April 27, 2008

If Francisco and Misty Morales can afford a home on Sleep on It in San Jose…

Recently I saw a show on cable where prospective home buyers can spend the night at a house they’re interested in. It caught my attention when San Jose was featured! WOOT!

TV show follows home shoppers on sleepovers

“We both felt it was a blessing,” said Francisco Morales, a respiratory therapist who camped out in a two-story home in the North Valley area of San Jose with his wife, Misty, and two young boys. “Having two little ones, we could really put it through the trial.”

“Sleep on It,” which premiered Wednesday on HGTV, is the brainchild of Steve Edelman, president of Edelman Productions in Corte Madera.


San Jose residents Francisco and Misty Morales were looking for a little more living space in which to raise their two boys, 4-year-old Francisco Jr. and 20-month-old Gabriel, and entertain their extended family. Their two-bedroom, one-bath home in the North Valley area was no longer doing the job.

They wanted to live in a neighborhood within walking distance of shops and stores, parks for the kids to play in, and access to freeways. They wanted a backyard for entertaining, a two-car garage, two bathrooms and an open floor plan. And they wanted it to be in the $700,000 price range.

They found a two-story house in the North Valley area that looked promising, but they had a few reservations: Would the nearby freeway make it too noisy in the backyard? Would they feel comfortable and safe with the kids living with stairs? And Misty Morales, like Jenny McLaughlin, wanted to make sure there was plenty of natural light. After spending the night in the house, they had their answer.

“Actually, it solidified that we did not want to be in an upstairs/downstairs house,” said Francisco Morales. “And the noise from the freeway was incredibly loud. After that experience, we definitely knew what we wanted.” A month later, they found it – a larger home about four blocks from the one they had spent the night in.

Now… Francisco and Misty only have one income. Here’s how much they probably earn according to Salary.com:

Now granted, Cisco and Misty were upgrading from a house they already owned – so they probably doubled their money already and have plenty of equity. But if a family on an income like this can afford a $700k home in San Jose, why can’t YOU?

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  1. ex-sunnyvale-renter Says:

    Liar loans are apparently still alive and well!

  2. tenspeedSF Says:

    A quick Google search reveals that the median hourly wage for a respiratory therapist in California is $26.35. As a full time employee, you can make anywhere from $36k to $77k a year. California offers the highest pay in the nation for respiratory therapists, but is it enough to buy a $700k home?

    What do you think– inheritance? –a crazy amount of equity from their former home? — a conspiracy between HGTV and the state of CA to make housing look affordable here? 😉

  3. waiting_for_the_fall Says:

    I make double that and know I can’t afford a 700k home. He must be getting a very low ARM rate.

    I know someone who just refinanced into a very low rate fixed for 5 years. It appears the bank called her and offered the low rate to keep her in the home. Looks like the banks are trying to stop the foreclosures any way they can.

    I tried to explain to my friend that in 5 years, prices will drop and rates will increase. She probably will owe more on her mortgage than what the house is worth and won’t be able to refinance.
    She just shook her head and said, no way! Rich people are buying homes in San Jose. Her 2700 sq. ft. home is rare and won’t drop so much in value.

    She’s a realtor, of course.
    You can’t argue with that level of stupidity.

  4. Real Estater Says:

    >>I make double that and know I can’t afford a 700k home

    Double of $36K or $77K? If it’s the latter, it doesn’t take a math major to figure out that’s not true.

    Realtor or not, your friend is right.

  5. waiting_for_the_fall Says:

    I make double the 65k average Respiratory Therapist salary.
    I always thought those medical related jobs got 100k+ salaries. It makes me glad I have a tech job.

  6. waiting_for_the_fall Says:

    I’m not surprised Real Estater would show up in this thread. Any mention that homes will drop in value is like a red flag for him to pounce on.

    Prices won’t drop in my neighborhood because__________. fill in the blank

    1.it’s special here
    2. rich foreigners will move in and buy everything
    3. they’re not building anymore big homes here, ever
    4. retiring people want huge homes and have lots of money
    5. people selling their homes won’t lower the comps by accepting a lower price
    6. I won’t let them

  7. madhaus Says:

    I found ’em.

    2327 Four Oaks Court, Sold 4/09/2007 for $685,000. Previous sale, $285,000 in 1989. 1417 sq ft, 4792 sf lot. 4 br, 2 ba, no DR, FR.

