April 1, 2008

FOUND: Affordable SFH in Top National School District!!

Single Family Home – TENAFLY, NJ, 07670 – Realtor.com227027914_tena515.jpg

MLS ID# 2737664
3 Bed, 2 Bath

Single Family Property, Area: TENAFLY, Central air conditioning, Fireplace(s)

HA HA! April’s Fool Day!

Got you didn’t I? Bet you were all scared – ZOMG, an affordable SFH with Top Schools? What is Silicon Valley becoming?

Well take a deep breath – fortunately I didn’t find one. Instead, I found one in so-called expensive New Jersey.

I mean, compare that $515ker to this $512ker beaut that we saw yesterday:

As they would say in NJ – fughetaboutit!

Are you ok? Calm down! It was just a joke. There’s no affordable single family homes in top national school districts here. It’s ok… It’s ok… breathe!

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13 Responses to “FOUND: Affordable SFH in Top National School District!!”

  1. RoxBoy Says:

    Come’on Burb, Everybody knows it’s April’s Fools day. There is no top national school in the BayArea except Standford but houses near Standford dont cost under $1mil.

  2. madhaus Says:

    Today is International Talk Like An Astronaut Day. Please execute the contingencies appropriately. Beep.

  3. Pralay Says:

    There’s no affordable single family homes in top national school districts here.

    And neighborhood with “management class” and “smart people” with “brain power”.

  4. ex-sunnyvale-renter Says:

    WTF is Tenefly anyway? It sounds like a brand of fishing rod. Beep.

  5. burbed Says:

    Apparently it’s the Cupertino of New Jersey.

    It has one of the best schools in the state. And NJ actually has pretty good schools (except for Newark, Jersey City, etc).

  6. madhaus Says:

    it’s 5 miles from the George Washington Bridge, in Bergen County, New Jersey. That’s the county in the NE corner of NJ. The whole area is uphill to the east, downhill (and flat) to the west. You pay more for an East address.

    Tenafly was also a short-lived TV show trying to rip off the popularity of the movie “Superfly.”

  7. madhaus Says:

    burbed, NJ spends the most per student of any state. That’s why they have good schools.

    Did I ever mention how much I hate Prop 13? I like low property taxes (because I’ve been here a while) but I like quality schools more.

  8. burbed Says:

    Can you believe those nutcases in NJ think it’s expensive to live there?

  9. madhaus Says:

    Their property taxes are 4-5 times higher than ours, their state income tax is almost as high, and they pay more for food because they can’t grow it locally 6 months a year. But clothing has no sales tax, for some bizarre reason.

    Oh yeah, and there used to be long list of items you can’t buy on Sunday, leading to department stores roping off certain sections. I dunno if this is still the case as I moved out of NJ 25 years ago.

  10. burbed Says:

    NJ has a lower state income tax (8.97 vs 9.3) and they have a dramatically lower gas tax. I’m surprised you think that not having a sales tax on clothes is a bad thing.

    As for grocery prices… I bet they’re less than here. It doesn’t matter that we grow stuff here – the markup is higher. I bet the garlic we buy at Safeway are from China anyway.

    Just look at the prices of stuff at Safeway here compared to Safeway in Washington DC:


    Groceries are almost 11% more expensive here than in DC! And they certainly aren’t growing stuff there.

  11. madhaus Says:

    No I don’t think the no-tax-on-clothes thing is bad at all, in fact everyone from NYC comes to NJ to shop for normal clothing (as opposed to only-in-NYC clothing).

    the income tax rates are pretty danged close, though.

    gas prices in NJ are lower than almost anywhere else. also like Oregon they pump it for you.

  12. rick Says:

    Burb, California grows about 1/3 of the food in this country.

    The problem is not that we don’t have food, but probably the taxes and cost (store, wage) that associate with their sale.

    Same thing about gas, we produce 1/10 of the oil in America, are the 3rd biggest refiner, and we have the highest gas prices.

    Politicians have been screwing this state for decades, and some people are insane here, and your April fool’s joke is a daily reality here.

  13. This home has great “bones” [Burbed.com] Says:

    […] a mere $34k more than yesterday’s house in so-called expensive Northern New Jersey: MLS-2.com: Property Details 354 MENDOCINO ST, Brisbane,CA,94005 – $574,000 2 Beds 830 Sq.Ft. Aprx. […]

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