November 2, 2007

New Jersey is too expensive to live in? BS! Tenafly’s high schools and house prices.

Exodus from N.J. grows
“New Jersey’s become a very, very, extraordinarily expensive place to live,” said James W. Hughes, dean of Rutgers’ Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy and co-author of the report.

What? New Jersey is very, very, extraordinarily expensive? Are you trying to say that it’s special? Possibly even more special than the Bay Area?

Sounds like a challenge to me! Prepare to meet your doom Dean Hughes.

First, let’s look at yesterday’s featured Bay Area house – located in the prestigious Senter Road area.

Now, let’s look at a place in New Jersey. And then we’ll see who wins! I’ve picked Tenafly. Ok, let’s look at a similarly priced house there:

Hah! Take that New Jersey! You’re not more expensive, and thus you’re not more special! 4/1.5 for $649,000 – what is this? Walmart?

And look at the facts about Tenalfy: it has the 2nd best public high school in New Jersey – and was awarded a Blue Ribbon by the US Department of Education. It’s home to several New York Yankees. And yet this house is so cheap.

What does that say about you Tenafly – that’s right, it says you suck.

If you didn’t suck, if you were desirable at all, you wouldn’t be just $649,000 for a 4/1.5br. You’d be $679,000 with a 3/2.5 and converted garage.

At the end of the day though, let’s face it – how could Tenafly compete with San Jose?

  • Sure Tenafly is just 18.5 miles to Downtown Manhattan, but it’s 2941 miles to Google in Mountain View. Can’t compete there.
  • This San Jose house is near a shopping “senter”- this Tenafly house is near… nothing.
  • Tenafly has a crime index of 46.6, San Jose has 247.1. That means it’s BORINGSVILLE there. Might as well live in Iowa.
  • Tenafly has a median income of $99,500. San Jose has $70,921. That means everyone is snobby and pretentious there – they’re not keeping it real like San Jose people.
  • 93%+ of Tenafly’s population graduated from high school. 78.3% in San Jose. Did I mention that everyone there’s snobby and pretentious?

If these data points don’t convince you, I’m not sure what does: San Jose is truly the most expensive place to live, and therefore it’s more special and better. New Jersey has nothing on us.

Heck, they’re probably still making land in Tenafly, New Jersey.

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43 Responses to “New Jersey is too expensive to live in? BS! Tenafly’s high schools and house prices.”

  1. Ambler Says:

    Price dropped to $599,999, that’s what you get for having the #2 school…

  2. remodelnerd Says:

    Dear Burbed- I just cannot stop laughing!! Now everybody here knows I’m surfing the web instead of working- My Silicon Valley power job (like everybody here has)is at risk!!!

    This should be right at the top of “Best of Burbed.”


  3. rotl Says:

    Hahaha, thanks Burbed for you website. The comment is hilarious. Made me proud that I’m a San Josean hahaa

  4. sg Says:

    This was a great analysis. Wish everyone in Bay Area reads this.

  5. jps Says:

    You make me never, ever want to set foot in, much less live in California.

    I’m not sure this is good or bad.

  6. Moe Says:

    I bookmarked this page for the next time a recruiter calls me about a job in the Bay Area.

  7. ex-sunnyvale-renter Says:

    Let’s just say I live in the town that was the first territorial capital of Arizona, and am SURROUNDED by horses (and cows) and well …… San Jose still leads in horseshit…..

  8. James Says:

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa (my town): 329.8 Crime Index
    San Jose: Can suck it.

  9. Mark Says:

    That’s right jps, don’t you dare come to California! If you’re not prepared to live the special life, putting your mortgage first above non-essentials such as life, libery and the pursuit of happiness, then this place isn’t for you. Viva la Mortgage!

  10. John Hargreaves Says:

    And nobody’s ever sang a song with the words ‘Do You Know The Way to Tenafly?’

  11. ex-sunnyvale-renter Says:

    Ceder Rapids, more crime than in San Hosebag?

    WTF kind of Affirmative Action hellhole has “see-the-rapids” become????


  12. Sprezzatura Says:

    Those of us who live in the SFBA and rent are not quite so special, but we get all the bennies of life here at half the cost of a mortgage.