    1132 Weldon Lane, Sold 4/6/2007, for $498,000. Last sale to our lucky couple, 8/17/2004, for $365,000. 987 sq ft, 1742 sf lot. 2 story, 1 br, 1 ba, 1 DR, 1 FR. Must be a loft above because only 110 sf on 2nd floor. Includes 350 sf garage.

    Most recent sale in neighborhood: 1146 Weldon, $610K, May ’07. Not a good comp, it’s 550 sf bigger with 3 stories, a 3/2.5, and what’s worse, it was sold in April2005 for… $605K.

    If they put 10% down payment for the Weldon property, that means the Moraleses had more than $150K in equity (including 6% commission). Unfortunately for Cisco & Misty, the median price of their zip code, 95131, has dropped $50K (8%) since 2007, and 2008 isn’t even over. Unless they pulled money out, they shouldn’t be underwater.

    There is no lien currently listed on this property at Propertyshark (which doesn’t say much, there are at least 2 refis missing on my property too, and they’re the newer ones, yet still 3 years ago). I found other documents showing they had a Countrywide mortgage, a trustee substitution was made to Homecomings Financial Network, and then a reconveyence with no lienholder (and for that matter, no grantor) listed.

    Sites used: Propertyshark, Santa Clara County Assessor’s Office, Santa Clara County Recorder’s Office

  8. madhaus Says:

    waiting for the fall, you left out a few classics:

    1. Facebook employees moving in!
    2. Google stock increases!
    3. You’ll be priced out forever!

    Anyway, this house is not in the Real Bay Area. Good luck figuring out where that is.

  9. RenterBob Says:

    It’s fun to be making silly comments when you guys not out shopping for houses. I’ve been in the market for 6 months now, and the only reason I’m still a renter is because I’ve been outbid 3 times, once last year and twice this year so far. Things are very tough out there, and it can be an emotional experience. I work for a startup, but I don’t work for Facebook. I don’t ask for much, just a 3/2 in a good school district. My budget is $1 million. It seems that everybody can pay 10% more than me.

  10. Real Estater Says:


    Don’t feel bad. Your experience is quite common. Just gotta keep trying. As of this month, the market is getting quite active. You should see more listings coming, but the good ones do get sold quickly. By the time “waiting for the fall” guy realizes the market is leaving without him, he’d be out another 100 grand easily.

  11. waiting_for_the_fall Says:

    RenterBob, the SF Bay Area is about 3 years behind the outer areas. Sacramento went down first, then it works it’s way inward. Try looking next year when the majority of ARMs adjust. People with 100% financing won’t be able to afford the mortgage reset and you’ll get your pick of homes, for alot less than a million.

    Interest rates will be higher by the end of the year. If we’re repeating the 70’s inflationary times, you know how high interest rates went back then- 15%+. Prices will be forced to drop to compensate.

    Prices are only starting to drop in the Bay Area. I think we’ll all be surprised at how low it will go.

  12. madhaus Says:

    RenterBob, what neighborhoods are you looking in? Everyone has their own definition of good school district. You should be able to get Santa Clara with Cupertino school district, some of West San Jose 95129 with CUSD, and some of Sunnyvale 94087 with CUSD if the house is smaller. Some (white) people don’t want Cupertino district.

    Cherry Chase (Sunnyvale dist) seems to have also sent the bigger houses over a million but I see many listings there.

    I guess you know you can forget Palo Alto for a mill. Mountain View 94040 is really hot now, too.

    For what its worth, we ended up spending 10% more than we originally planned to when we found this house. We wanted to keep a cushion and ended up moving up to the next category of house so we could get 4 bedrooms. But we bought in ’93 so it was pretty quiet, only one competing bid and they had a loan qualify contingency, we did not, so we got the house.

    I will say this: there’s a lot of inventory, you are bound to get something soon. But it must seem like everyone wants the same “Real Bay Area” as you.

  13. waiting_for_the_fall Says:

    Realestator, contrary to your narrow mindset, not all tech people are men.

    Prices always, and I repeat: ALWAYS, revert to the mean.

    Go ahead and buy now and catch the falling knife. There’s always people out there who have to buy, no matter what. Just be prepared to stay in the home for 25 years.

  14. Real Estater Says:


    >>Realestator, contrary to your narrow mindset, not all tech people are men.

    You lost me here. What is this in response to?

    >>Prices always, and I repeat: ALWAYS, revert to the mean.

    The mean in the BA is not the same as the mean elsewhere. That was the case even in 1993.

