February 18, 2008

This Redwood City house leaves me speechless

MLS-2.com: Property Details
633 HAMPSHIRE AV, Redwood City,CA,94063 – $440,000633hamp.jpgTotal 1 photos: Previous Next

2 Beds 870 Sq.Ft. Aprx. 2 Car Garage MLS#: 770354
1.0 Baths 2,500 Lot Size 60 Yrs Old Aprx. List Date: 2008-01-07

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Description – 633 HAMPSHIRE AV, Redwood City,CA,94063
Lowest priced home in Redwood City. Fixer upper. Near schools, shopping centers and major freeway’s. Seller has done some upgrades recently. Reports will be available after January 1st.

I’ve looked at thousands and thousands of houses in the course of running this blog. I’ve seen thousands and thousands of strange listings.

This one simply leaves me speechless.

Update: Actually itโ€™s quite a deal! http://www.zillow.com/HomeDetails.htm?zprop=15567279

Sold 11/17/2005: $540,000

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8 Responses to “This Redwood City house leaves me speechless”

  1. christina Says:

    Okay in most parts of the country that would be called a SHACK, no? For $440k! EEEEE… that is pure insanity!! The Realtor has the balls to call it a low priced HOUSE!!! My goodness ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Jim D Says:

    Hey, why did they post the picture of the gardening shed? Where’s the house?

  3. burbed Says:

    Actually it’s quite a deal!


    Sold 11/17/2005: $540,000

  4. rick Says:

    Burbed, why speechless?

    You’ve never seen people raising horses in Redwood city? That’s close to the horse race track, they sure need a barn.

  5. waiting_for_the_fall Says:

    Looks like a barn.

  6. ex-sunnyvale-renter Says:


    Up the road from here a couple of miles I can show you some people living in a railroad caboose.


    Actually it’s kind of cool. Small, but hey, it’s a piece of RR history. They have looks like at least an acre of land, animals, etc. They probably bought the land, caboose etc for $10k tops. Maybe less than that, if they bought 10+ years ago.

    Haha out in Chino Valley AZ we’re still too close to CA, the RE bubble has been in full swing here too. The place I’m in was bought for $80k, went up to about $300k, now it’s back down around $160k. It will be back to $80k soon, as if we care, it’s paid for.

  7. Renter Says:

    This crap is bought for $540K with 100% financing from Long Beach Mortgage in 11/2005. Another short sell. Deutsche Bank estimated that lenders would eventually lose $400B from mortgage crisis, now they loss only a bit more than $100B, still long way to go.

  8. WillowGlenner Says:

    How do you know it was Long Beach Mortgage?

    And about the railroad caboose, didn’t you see Harrold and Maude?

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