  13. ex-sunnyvale-renter Says:

    Sprezz-whatever – you are right. If one is crafty, they can live in the BA cheaply but enjoy the business opps that come from being around huge masses of people. Sell shit at the farmer’s markets, huge swapmeets, etc. You have to be really crafty though, as in, rent a storage space you write off and live in your (paid for) car, have NO debt, cheat enormously on your taxes, don’t marry or raise kids, and work very very hard so you never get to go to the beach etc more than maybe once every 2 years …..

    And if you’re that savvy and hardworking, you’ll be rewarded 10X and be able to own your living place and procreate etc in Flyover Country!

  14. Moe Says:


    A 550 sq. ft., one-bedroom apartment in San Jose is $850/mo.

    For the same rent in Austin, you get a two-bedroom with 1100 sq. ft.

    (But of course, it’s worth it to live in such a special place, so there’s really no point in comparing.)

  15. ex-sunnyvale-renter Says:

    Moe – and Austin is not famous for being cheap

    that $850 a month can get you a HUGE place, to own not just rent, in actually, most of the USA. Most of the US is not “special” like San Hosebag.

  16. TenSpeedSF Says:

    Best of Burbed! Best of Burbed!

    A couple weeks ago my husband and I were in Soho. We checked out some of those home listings posted in the windows of real estate offices. Dang– we could live large there. But New York City? Who’s even heard of that place? And we’d have to trade in our cars for public transport, and I couldn’t fathom not helping Exxon achieve staggering profits years after year. We’ll continue to rent our drafty, out-of-date duplex in San Mateo, thank you. It’s special here.

  17. burbed Says:

    I’ve added this to the Best of Burbed section on the right.

    BTW, Bay Area experts will tell you that you can’t get good food in that area. Do they have Noah’s Bagels or Roundtable Pizza? Can you get Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, or Korean food there? Exactly.

  18. ex-sunnyvale-renter Says:

    TenSpeed be careful of what you’re saying!! Does NYC have STRIP MALLS? Does NYC have corporate McFood? (I love the scene in The Simpsons when they go to the “food court” of their local mall and all the different types of food come out of the same hose.) Will you get to spend 2-3 hours a day behind the wheel cursing the million other assholes who surround you and working up a good thrombosis in NYC? I think not!

    Those crazy NYC bastards even talk to each other on the street. Stay away!

  19. RealEstater Says:

    Come on, let’s not pick on NJ. NYC is a better comparison. They have much of the “special” qualities, like diveristy, crime, traffic, congestion. We got Google, but they have Citigroup. Bay Area is still cheap by comparison. Your Cupertino house can only trade for a 2 bedroom apartment over there.

  20. burbed Says:

    >NYC is a better comparison. They have much of the “special” qualities, like diveristy, crime, traffic, congestion.

    Sort of. Manhattan is infinitely more expensive. But then again, it’s Manhattan – not Cupertino. They don’t have an Alexander’s Steakhouse there, nor do they have Cupertino Square.

    Houses in the suburbs of Manhattan are cheaper – unlike here.

    Here are some previous links on this topic:

    Long Island is more affordable than here:

    BubbleWar- Long Island vs Bay Area:

    Crime- SF vs NY:

  21. Jersey Girl Says:

    Thank you thank you thank you. When I stopped ROTFL I realized that I feel so very less special, but somehow so very much better to be in NJ!

  22. burbed Says:

    Be sure to tell all your friends!

  23. sonarrat Says:

    Moe: Where in the hell can I get a 550 sq. ft apartment for $850 a month?!? Mine is smaller than that and I pay $1100! Then again, I can spit on Alameda de las Pulgas from my window.

  24. ProblemWithCaring Says:

    Hillarious post and great comments. Got me to thinking:

    Dear God – the diversity of economic industry in NJ/Manhatten is staggering compared to the Bay. If the finacial markets tank, there is fashion, commerce, tourism, – hell, thanks to healthy ports and sweatshops – manufacturing! What happens to home prices in outer Bay if there is even a slight downturn in tech fortunes?

  25. burbed Says:

    The Bay Area also has ports (Oakland), tourism (Fisherman’s Wharf), finances (Financial District) and biotech.

