April 16, 2008

If you like Caltrain, you’ll love this San Carlos house

381 Old County Rd, San Carlos, CA 94070 – Property Details.


* Status: Active
* Bedroom: 2
* Bathroom: 1
* Year Built: 1948
* Lot Size: 5100
* Square Footage: 820
* List Date: 2/28/2008
* Garage Spaces: 1
* MLS#: 781224

Beautiful home invites you in through an elegant archway. Kitchen is remodeled with Granite countertops, stained oak floors, stainless stove and built-in microwave. You will enjoy the comfort & beauty of slate tiled wood burning fireplace. Living room is enhaced with crown molding and wainscoting. Recently landscaped back & front yard with roses, picnic area & many fruit trees.

I’m shocked… I’m surprised… what no mention of “easy access to Caltrain, 7-11, 101, and El Camino” for this house? That’s surprising given the eco-smart nature of the people who live in the Bay Area.

Personally I’d buy it just so I could hear Caltrain remind me that I’m a great global citizen – one committed to reducing pollution. And to remind myself that I can’t back out of the driveway because there’s so much traffic on Old County Road. And to remind myself that I can go around the block to 7-11 anytime.

The City of Good Living indeed!

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April 15, 2008

“Is Now the Time to Buy a 1 Million Home”

Is-Now-the-Time-to-Buy-a-1-Million-Home: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
For buyers with good credit and healthy bank accounts, a million dollars buys a lot more home than it did a few years ago.

Congrats to Belmont for being featured!!!


Too bad this perfectly good article was ruined by the mention of unlivable Connecticut:


Maybe next time the piece feature only Bay Area residences. One can wish!

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Hang on! Hang on!

Seen in San Francisco. Date unknown. Anonymous.

Insert your own jokes here!

I’m going with “Hang on! The market is about to take offffffffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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April 14, 2008

Revisited: Five Reasons Houses Beat Stocks

Nearly two months ago, this was posted:

Five Reasons Houses Beat Stocks [Burbed.com]
Realty Times – Real Estate News and Advice
Five Reasons Houses Beat Stocks
by Blanche Evans

It’s high time we told buyers, sellers and homeowners the truth about whether a home is a good investment.
FREE Agent Online Powerhouse Kit including a FREE business consultation

Despite what Wall Street wants you to believe, owning a home isn’t the same kind of investment as stocks or bonds. What you get is a USE asset that depreciates over time, while it grows in market value. All you have to do is keep the home in good repair to max out your take.

Here are five reasons why you get more for your money with a house than a worthless sock puppet.


160 comments resulted. Given how things have gone lately with the stock market… would you change your mind?

Is now the time to dive into stocks? or is it still the time to dive to Real Estate in The Real Bay Area?

What’s your take?

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April 13, 2008

Bay Area #1 and #2 of Best Cities for Home Sellers

Best Cities For Home Sellers – Forbes.com
West coast sellers are faring better. In San Jose, Cailf., No. 1 on our list, tough regulatory measures make it difficult to overbuild. New home construction dropped 63% last year, while jobs grew by 1.2%. Home vacancies, which were already low at 1.6%, fell to a national bottom at 0.8%, helping make San Jose one of the country’s tightest markets.

Farther north, San Francisco’s conforming loan limit jumped from $417,000 to the maximum $729,750, which makes getting credit a simpler affair for many of the city’s home buyers. In 2006, the market felt a softening that pushed vacancy rates up to 2.4%, but a 56% cut in construction has cut vacancy rates in half. The increased access to credit, thanks to the new Fannie Mae (nyse: FNM – news – people ) and Freddie Mac (nyse: FRE – news – people ) limits, and the lack of available properties plays to sellers’ interests.


San Jose and San Francisco came out on top because they fit the profile of a sellers’ market–low inventory rates that were still shrinking, good job creation, a large scale cutback in new home construction and a boost in the credit market from new Fannie and Freddie loan limits.

WOOT! We’re #1! We’re #1! And We’re #2! We’re #2!

More importantly, NY is at #21. TAKE THAT! OH SNAP!

My god I am so amazingly proud to live in the Bay Area. Aren’t you? This place is unstoppable. UNSTOPPABLE.

Next year? We’re going to be #-1 and #0! You read it here first baby!

(Thanks to Burbed reader Jessica for this find.)

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April 12, 2008

When is it a good time to buy a house in the Bay Area?

Has renting ever been cheaper than owning in the Bay Area? [Burbed.com]

madhaus Says:
April 6th, 2008 at 11:03 pm
The market is on its way down. By the time most people figure out it may be hitting its peak, it’s already jumped the shark.