    >>Interest rates will be higher by the end of the year. If we’re repeating the 70’s inflationary times, you know how high interest rates went back then- 15%+.

    Are you out of your mind? The Fed is talking about cutting interest rate at the next meeting. Inflation is already here, and any economist will tell you that real estate is a good hedge against inflation.

    BTW, if 15% interest rate returns, you will be even less likely to be able to afford a house. This should be self-evident, right?

  15. waiting_for_the_fall Says:

    Realestater, I guess you weren’t around when interest rates went above 15%. When that happened, house prices had to go lower so people could afford the payment. As I said before, you must be a realtor to not understand that concept.

    And by the way, everyone expects the fed funds rate will be dropped .25 next week. It’s already in the bag. Bernanke also said it’s rate cutting cycle is done for now. If you don’t believe me, read this:

    Hmmmm, rate cutting cycle done for now…I wonder what the alternative of that is? Could it be rising rates? I don’t know, that seems too logical for someone with a realtor’s license to understand or agree with. Prices always go up, no matter what! That’s the only thing real estate morons seems to understand.

  16. WillowGlenner Says:

    Oh geez, waiting for the fall. You are worse than any real estate agent. Your “analysis” is based on what exactly?

  17. Pralay Says:

    waiting for the fall, you left out a few classics:

    1. Facebook employees moving in!
    2. Google stock increases!
    3. You’ll be priced out forever!


    Damn! Madhaus and WFTF, you guys missed the most important reason:

    – Dog-owners. Dog-owners needs home for their dogs. 🙂

    How could you guys missed this?

  18. DreamT Says:

    RenterBob –
    To expand on madhaus’ comment – specifically in my neighborhood (Santa Clara Cupertino schools), there has been only one house for sale in the past year, and currently not a single foreclosure or default based on foreclosure.com. People build up (add a bedroom or a story) rather than move out. There are a couple of 3/2 that are coming to the market in the next two weeks and they should certainly be < $1M (I expect between 800k and 900k). Good luck with your house hunting and don’t get discouraged by the outbidding. Just be sure you can stay in the place you’ll buy, for at least ten years.

  19. Renter4 Says:

    I’ve no idea whether Francisco & Misty (with those names, why aren’t they in the city?) can afford their place. But Salary.com underestimates in my experience. I’m making about 33% more than I should be, per their #s.

    I think I can afford a 700k house… we make decent bank right now. But we want a nice house in a good school district, within reasonable driving distance to our jobs. For 700k, fuhgeddaboutit.

    For what it’s worth, we rent a 2/3 townhouse, very good school district, good commute, year-by-year lease w/ landlords who want people to stay, roughly 10 –12% of joint income after tax. I’m supposed to give all that up to eat ramen so I can pay for private school, pay for a shitload more gas, & sell in a bad climate should I ever want to move? Sorry, no.

  20. ex-sunnyvale-renter Says:

    There are also weird programs for “minority” buyers, by which they mean non-white. by cities and counties to get first-time house buyers into houses, generally with a grant for the downpayment and very favorable terms. If you are “racially correct” they can be worth looking into.

  21. Chubby Says:

    RenterBob, you should be able to find 3/2’s in Los Gatos in 95032 below the 1 million mark (albeit, not that far below). Yes, houses are small, it’s not downtown Los Gatos, but the Los Gatos school district is pretty good. For some reason, 95032 was cheaper than the areas of San Jose we were looking at – Asian buyers didn’t want to stray far from the Saratoga-Cupertino-West San Jose area.

  22. Hmmmmm Says:

    California is sick.

  23. SantaClarite Says:

    a few classics:
    1. Facebook employees moving in!
    2. Google stock increases!
    3. You’ll be priced out forever!
    4. Dog-owners. Dog-owners needs home for their dogs. 🙂

    Pralay, Madhaus, WFTF –
    How can you guys forget the most important one :
    5. Watering your own lawn?

  24. Crossroads Says:

    @Hmmmmm 22

    Where do you live?

  25. RealEstater Says:

    It’s refreshing to see so many comments that do not come from Pralay. One consolidated post from him contains all the useless info you need for the day!

    Anyways, it’s a dose of reality that renter Bob shared. Here’s a guy with a million dollars to spend, and you guys are sending him to Santa Clara or the outskirts of Los Gatos? It looks like even there he has to wait for inventory and try his luck.

    May be those contestants to the show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” shouldn’t get so excited after all!

