November 22, 2007

Bay Area Groceries now only 16% more! Thanksgiving Price Shootout 2007

Last year I had the ultimate Thanksgiving Price Shootout on this blog: Using’s website, I compared the prices of a hypothetical Thanksgiving shopping list between the Bay Area and Seattle/Redmond area.

Also known as “Zune vs iPod, Wii vs PS3” since Sony/Apple are either based in, or have significant operations in the Bay Area, versus Nintendo and Microsoft which are in Seattle/Redmond. I guess I could’ve also called it Google vs Microsoft, but that seems so cliche.

Anyhoo, here are the prices for this year! Again, I compared prices of the exact same item in the Bay Area vs Seattle/Redmond. I also tried my best to pick items without coupon deals (the only exception was stuffing – crazy sale on stuffing right now!). Also, if you compare to last year, the prices won’t match – in part because I may have picked different brands/items last year. For example, this year I went for Roma tomatoes – I think last year I picked beefsteak tomatoes.

That said, it’s the same general list otherwise. Here we go!

Item Bay Area Redmond Difference
Turkey $24.21 $24.21 0%
Yellow Onions $0.74 $0.59 -25%
Celery $0.99 $1.19 17%
Cranberries $3.99 $3.49 -14%
Oranges $4.99 $4.99 0%
Garlic $0.50 $0.69 28%
Lemons $1.50 $0.99 -52%
Green Beans $1.49 $1.26 -18%
Pork Sausage $3.69 $3.19 -16%
Eggs $3.79 $3.39 -12%
Milk $4.59 $2.69 -71%
Corn $1.49 $1.26 -18%
Olive Oil $12.99 $8.99 -44%
Chicken Broth $3.25 $2.79 -16%
Flour $2.79 $2.49 -12%
Sugar $3.49 $3.49 0%
Ginger $0.80 $1.40 43%
Pecans $6.89 $6.19 -11%
Salt $0.79 $0.79 0%
Rosemary $1.99 $1.99 0%
Honey $3.00 $2.50 -20%
Black Olives $1.39 $1.29 -8%
Green Onion $0.99 $0.66 -50%
Pumpkin Pie $6.49 $5.49 -18%
Spinach $3.69 $3.29 -12%
Grape Jelly $3.51 $2.95 -19%
Butter $2.49 $2.39 -4%
Biscuits $2.15 $1.55 -39%
Tomatoes $0.60 $0.46 -30%
Orange Juice $6.79 $5.69 -19%
Potatoes $3.99 $3.69 -8%
Carrots $1.49 $1.29 -16%
Rice $3.66 $3.47 -5%
Grey Poupon $4.42 $3.39 -30%
French Fries $4.39 $3.59 -22%
Ketchup $3.29 $2.79 -18%
Stuffing $2.00 $1.50 -33%
Ham $4.79 $3.99 -20%

Difference: Bay Area is 16% more expensive

(BTW, I’ll never understand why milk is so much more expensive here…)

This is pretty disappointing frankly. Last year the difference was 20%. This means either that Seattle/Redmond has gotten more expensive, or the Bay Area has gotten cheaper.

At this rate, the prices might be the same – that would be a disaster! Would high housing prices, and a 9.3% state income tax (that keeps our roads in fantastic condition) be enough to keep the Bay Area as special as it is?

Of course if you leave the the Bay Area, you’ll find that they don’t have any Chinese restaurants, Korean restaurants, Japanese restaurants, Thai restaurants, Vietnamese restaurants, gays, smart people, guacamole, tech companies, snow sports, hiking, mountains, liberals, In-n-outs, or 9 months of sun. And let’s not forget our cheap housing, amazing public schools, great roads, low taxes, and lack of traffic.

Here’s to hoping that 2008 will be more expensive!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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7 Responses to “Bay Area Groceries now only 16% more! Thanksgiving Price Shootout 2007”

  1. DensityDuck Says:

    Thank God for Gilroy, keeping those garlic prices low!

  2. sonarrat Says:

    How about mushrooms? I was driving back home and that same old stink at Condit & East Dunne in Morgan Hill reminded me that it’s still a major mushroom producer.

  3. 3rd Generation Says:

    Rest Assured, 2008 will be much more expensive than 2007 in many, many ways.

    We should just short the entire nation to China, learn the language and settle back for a vicious beating.

    The beating is COMING though, regardless.

    America the syphletic, bleeding chancre sore of the world. Turd world is being generous to describe the filthy spoiled selfish rats who call themselves americans. They are at the malls with their distended bellies and fanny packs Right Now charging shit they cannot afford or need. They will cry the loudest when put out of their house to the street. F*@ck them.

    New Sign: Will NOT work for food.

  4. ex-sunnyvale-renter Says:

    Let’s see I’m out here in an area that’s Red country with a vengeance, and we have all the usual Asian restaurants, good mexican food, gays, smart people, high tech (more than the bay area has these days!), hiking, biking, snow, liberals, In-N-Out, 10 months of sun at least, decent roads, good public schools, taxes are hard to say, housing is affordable, and as for traffic, it can be bad in places but it’s VERY light out where we live.

    Oh yeah tomorrow is Buy Nothing and Go Nowhere Day hehe. Plenty to do around here. Xmas present is now in the plans, I will make it from stuff around here and it will fucking rock.

    Read the excellent article “America In Red And Blue” I think in The Economist, when it came out I saw the writing was on the wall for the techie, Blue State, button-pushing future.

  5. rick Says:

    California cows are happy cows, so there you get the answer with milk.

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