houses to be given away here. Or for them to be affordable based on salary. Tsk tsk.

    >If you’re not working for your house, what are you working for?


    “Love and hate are 2 sides of one coin”.

    If you call me hater, that means that you deny a part of a human being. Like people have no right to hate.

    People love and people hate. It’s normal. You can’t suppress it!

    What you are trying to do – is to implant into the minds of the people a thought, like Bay Area is too affordable and it’s great to live there! I know there are money behind it.

    No matter how much money I make and for which company I work, I don’t want to give them away, like drag the parasites(take a mortgage loan), or buy something what doesn’t really worth it.

  13. Martin Says:

    Look at this house:

    I selected a decent house in Daly City. It costs $514,900. Other houses before this one I consider a junk.
    Sorted by price from low to high. So, it’s 9th, out from 339.

    Look down, see the “Household income levels”.
    Almost a quoter has an income less then 30k.
    Almost a half has an income between 30k and 75k.
    More then a quoter (1 quoter and a 1/2 of a quoter) has an household income 75k-150k.
    A tiny amount has a household income above 150k.

    So, what can justify this kind of house pricing???!
    Why it costs so much and who can afford it???!
    Daly City is a dirty neighborhood with a worst weather on a peninsula.

    I wouldn’t buy this house even for 100k!

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