  26. Pralay Says:

    I am sure you are missing all the attentions, RE. 🙁 Because nobody cares for your “positive (propaganda) news” anyway.

  27. Pralay Says:

    Pralay, Madhaus, WFTF –
    How can you guys forget the most important one :
    5. Watering your own lawn?


    I thought about it. But then I realized that it may not be an attractive feature for overtimer and overworked Google and Facebook employees.

  28. MSG Says:

    But, really, besides the school districts, why would anyone WANT to live in the South Bay? San Jose SUCKS. I’ve lived there for 2 miserable years.

    By the way, to get a good read on future interest rates, just check the bond markets!! They are already pointing to higher interest rates regardless of what the Fed does. The Feds can only INFLUENCE the market rates, but it does NOT set them. The market still has a mind of its own, so, regardless of what you think the Fed is going to do or whatever, the market is way ahead of you. Current futures are pointing to rising rates.

  29. msgw Says:

    I myself am a Respiratory Therapist. They only gave you the median salary for an average RT in the bay area which I think is still too low, 26/hour is on par with most of the nation. In the bay area, RT’s make upward of low to mid 30’s per hour. They also did not say what Francisco’s actual salary was or count in his pay after overtime. He probably got his house for less than 700K and most likely this poor guys works like a dog taking every overtime shift available to make his mortgage payment, if you want to be a slave for your house, go for it.

  30. fremontrenter Says:

    Agree with 52 wholeheartedly. California is sick and sucks. Living it this June to better my personal life.

  31. fremontrenter Says:

    Sorry typo. Agree with 22.

  32. fremontrenter Says:

    And Leaving not Living.

  33. rick Says:


    I think that area is no longer desirable or in the RBA, just check the listings of 3/2 or more in the zip code:


  34. madhaus Says:

    Anyways, it’s a dose of reality that renter Bob shared. Here’s a guy with a million dollars to spend, and you guys are sending him to Santa Clara or the outskirts of Los Gatos? It looks like even there he has to wait for inventory and try his luck.

    RE, if RenterBob had a million dollars, he could buy something in Palo Alto. But he doesn’t. He is qualified for a million dollars. Since RB is looking for a house now, that means he has $200,000. Not a million dollars. Believe me, if RB had a million dollars he would be complaining about AMT instead.

    Or are you saying that someone with $200,000 deserves more than Santa Clara or edge of Los Gatos?

    What’s wrong with this place? If you can’t get it to display look up MLS 802834 (there is something wrong with the blog now, it won’t process links right).

  35. sg Says:

    Wow! It has even got a swimming pool.

    No offense, but there are tons of people out there who depend on their Realtors to find places for them.

    Realtors will either put up a few phantom bids, and will try to squeeze more money out of buyers pockets.

    If Renterbob sets his budget to 1Mil, his Realtor will leave no stone unturned to raise that budget to 1.3.

  36. Pralay Says:

    RE, if RenterBob had a million dollars, he could buy something in Palo Alto. But he doesn’t.

    Damn! Reading post #25 I thought someone is looking for “open house” signs with million dollar cash in his suitcase.

  37. sg Says:

    > I think that area is no longer desirable or in the RBA, just check the listings of 3/2 or more in the zip code:

    How does it suddenly lose value, because of lack of Asian buyers?

    Anyhow,the very first house of that appeared on burbed in Sept. http://www.burbed.com/2007/09/13/750000-house-in-los-gatos-blast-wall-included/

    It has been on the market since last August.
    Aug 22, 2007 $750,000
    Jan 22, 2008 $699,000
    Feb 20, 2008 $649,000
    Mar 19, 2008 $600,000

    Looks like this zip code has really lost interest among buyers with $1 mil budget.

  38. Chubby Says:

    rick Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 1:08 pm

    I think that area is no longer desirable or in the RBA, just check the listings of 3/2 or more in the zip code:


    Well, I don’t think a budget of 1 million will get you into a decent school district in the South Bay, if you’re looking at Saratoga/Lynbrook/Monta Vista/Palo Alto Schools etc. That’s just the way the market is – any house going for less than a million dollars will get multiple bids. I figured Los Gatos was a decent alternative, and some houses in 95032 go to Los Gatos school districts, which aren’t bad.

  39. been_there_done_that Says:

    hmmm, Why would anyone want to live in the south bay? Because the jobs are here, and besides who would WANT to commute to work? I never go to San Jose anyway, so the “sucky” factor isn’t an issue for me.

