December 31, 2007

$1097 per square foot in Mountain View on Latham St

2007 wasn’t the greatest year in real estate for the Bay Area. Let’s hope that we can return to our rightful 15% year appreciation.

I’ll end 2007 on a positive note:

Property Overview
Mountain View (Mountain View) 94041
Detached Single Family (Class 1)
Bed/Bath: 2 / 1
SqFt: 728
Lot: 3,049 sq ft
Age: 82 years
List Price: $799,000
Assoc Fee:
Adorable Moutain View Classic Cottage
Come see this craftsman style cottage near down town Mountain View. Ready to move in.

That’s right my friends: $1097 per square foot. If that’s not a reason to break out the champagne, I don’t know what is.

See you next year!

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9 Responses to “$1097 per square foot in Mountain View on Latham St”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Huzzah! God bless us, every one, especially the good people at Google!

  2. Not a Googler Says:

    Aww, but it’s so cuuuute! Thanks for all the laughs and keeping me sane, Burbed!

  3. 3rd Generation Says:

    Another dump in the Ghetto. I think it is near the new illegal alien felon halfway house/plotting center?

    Read the posts. One born every minute with an opinion to match…

    To those up to their eyeballs in debt and drowning:

    Read today’s Chronicle ( for the lead story on Foreclosures and see how 4 stupid Ameicano idiots with either 100% financing OR the good ‘old house = ATM are not going to have a very pretty 2008…

    Do YOU still feel sorry for THEM?

  4. ex-sunnyvale-renter Says:

    Mountain View, attaining new heights in mediocrity…..

    I swear, that place is such a pissant town…

  5. hedda Says:

    Latham is not a great street to live on, though parts of it are nice and quiet. Down near Rengstorff, though, is just a freaking ghetto.

    It IS a cute house – just not a million bucks worth of cute. $800,000 for a 2/1? Fuck you.

  6. ex-sunnyvale-renter Says:

    Ahh, rengstorff, yeah, used to ride my bicycle along it from central to el camino…. ghetto….

    But then mountain view is a highly mediocre town, about three Scientology centers….. maybe the Scienos convince their victims to blow all they can on RE so the ghost of Hubbard, er, I mean McCavity and company will get it all when the victims cross that bridge…… that’s one organization that’s even more evil than the CC co’s.

  7. hedda Says:

    Who gives a shit if there’s Scientology centers here? So what if there’s one on Castro, downtown? I walk by it ALL THE TIME and guess what – they don’t bother me. I’ve lived here for years and the only thing I’m subjected to is their street-facing signs. I’ve never once been accosted by a Scientologist.

  8. Meow Says:

    Hey, this same house is for sale again — for $849K! Woo hoo!

  9. $3000 a month in rent for a 2/1 house in Mountain View? [] Says:

    […] It should! It’s the house that was featured in the last post on Burbed in 2007. […]

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