November 28, 2007

Everyone loves cars, right? Right? Zoom zoom zoom!

Dynamic features include a database property search with full color photographs of listings in Napa County.

Listing Details
Price: $440,000 (Sale) Property Type: Single Family
MLS#: 20727923 Year Built: 1941
Street Address: 2978 Kilburn Ave Lot Sq. Ft.: 5,227 (approx.)
City: Napa Acreage: 0.120 (approx.)
County: Napa Bldg Sq. Ft.: 765 (approx.)
Bedrooms: 2 2nd Unit on Lot: No
Bathrooms: 1 Status: Active
Partial Bathrooms: none
take advantage of the price for this nice house in napa.

Burbed doesn’t usually venture to Napa, but fortunately Burbed reader Cathy did and submitted this great find. Cathy had this to say:

Everyone loves cars, right? Right? Zoom zoom zoom!

Indeed. Everyone knows that cars and driving were invented in California – a reflection of our state’s innovative past. This house, located in the land where wine was invented, celebrates this past tradition. It’s only a matter of time before this becomes a national historic landmark – and let’s just say, they’re not making more of those!

Here’s an additional photo that the Realtor included:


For those non-Californians are too dull-witted to understand what’s being implied in this picture, here it is: “Psst, there’s room for parking for 3 more cars here.”

Thanks Cathy!

Comments (4) -- Posted by: burbed @ 5:00 am

4 Responses to “Everyone loves cars, right? Right? Zoom zoom zoom!”

  1. Fido McCokefiend Says:

    Perfect for your meth traffickers, opening a Prius dealership, or in laws!

  2. ex-sunnyvale-renter Says:

    Yaaaahh!!! (covering my eyes in shame) there’s still LAWN there, darn right there’s space for 3 more cars! And the lucky winner if this fine property had better fill the place with renters so that space gets covered up!

  3. sonarrat Says:

    That’s a nasty-looking curb. Bad memories of the Sunset.

  4. ex-sunnyvale-renter Says:

    LOL Bathrooms: 1 Status: Active.

    Does that mean someone’s in there taking a poop?

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