March 31, 2008

Car bomb resistant house in Brisbane!

MLS: 770706209sant.jpg

Property Overview
Brisbane (Brisbane) 94005
Detached Single Family (Class 1)
Bed/Bath: 1 / 2
SqFt: 770
Lot: 2,800 sq ft
Age: 63 years
List Price: $519,000
Assoc Fee:
Great starter home located on a quaint block in brisbane 1BD/2BA home with living/dining room combination, wood burning fireplace & kitchen with deck attached offering nice views to the west. Spacious rear yard with hot tub home is currently tenant occupied.

I’m not sure if Burbed readers are aware of this, but new buildings are constructed with giant blast resistant walls at the base so as to minimize damage when car bombs go off. The new World Trade Center 7 is such a building.

Well, fortunately, the folks who built this fine Brisbane house were ahead of the times and did the same for you already. Living on the second floor, you’ll hardly notice if someone comes by and blows up their car. Heck, they could blow up two cars and at most you’d lose your balcony. But your fine fine box store like abode will still be fine and your family safe.

Won’t you think of the Children?

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“Study Shows Precise Pricing More Enticing to Buyers : NPR”

Study Shows Precise Pricing More Enticing to Buyers : NPR
They say when the price of an item is in a round number, people perceive it as higher than an odd number. In other words, people think a $3,000 car is more expensive than one priced at $3,129.50. The finding has implications for people trying to sell their homes.

No wonder all those houses here end with 888! It’s because the people in the Bay Area are so smart, so analytical, so awesomely engineering that we need precision like that. Finally… it makes sense. Those sellers are setting the price for your convenience.

Thanks to Burbed reader Mia!

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March 29, 2008

Your advice needed

A few weeks ago, there was this exchange:

Five Reasons Houses Beat Stocks []
Crossroads Says:
February 20th, 2008 at 6:08 pm

Hello RealEstater,

I need your wisdom. I make a standard starter Valley salary (125k) ,I just bought a new Sienna for the children (800 a month) ,and I have some money from stock (150k).

The calculator at shows that I can afford a 577,767$ house. There are no houses in Palo Alto for that price.

RealEstater, what should I do? Where should I buy?

The reply?

RealEstater Says:


First of all, you should’ve paid cash for the Sienna, but let’s work with what you’ve got.

You make over 10 grand a month. That means very conservatively you can afford $3K a month of payment. Working backwards, you can borrow somewhere in the neighborhood of $500K, although up to $600K is doable.

With a down payment of $150K, you can afford a home in the $650K-$700K range. You can buy a house in any number of neighborhoods within Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, or San Jose.

You’re not going to make it to Palo Alto right away, unless you want to live in a Condo. Palo Alto is considered a “destination neighborhood”. You get there only after trading up a couple of times.

In other words, you’re in a good position to own a home. I don’t see you as being priced out.

Good advice? Bad advice? Do you agree with Real Estater?
What would you tell Crossroads to do?

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“The market is actually booming in San Jose and San Francisco”

Vallejo-area housing market improves, prices decline statewide – Vallejo Times Herald
That the local situation differs from what’s going on statewide doesn’t surprise Solano Association of Realtors president Lori Collins.”Each area really represents sort of a microcosm, and different areas behave differently,” Collins said. “The market is actually booming in San Jose and San Francisco, and it’s picking up here, but it’s not crazy here, yet.”Collins and Benicia mortgage broker and City Councilman Alan Schwartzman of Advance Mortgage, said the area has been experiencing increased sales for the past several months. And both said they are cautiously optimistic the trend will continue.

“We’re seeing a pickup. There are definitely more buyers. There are multiple offers on properties. We’re starting to get buyer calls we haven’t been getting for months and months,” Collins said.

WOOT! Did you hear? It’s booming here in San Jose and San Francisco! BOOMING.

My god I’m so glad we hit bottom in January and the Spring Bounce is here to stay!

It’s only going up babyyyyyyyyyyy!

(Thanks to TheHousingBubbleBlog for this find.)

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March 28, 2008

Second Life house for sale in Mountain View Property Details
148 COLLEGE, Mountain View,CA,94040 – $995,000

148coll.jpg4 Beds 1873 Sq.Ft. Aprx. 1 Car Garage MLS#: 760021
3.0 Baths Unspecified Lot Size 50 Yrs Old Aprx. List Date: 2007-10-28

What’s new on MLS-2: Search by % Price Drop // Search by “MOTIVATED SELLERS”

Existing 1100sq.ft home sitting on 2 lots in mountain view w/approved plans to build (2) 1873 sq.ft 4 bedroom, 3 baths single family residences. Architectural Plans and City approvals. Homes have been Architecturally designed with good Ch’i. The homes are well appointed, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths and a full basement with media room and bedroom. All information provided by seller; buyer must verify.

That’s right – you give the seller $1 million, and in exchange you’ll get a 1100sqft house on 2 lots that’s not pictured. And you’ll get this AMAZINGLY rendered photo of a house for free. Think of it as 2 for 1: a 1100 sqft tear down, and a house in Second Life!

After all this is Silicon Valley. What does it matter what your house looks like? Aren’t you always online anyway? It’s all about the VR baby!

