March 31, 2008

Car bomb resistant house in Brisbane!

MLS: 770706209sant.jpg

Property Overview
Brisbane (Brisbane) 94005
Detached Single Family (Class 1)
Bed/Bath: 1 / 2
SqFt: 770
Lot: 2,800 sq ft
Age: 63 years
List Price: $519,000
Assoc Fee:
Great starter home located on a quaint block in brisbane 1BD/2BA home with living/dining room combination, wood burning fireplace & kitchen with deck attached offering nice views to the west. Spacious rear yard with hot tub home is currently tenant occupied.

I’m not sure if Burbed readers are aware of this, but new buildings are constructed with giant blast resistant walls at the base so as to minimize damage when car bombs go off. The new World Trade Center 7 is such a building.

Well, fortunately, the folks who built this fine Brisbane house were ahead of the times and did the same for you already. Living on the second floor, you’ll hardly notice if someone comes by and blows up their car. Heck, they could blow up two cars and at most you’d lose your balcony. But your fine fine box store like abode will still be fine and your family safe.

Won’t you think of the Children?

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11 Responses to “Car bomb resistant house in Brisbane!”

  1. ex-sunnyvale-renter Says:

    Er, houses with overhangs like this are more vulnerable. The ideal carbomb proof house would be something like a dome. And made of something thick.

    But it does have that “falluja-chic” look and for that, I say, it’s a deal, buy now!

  2. DensityDuck Says:

    “home is currently tenant occupied”

    aka “there will be people there who give you dirty looks if you try to view the place, and if you make them move out they’ll destroy the interior because I’m going to keep their deposit and not give them notice. Buy only as an investment property.”

  3. Pralay Says:

    home is currently tenant occupied.

    I cannot afford tenant-free open house, although I am rich and an “investor”. 🙁

  4. RoxBoy Says:

    “Bed/Bath: 1/2”

    What kind of people who live in a house of 1 bedroom with 2 bathrooms? Is one used for peeing and one for pooping only?

  5. JesusCrispy Says:

    That is one sweet house. I liked the math problems they were fun.

  6. mrbogue Says:

    hey that house has potential, two options:

    1) get the price down to mid-400’s or less.
    2) break down the windows and get new panoramic windows put in place.
    3) remove the balcony.
    4) get a roof top deck installed with access.
    5) if that bomb shelter wall is removable, put in a garage.
    6) repaint everything.


    1) pay someone to burn that sh*t down (without burning the neighbor’s houses)
    2) build a new house with the insurance money

    instant equity!

  7. Renter Says:

    The current owner bought it for $188K on 10/31/1999. Good profit!

  8. Renter Says:

    The current owner bought it for $188K on 10/31/1997. Good profit!

  9. madhaus Says:

    Oh my, a lavender house. But it can’t be gay, if it were gay it would be so much better landscaped. And decorated. And, feng shuied.

  10. Target-Addict Says:

    The extra bathroom must be for all those house parties you can have on that sweet deck with “nice views to the west”. Wouldn’t want to wreck your main bath; hence, the extra bathroom.

  11. Tyrone Says:

    All I can say is,…
    Two men enter, one man leaves!

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