March 10, 2008

“nice home in great localizacion easy az to 101” in Sunnyvale

616 CYPRESS AV, Sunnyvale 94085 (Sunnyvale)
$525,000 Beds: 3 bed(s) Baths: 1 bath(s) MLS: 762821


Bed/Bath: 3 / 1
SqFt: 1,008
Lot: 4,791 sq ft
Age: 53 years
List Price: $525,000
Assoc Fee:
nice home in great localizacion easy az to 101 need some love hardwood floors HUGE PRICE REDUCCTION TO SELL

Now let’s face it – we’re in California. And Californians love cars. No wonder this house features the cars so prominently. Just think about how happy your cars will be parked in this driveway. Pride of driveway ownership if you ask me.

The included photos reveal even more:


That’s right… if you have more than 2 cars, like … 6 or 10, you can park them on the street because there’s plenty of street parking!

Nope, no need for interior pics. Just knowing that my cars will be safe and sound and happy at night is all I need.

Sunnyvale truly is heaven for cars!

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20 Responses to ““nice home in great localizacion easy az to 101” in Sunnyvale”

  1. Hmmmmm Says:

    Also for the cars.. another garage with windows. I see why the Bay area is so special. It LOVES the cars……The East Coast should be ashamed of it’s treatment of cars. I don’t know anyone withgarages with windows for them. Heck I don’t even know anybody that actually lets the car in the garge 🙁 We are not special.

  2. Mortgage Says:

    With parking like that this home is sure to sell fast. I’m really surprised that they needed to reduce the price on this home.

  3. WillowGlenner Says:

    Actually from the price of this you can see how much things have declined. There used to NEVER, EVER be a house no matter how bad available for anywhere near 500K. The lots alone were perceived to be worth that. Now we have a lot of these shacks at 400K as burbed is reporting. The correction has not shown up in the statistics.

  4. mrbogue Says:

    man.. only in the real bay area can web developers flush with cash and stock live like trailer park trash. this place reminds me of something out of the movie ‘envy’

  5. Renter Says:

    Sales history:

    2/22/2006 $620,000 Grant Deed Resale Goodman D M Family Trust Morales, Pablo 346049558
    2/22/2006 Grant Deed Resale Rodriguez, Guadalupe C Morales, Pablo 346109324

    Possibly another short sell.

  6. Pralay Says:

    As there is no interior picture, it means the agent was not allowed inside to take pictures. A bank owned property.

  7. WillowGlenner Says:

    Pardon my ignorance but why would a bank owned property mean that agents are not allowed inside? This looks more like a short sale to me because the property is not empty.

  8. ex-sunnyvale-renter Says:

    I think you can park 5 cars there without anyone getting in each others’ way. This is good, since you’ll need 5 workers to afford this house.

  9. ex-sunnyvale-renter Says:

    “LOCALIZACION” am I the only one to notice this? Localizacion indeed, because Mexican or not, you’ll be doing Mexican-type jobs to survive in the BA.

  10. Winston Says:

    That living on rice and beans to afford the mortgage.

  11. mrbogue Says:

    don’t forget the manteca (lard)!

  12. DensityDuck Says:

    That’s a perfect place to store ten or a dozen day-laborers. Heck, I’m thinking that’s going to be a going concern in the coming years; “amateur hotels” which are basically just crash pads for people sneaking up from Mexico. I live in the heavily-fortified front room, which has its own entrance and bathroom; you pay cash when you come in, and beds are your own business.

  13. Pralay Says:

    2/22/2006 Grant Deed Resale Rodriguez, Guadalupe C Morales, Pablo 346109324

    Nice green painting. I thought the owner is going to be Shrek. After all who could miss the “pride of home ownership in Real Bay Area”! Not even Shrek.

  14. ex-sunnyvale-renter Says:

    What you’ll see is “amateur rooming houses” where people rent a room for $200-$300 a month, and houses are converted into said rooms. Living room might be cut into quarters, etc.

  15. sonarrat Says:

    DensityDuck: That’s already going on in East Palo Alto, Gilroy, Fresno, and certain parts of San Jose, among many other places. I wouldn’t be surprised if the population of EPA was actually two or three times more than the estimates.

  16. blogdog Says:

    Good grief….this place should be “Reducction to the ground.” Along with the agent. What a pile of green crap.

  17. madhaus Says:

    Did you notice that the lot was 4800 sf? That seems standard for the neighborhood, but pretty small for Sunnyvale where most detached houses are either 6000 or 8000 sf lots (plenty of bigger ones can be found here are there). So even the land is undersized here, along with the price.

    But plenty of driveway! And there’s another pic of a THIRD car on the redfin page.

    Also from redfin:

    No problema! More room for more cars!

    Most important, price is $499,950 on Redfin, not $525K. It really didn’t last at the old price!

  18. Jay Says:

    Is the plumbing included, or are they ripping that out when they go?

  19. blogdog Says:

    Plumbing? We don’t need no stinkin’ plumbing!

  20. Kitchen cabinets included in listing price in Sunnyvale - you greedy buyer [] Says:

    […] this house look familiar? It should! It was just featured here on Burbed not too long […]

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