February 27, 2008

“Million dallars homes all around” – well maintained and great for tearing down!

MLS-2.com: Property Details
10370 CALVERT, CUPERTINO,CA,95014 – $799,888

10370.jpg3 Beds 1078 Sq.Ft. Aprx. 1 Car Carport MLS#: 754350
2.0 Baths 5,586 Lot Size 55 Yrs Old Aprx. List Date: 2007-09-27

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Description – 10370 CALVERT, CUPERTINO,CA,95014
Looking for a Diamond in the rough * Cupertino Schools district * Million dallars homes all around * Price includes Plan for one story home approx.2600 sq.ft.* Excellent opportunity for first home buyer,for investor or contractor * Well maintained home * Enclosed utility room in the back * As-is Sale * Escrow ; First Amererican Title #2904366 * Call agent 650-269-4211 regarding for the offer.

Wow… this house is great for contractors and investors – and it’s well maintained! One could say that’s impossible, or that’s ironic, but then one wouldn’t know how special Cupertino is.

Cupertino – expect the contradictions!

Let’s see what else… oooh, the area is full of million “dallar” houses! Sweet! That means this house is a million too! Can you say instant equity? Plus, the price ends with 888! That means the house has luck and is sure to appreciate.

Finally, it’s got excellent feng shui – look at how you can see straight through the house to the backyard from the front. If this isn’t worth a million dallars, I don’t know what is.

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12 Responses to ““Million dallars homes all around” – well maintained and great for tearing down!”

  1. blogdog Says:

    The Dallar Lama would be proud of this place…

  2. Burnupski Blazenheimer Says:

    Great for Burning Up too. Perfect for an arson – insurance job. Hurry, make an offer today!

    Caveat Emptor, sucker.


  3. Jay Says:

    Nothing says “excellent opportunity for first home buyer” quite like the phrase “as-is sale”.

    (it’s so well maintained, they’re selling it as-is..)

  4. DensityDuck Says:

    Someone in Singapore saw this listing about two minutes ago and now he needs to change his underpants. Weak dollar, below-market price, IT ENDS IN “8 8 8”! oh oh OHOHHHHHHHH

  5. Mark Says:

    Perfect suburban meth lab.

  6. Renter Says:

    I know that area. The school is Cupertino High School, which ranked number 4 among the 5 high schools in Cupertino. Architecture style in that area is messy, McMansion and cottage next to each other. The current owner bought it for $727.5K on 12/19/2006. Last year, similar house in that area was sold for $700K or a bit more.

  7. renter Says:

    “First Amererican Title #2904366”
    Is this American title or a special status title?

  8. ex-sunnyvale-renter Says:

    Now Mark you’re not being fair, it could also be used for dealing heroin like some people do in Santa Clara, or for filming snuff films, safe house for smuggling illegals, all kinds’a things.

    Interesting …. dunno how many of you have seen the new TV series Breaking Bad, but it’s about a suburban Joe Schmoe with a chem degree, who turns to making meth to keep his family in their non-negotiable lifestyle. Couple that with the economic crash and we might see a rash of folks in Silly-Con valley turning to this.

    And this is the house for all you folks considering this or other illegal enterprises, the one thing that’s booming in Silly-Con Valley!

  9. sg Says:

    Chronicle has a news today: “Huge Bay Area Meth Bust”

  10. LloydChiro Says:

    “Chronicle has a news today: ‘Huge Bay Area Meth Bust'”

    …And you guys thought Mark and Ex-Renter were just kidding…

  11. madhaus Says:

    Yeah, gotta do all they can to keep people off socially unapproved drugs and keep them swilling caffeine and alcohol instead. (that to the meth lab comments, and I think of that every time I have to sign a registry just to buy some flipping pseudoephridine.)

    I think this house with great fung shui would be perfect for stacking illegals for the 4 hours a day they aren’t working. 1078 sf? if you just use the floorspace you could probably fit 60 of them in there without the health department noticing, as long as you remind them to use the toilets at work.

    This house has another use none of you considered: those plans for the 2600 sf house could probably fit triple the occupants.

  12. fidelity Says:



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