February 14, 2008

The perfect house for Valentine’s Day is in Redwood City!

Last August, this house was featured on Burbed:

This is not a motel… really? [Burbed.com]

Back then, the house was playing hard to get – by not posting it’s address. What a tease!

Well, times have changed! Let’s look at this house now:


Ah hah! Now we know it’s at 40 Laurel St! And it’s still available! And it’s 24% off!

And most importantly, it’s still pink – which makes this a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved ones.

What are you waiting for? Think of your spouse!!

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13 Responses to “The perfect house for Valentine’s Day is in Redwood City!”

  1. sg Says:

    A spouse will like it only if he/she happens to be a pimp. Even the ad talks about “business on site”. This “pink motel” has no other use.

  2. ex-sunnyvale-renter Says:

    Hm, live on one floor, run your little business in the other one…. wonder if you get points for looking like a cathouse and really running a crackhouse?

    A sure money maker!

  3. gfw Says:

    It looks like a brothel from an old western movie. Balcony out front, hard-charging dame with a heart of gold in the back.

  4. New Zealand Renter Says:

    Doesn’t look as classy as Al Swearingen’s Gem saloon from Deadwood.

  5. New Zealand Renter Says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention that Redwood City pioneered the acoustic gunshot localization system in 1996. Such a wonderful Burb!


  6. ex-sunnyvale-renter Says:

    yeah but there are little sniper tricks that can be used to get around that …..

  7. Malcolm Says:

    Does it automatically toggle to an orange color for Halloween?

    Welcome to “mood housing”. Only in California….


  8. sonarrat Says:

    Laurel is actually part of the Redwood Junction – to be specific, it’s the link from westbound Woodside Road onto southbound El Camino Real. So not only is it pink, but your kids won’t be able to play outside.

  9. Target-Addict Says:

    I had to LOL when I saw this house, because I used to live in RWC and recognized this pink mess of a house immediately. Love the fact that there’s a “business on site as well as a residence on second floor”. Dual usage? Residence AND business? Bonus!!

  10. DensityDuck Says:

    Yes, at night they put the swingset and the leather straps and the “toys” into the closet, and the “office” turns into the “master bedroom”.

  11. Area 51 Says:

    Where’s RealEstater?
    $185,000 discount.
    Is Redwood City not the “core Bay Area”????

  12. blogdog Says:

    “Oh, but ain’t that America….little pink houses for you and me babe..”

    John Mellencamp had this place in mind, I guess?

  13. Dining room could be converted back to fourth bedroom [Burbed.com] Says:

    […] The anonymous Burbed reader who submitted this thought I should make note of the fact this house is pink. Like Pepto Bismol pink. Pink sure is a popular color in Redwood City – I think this one is even better than the Valentine’s Day special one. […]

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