February 17, 2008

Map of The Real Bay Area confirmed by SF Chronicle

Recently, the SF Chronicle posted this map:

Zillow maps ups and downs of housing prices
The Bay Area is known for its microclimates. That’s as true for the real estate market as for weather patterns.


Hm… doesn’t that look familiar… kind of like the map I published nearly two months ago?


Figures it would take the Main Street Media (MSM) so long to get right what bloggers knew all along: that there is a Real Bay Area, and a Not Real Bay Area.

Well… congrats!

Updated: I linked the wrong graphic. Corrected.

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10 Responses to “Map of The Real Bay Area confirmed by SF Chronicle”

  1. WillowGlenner Says:

    I am very surprised that that map shows the south bay as HOTTER than SF. I thought SF was on fire real estate wise.

  2. sw Says:

    Sorry if I’m missing a joke here, but MSM actually stands for “mainstream media”.


  3. ex-sunnyvale-renter Says:

    Malapropisms like that are common on Teh Intertubes. Main Street for Main Stream, etc.

  4. burbed Says:

    Sorry if I’m missing a joke here, but MSM actually stands for “mainstream media”.

    It’s sort of a running gag.

  5. Area 51 Says:

    Yo RealEstater, howz about those $200,000 off prices in “THE REAL BAY AREA” aka Redwood City!

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  7. Mark Carter Says:

    Good to see that Livermore isn’t apart of the Bay Area. I remember when we were clamoring to be apart of teh East Bay. Now that we are, we have to hear about the shooting deaths in Oakland and Richmond, help pay for their problems, and have to worry about what’s going on in San Francisco and Berkeley! Hooray for the bad economy right now, I just scored a really cheap house! This is the best time to go out and buy your gas guzzling car, house, vacation home, stocks, you name it. If you don’t buy now, you will look back (in 5 McCain years, 10 Obama years) and say, I should have done that, damn!

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