  40. Hmmmmm Says:

    Crossroads Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 7:25 am
    @Hmmmmm 22

    Where do you live?

    I live in beautiful Fairfax County VA. One of the wealthiest counties in the nation and home to one of the finest school systems in the US of A.

    Housing here is only 5x to 6x income as opposed to what looks like 10x income which seems the norm in the Bay Area.

  41. burbed Says:

    I’ve been to Fairfax. What a terrible place. There’s not a single smart person, no real jobs, everyone makes $8 an hour the most. There’s no sushi, no airports, and no diversity. (Well, except for Koreans…)

    They -had- 1 tech company and it was AOL. ’nuff said.

    That and their silly Tyson Square mall in no way compares to Cupertino Square. They don’t even have a Todai – the pinnacle of fine Asian cuisine – how embarrassing.

  42. burbed Says:

    Oh, and then there’s the god awful traffic there. It’s a bunch of mishmashed suburbs, with huge lots so you have to driver further, making everything unwalkable. They hate the environment there.

    Hmmmmmm what are some good zip codes there? I think it’s time for some further investigation.

  43. dd Says:

    Wow..u guys in California are in a diff planet. I make a decent living as a management consultant in Houston with one of the biggies and I am worried about spending 300K on a home. Do you guys not put anything into retirement funds ??

  44. MSG Says:

    ^^ for average joe shmoe, the house here IS there retirement fund. C’mon, haven’t you been paying attention to the real estate blurbs on here?

  45. burbed Says:

    When you retire, California law requires children (unborn or otherwise) to make sure you can sell your house at a profit.

  46. dd Says:

    Ha..not as much as I should..obviously 🙂

    I frequently travel to the bay area and then when I come back, I listen to my buddies whine about having to spend a big chunk of their money on housing. I direct them to this site for a dose of perspective. Mind you, with soaring gas prices Houston is now a boom town with Engineers with 5-6 years experience being picked by consulting firms for 140 – 150K AND we have no state income taxes. Of course Big Brother finds an other way through higher property taxes ( 2 – 2.5 %)

  47. mrbogue Says:

    2-2.5%? geezus, thats almost like a mortgage.

    But no income taxes? that would’ve come in handy last tax year. I HATE CAPITAL GAINS

  48. mrbogue Says:

    whoops. i meant I HATE CAPITAL GAINS TAX. but I like CAPITAL GAINS 🙂

  49. madhaus Says:

    dd – here are the top ten reasons why San Jose is better than Houston.

    10. We’re not responsible for George W. Bush.
    09. No religious crazies like Bennie Hinn. Heck, half the people here aren’t members of any religion. And the half that are don’t witness to the half that aren’t.
    08. Mary Kay saleswomen so embarassed to sell anything here you never see a pink Caddy. If there were such a thing as a successful Silicon Valley Mary Kay dealer, she’d ask for a Prius.
    07. Billboards on US101 tweaking other software companies.
    06. Polygamist sects know better than to hide out here, because they can’t afford it.
    05. Our gas costs more too, because we’re worth it.
    04. 40 minutes from the Pacific ocean, an hour from San Francisco, 4 hours from Yosemite. In Houston, you can drive all day in any direction but you’re still nowhere.
    03. Our Republicans are in hiding too.
    02. People who run our school boards care more about science than whether it agrees with the Bible.

    and the most important reason that San Jose is better than Houston:

    #1. Our crap houses cost more than your best houses.

    Even places trashed by gang-bangers on quarter sized lots cost $295K here. That means we’re more special.

  50. Pralay Says:

    10. We’re not responsible for George W. Bush.

    Is Houston responsible for W? I thought Houston, Austin – these metropolitan areas are blue patches in red state. Just like the contrast between Central Valley and Silicon Valley in California.

    02. People who run our school boards care more about science than whether it agrees with the Bible.

    I always thought Texas is little bit different from other bible states in south. In fact ICR (Institute for Creation Research), one of the major think-tanks for ID theory, is very angry on Texas state education officials. Keep in mind ICR is the institute which was nurtured in California and they still have a museum in Santee, CA.

  51. Hmmmmm Says:

    All right Burbed Bring it on:-)

    We are first or close to first in many of these fine categories….