Excuse me while I brush up on my VRML.

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March 27, 2008

Best Deal in Mountain View real estate ever!


Mountain View (Mountain View) 94043
Detached Single Family (Class 1)
Bed/Bath: 1 / 1
SqFt: 480
Lot: 6,098 sq ft
Age: 81 years
List Price: $699,000
Assoc Fee:
Largest lot at this value price in all Mtn View; build your new dream home or remodel this one! RealQuest records show 50×125′ level 6,250 sf lot, 1.2 mi to Castro St, easy commute routes, shops, schools: Huff,Crittenden,Mountain View HS, buyer to verify.
Per RealQuest records: Approx 50′ wide x 125′ deep lot conveniently located about 1.2 miles to downtown Mountain View’s lively Castro Street. Close to Shoreline Amphitheater, shops, commute access to Central Expressway, highways 85, 237, 101, Light Rail and CalTrain stations. Remodel existing house or build your new dream home.
Compare to Rengstorff at $779K! This is the largest lot at this value price of $699K in all of Mountain View!
Buyer to verify.

Wow! What an amazing deal! With easy access to a 7-11 across the street, this house also is located near an area full of Superfund sites. Want to show off your Green Cred? Buy this house and help clean up the environment! You can probably start with your back yard:


Or, you could simply sit back and pretend that you live in rural West Virgina. Sure the noise from Middlefield Rd might ruin the illusion from time to time, but it’s nothing a few empties wouldn’t solve.

MGD for everyone! FREEBIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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March 26, 2008

Comment spam fighting

To help fight the comment spam, I’ve had to add a new requirement to adding comments: you now have to solve a simple math problem.

If you have any problems, please e-mail me. Thanks!

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Houses that are cheaper than condos now available Property Details
2373 PALO VERDE, East Palo Alto,CA,94303 – $449,900

2373palo.jpg2 Beds 820 Sq.Ft. Aprx. Off Street Parking MLS#: 758937
1.0 Baths 4,850 Lot Size 72 Yrs Old Aprx. List Date: 2007-10-22

What’s new on MLS-2: Search by % Price Drop // Search by “MOTIVATED SELLERS”

Description – 2373 PALO VERDE, East Palo Alto,CA,94303
Great potential! Needs some TLC. Motivated Seller. Termite Inspection on file. Trailer on back will be removed.

I hear those whiners all the time: “Boo hoo! I’ve got a MD/PhD and I can’t afford a house in the Bay Area! Boo hoo! Fundamentals are out of whack! Boo hoo!”

Frickin’ whiners.

Well here’s the house that will shut your trap – if you don’t buy 2373 Palo Verde today, you can’t whine anymore. Cheaper than a condo, this house even comes with a Termite Inspection on file! A TERMITE INSPECTION. FREE.

As if that wasn’t enough, as if that wasn’t blood from a stone, they are going to remove the trailer in the back for free.

What more can you ask for? $449k! They’re giving this away! Stop whining and start buying!

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March 25, 2008

Starting a laundromat business in East Palo Alto Property Details
1169 SARATOGA AV, East Palo Alto,CA,94303 – $459,000

1169sar.jpg2 Beds 0 Sq.Ft. Aprx. 1 Car Garage MLS#: 777851
1.0 Baths 5,800 Lot Size 59 Yrs Old Aprx. List Date: 2008-02-12

What’s new on MLS-2: Search by % Price Drop // Search by “MOTIVATED SELLERS”

Description – 1169 SARATOGA AV, East Palo Alto,CA,94303
Vacant.Hardwood floors throughout, eat-in kitchen. Sold “as-is” – Split level home with bedrooms upstairs. Huge laundry room in back of house with separate entrance.All appliances included.Lots of storage. All reports are available online. Gated good size lot offers potential.Call agent for more information.

Does this house look familiar to you?

Well, it should! It was featured back in April 2007!

And with a dramatic price cut too! Now this house is affordable! Also, look at the new details: laundry room in the back of the house with separate entrance.


There’s nothing I hate more than having a laundry room inside the house. It’s so disgusting and so inconvenient. I’d much rather go outside and around to use my laundry room.

But more importantly, this house is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley – can you say “Coin op opportunity?” “Wash and fold opportunity?”

Get off your lazy ass. This is already a steal! Steal it and start your cash flow today!

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#91 San Francisco « Stuff White People Like

#91 San Francisco « Stuff White People Like
The city is considered one of the world’s premiere locations for white person research.

White people like to vacation in San Francisco because it has beautiful architecture, fantastic food, and it is near the water. They like to live in San Francisco because of its abundance of Non Profit Organizations, Expensive Sandwiches, Wine, political outlook, and most importantly its diversity.

Since many white people either live in, plan to move to, or closely identify with San Francisco it is imperative that you know how best to deal with them.

The City of San Francisco has a very multicultural population that ranges from white to gay to Asian. Within white culture this known as “ideal diversity” for its provision of exotic restaurants while simultaneously preserving property values. The presence of gays and Asians is imperative as it two provides two of the key resources most necessary for white success and happiness.

OH MY GOD. The Real Bay Area was featured on Stuff White People Like.

Spring Bounce + Stuff White People Like = Crazy Appreciation!

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