So it appears there are no good statistics on the historical trends about rent prices vs mortgage prices in the Bay Area – so much for that.

The question persists… when is it a good time to buy a house in the Bay Area? Clearly 1991 is one answer… but what about the future?

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BubbleTracking features San Jose – oucher

Bubble Markets Inventory Tracking: Guaranteed Appreciation on Darwin Way

1822 Darwin Way, San Jose, CA 95122
–3 beds, 2.0 baths, 1,040 sq ft
–05/1996: RE Stud purchased at last bottom for $158,500 (timed the bottom)
–09/2005: RE Stud sold at the peak for $650,000 (timed the peak)
–10/23/2007: knife catcher who listened to Margaret Kelly, buying what he thought was a bargain at $500,000

…half a year later…

1769 Darwin Way, San Jose, CA 95122
–3 beds, 2.0 baths, 1,040 sq ft
–04/2004: purchased for $455,000
–04/2008: listed for $307,000

That’s right, within 6 months we got a neighbor down the street having a fire sale at almost $200,000 less than the half-a-mil purchase price by the sucker that fell for the old “It’s a Perfect Time to Buy” routine. Where’s that Guaranteed Appreciation? Margaret?

Ouchers. According to Burbed reader Madhaus, this is the first time Silicon Valley has been featured on BubbleTracking.

Well, let’s face it… 1769 Darwin Way must have been a complete dump compared to 1822 Darwin Way. That’s the only explanation, and let’s face it – it’s actually kind of possible knowing some of the houses in San Jose! They’re probably making more land right around this house.

But furthermore, this is just more evidence that due to the shakeout, The Real Bay Area is being cleansed of the not-so-special parts. It’s like a purifying colonic.

What this means is that when you say you live in the Real Bay Area, it means you live in some place truly special.

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April 11, 2008

How much would this be in Mountain View?

Single Family Home – 15881 GRAYFIELD ST, DETROIT, MI, 48223 – Realtor.com
3 Bed, 1 Bath
690 Sq. Ft.



Survey time!

Now let’s be frank here: this house is in Detroit, which is far far far away from the Garden of Eden that the Real Bay Area is.

But… but… let’s pretend for a second that this house was in Mountain View.

How much would you pay for it? I’d ask why, but that’s obvious – it’s in the Real Bay Area!

(Thanks to http://remodelnerd.com/ for the find!)

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April 10, 2008

Whatever happened to the yellow house in Daly City

Hey everyone,

I’m sure you’ve been wondering whatever happened to the yellow house in Daly City. To refresh your memory, here’s what happened:

January 2007:

August 2007:

December 2007:

January 2008:


Well, bad news my friends. It’s been sold, so you can’t buy it. It sold for $445k – meaning the new owner scored a sweet $405,000 in instant equity that you didn’t.

Here’s the final sales history:

4/20/2007     $558,763     Trustee’s Deed upon Sale     Resale     Recontrust Co Na     HSBC Bank USA     600316737

5/30/2006     $815,000     Grant Deed     Resale     Serano, Camilo     Cumberworth, Carmen     400528853

4/5/2004          Grant Deed     Resale     Diaz, Jorge N     Melendez, Mayda C     255774005

4/5/2004          Grant Deed     Resale     Calalang, Charito B     Calalang, Tennyson M     255773232

4/5/2004     $575,000     Grant Deed     Resale     Cornelius, Maria L     Serano, Camilo     255766895

4/5/2004          Grant Deed     Resale     Alvarado, Juan A     Cornelius, Maria L     255766767

7/5/1996          Grant Deed     Resale     Cornelius, Edwin E     Cornelius, Maria L     255770445

7/5/1996               Refi     Cornelius, Maria L     Cornelius, Maria L     255768149

6/12/1992     $205,000     Grant Deed     Resale     Fielder, John W &     Cornelius, Edwin&Maria     255771475

Thanks to Burbed reader Renter for notifying me of this!

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April 9, 2008

Double your bedroom space with BedUp!

Beds: Bedup Saves Space by Storing Your Bed in the Ceiling

Useful for Austin Powers wannabes living in tiny apartments is the BedUp: a bed that retracts into the ceiling. Saving you up to 30 square feet, the bed slides up when you’re not using it and can even have lighting integrated into its underside— so much more 21st Century than the flip-up closet Murphy beds. More info after the gallery of example installations.

Thanks to Burbed reader Mike for this find!

Wow, if you get a bunch of these, you could probably fit a whole bunch of beds in your house! So… Pilates Studio during the day, Hotel in the night!

With this information, you can now afford that starter in Los Altos! Go get’em tiger! Break out that Silicon Valley spirit of yours!

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