    Traffic (#2 behind LA. Stinkers)
    Avg Household Income
    3rd largest Korean Pop in the US of A (I wonder where the top 2 might be?)
    Tops in employment/steady jobs etc.(Lots of Gov’t IT here folks)
    Thomas Jefferson HS math magenet school, top HS in the country
    No official stats, but we have to be #1 in LAWYERS. No other place is unlucky enough to have more than Fairfax.
    Tysons Corner Mall (Where the stores are!) Top mall in the Country.
    Dulles Airport..not quite SFO but home to a full European service, Latin American non-stops and Dulles to Beijing Non-stop.

    Top Zip codes..22101 McLean VA. and 22102 Great Falls, VA. Home to the CIA, Langley HS and such great homes that they actually have names . For example Hickory Hill, home of the beloved Kennedy Clan and any other political luminaries you can shake a stick at.

    3 hours to beautiful Ocean City MD
    2 hours to the beautful Shanandoah/Alleghany Mountains of VA/WV.

    Read it and weep losers 🙂

  52. sg Says:

    From http://www.masonryconstruction.com/industry-news.asp?articleID=565663&sectionID=0

    Based solely on median household income, Omaha’s $51,627 would place it 42nd among the metro areas. San Jose, Calif., is the richest, with $80,638.

    But when housing, utilities, food, services and other costs are factored in, Omaha shoots to No. 2 with an adjusted median household income of $58,303. San Jose, conversely, plummets to 24th place with an adjusted income of $51,045.

    Ronald Jordan is one new Omahan getting more bang for the buck.

    The former Northern Californian raised in Arkansas uses less gasoline on shorter drives. For relaxation, he fishes inexpensively in area lakes.

    Housing is huge, said Jordan, 53, a diversity specialist at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

    “In the Bay Area, the cost of purchasing a house is off the map,” he said. “You literally have to be in a different class to look at quality homes that have no need for rehabilitation.”

  53. dd Says:

    madhus..whatever makes you feel better about spending x times more on housing. If those 10 things are worth that special feeling..good for you.

    I used work in the tech sector for a major 101 corp and used to think that we were the coolest technology around and the work that my friend in Houston did was borrring. Until I went to the Offshore Technology Conference and saw some of the most incredible technology around. Hate those oil companies as much as you want but their technology centers would be a geek’s wet dream.

    My point here ..Just as you would not categorize all of San Fransisco as one big hippie land neither should you color all of Texas as one monolithic redneck country. The best indicator of migration that I have found is a comparison of uhaul rental rates from San Jose to Austin and vice versa.

  54. madhaus Says:

    dd – I’m sure you can give us a great list of why Houston is better than San Jose like Hmmmmm did above with Fairfax, VA. I’ll even spot you the first three:

    10. Nerds remain at the bottom of the food chain, just like in high school.
    9. Women dress like women. God gave them big hair for a reason.
    8. Astros, Rockets, Oilers, oops, I mean Texans. Both cities are too warm for hockey teams so what are you doing with one, anyway?

  55. dd Says:

    Never said Houston was better than San Jose 🙂
    Again, the question is how much monetary value do you place for the perceived advantages of living in San Jose as compared to living Houston ?

    It is called personal utility. Everyone’s is different.

  56. fremontrenter Says:

    Agree with dd. Experienced it first hand when moved to San Jose. The same comforts assumed in other states are available for extra cost here in SJ. Leaving San Jose for Austin. Bay Area is good to talk about, not to move in.

  57. been_there_done_that Says:

    I hope you like intense heat and humidity, fremontrenter.

    Texas is far more progressive than Californians give credit for, however the bugs, the infrastructure, and intense heat and humidity drove us back to the bay area.

  58. madhaus Says:

    btdt: Dang! I forgot to mention the fire ants on my list.

  59. fremontrenter Says:

    is humidity in TX more than that in florida ?

  60. fremontrenter Says:

    Also, I don’t need to committ financial suiside in TX as opposed to in CA

  61. Pralay Says:

    Does Texas have something like Burbed.com? Here goes the difference. End of debate.

    As side note, people ask about weather when there is nothing to talk about. People debate about weather when there is nothing to debate about.

  62. What should RenterBob do? Good schools in the Bay Area? [Burbed.com] Says:

    […] should RenterBob do? Good schools in the Bay Area? If Francisco and Misty Morales can afford a home on Sleep on It in San Jose… [Burbed.com] RenterBob Says: April 27th, 2008 at 2:07 […]

  63. Real Estater Says:

    >>Does Texas have something like Burbed.com?

    I’m pretty sure you can view Burbed.com in Texas.

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