    Oh, and farming too. Take that!

  26. sonarrat Says:

    And wine – don’t forget wine. That’s a key survival ingredient here.

  27. rick Says:

    I begin to believe what burbed said before:

    We need less jobs here. 🙂

    And the downturn with tech fortunes? Go figure, the job market is no where near 99, Interwoven/Selectica/Ariba/CommerceOne blah blah blah 100 billion plus companies are all gone. Probably a few companies, Google/Apple have more than made up their losses.

  28. Dave Carson Says:

    Your statements are a bit off, in fact way off.

    Forget home prices, in which we have you beat anyway. Median per capita income, we are SECOND in the nation. CT. being 1st. We have two Counties in the top 4 for highest property taxes, Hunterdon and Somerset. We are the SECOND wealthiest state in the union. You really should get your FACTS stright before you go spouting off.

    By the way, I am not a proponent of living in NJ, I think it is ridiculously out of control. But your statements are just plain wrong. Besides, the Bay area is a real pit of debachery lately, too many left-wing commies, and America haters. So, while it sucks to live here if you are not wealthy, I’d rather be here than in SF with the communists.

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  31. madman Says:

    try raising kids in jersey man its tough

  32. danowar Says:

    You are an idiot. You are comparing apples and oranges. You picked 1 town in NJ to compare to San Jose. Compare it to Camden and see how boring New Jersey can get. Also, check out Newark, Jersey City, Atlantic City… The fact is, our nice towns are nicer than your and our shitty towns are shittier than yours.
    You wouldn’t last in most of New Jersey’s cities fool. Come see how pretentious we are in Atlantic City.

  33. burbed Says:

    Yeah but are any of them as expensive? NO.

    So you lose. We have the most expensive worst towns.

  34. danowar Says:

    If thats your point, fine. Your expensive. The other shit you are talking is just that… Take your expensive messes, but come to our cities and talk that shit and you lose pal

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    […] Well take a deep breath – fortunately I didn’t find one. Instead, I found one in so-called expensive New Jersey. […]

  36. JerZian 4 Lyfe Says:

    OMG!! UR So STUPID!Cuz JErseY RoCKS! Plus WE ~R~ Better.More EDucAted..n JUst PLain AwesoMEr..
    I myself live in JEr-Z and m proud to b a jErzian. U just took 1 of the best cities in San Jose and Compared it 2 a cheap city in JEr-Z..JerseY is WAY MORE EXPENSIVE THAN U THINK!! I have seen Townhouses in JErsey that don’t have garages or basements n cost over $500,000! n that’s just one house..u can’t make a statement out of 1 house.k?? JERSEY ROX!! SAN JOSE SUCKS!! and We aren’t stuck up people..we are just straight up real!!!
    We don’t like to Just SHut UP!! JAmes W. Hugh iS RIght!! ThAt’S RIte JErseY IS BettER THAN SAN JOSE nO mAttER WHAT U SAY!!

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  38. elizabeth Says:

    From a design standpoint, the San Jose house is really disgusting. A cheap looking ranch with cyclone fence??? The front lawn looks a storage locker. Come on… This is a teardown!

    At least the NJ house has charm!!

    All those tech people are not blind…. however, they may need help in the taste & style department!!

  39. Veronica Says:

    Jerseys awesome either way,we got nice houses,big hair,fancy clothes,and an expensive lifestyle.I would know.

  40. Nicole Says:

    Fuck all of u,Jerseys got more fancy towns than ur poorass San-whatever its called,kiss my fucking ass with ur bullshit Jerseys fancier than your poorasses

  41. nomadic Says:

    LOL, Joisey has some classy chicks. I bet they have mawbul cawlums in their houses.

    Usually it’s the gangs writing crap like that on here.

  42. anon Says:

    Veronica “got nice houses” [sic].

    Hey Veronica, maybe if you spent some of your money on education instead of an “expensive lifestyle” you wouldn’t be so clearly illiterate.

  43. madhaus Says:

    #42, now you are in serious trouble. That Juhzzy guhl is gonna come after you with a switchblade because she thinks you called her a bastard.

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