May 26, 2008

Where are you going this Memorial Day? To this San Rafel Resort?

It’s Memorial Day! You may or may not have the day off (this is Silicon Valley after all – not Wall St.) How are you spending it? Are you going to a resort?

If so… have you ever thought about moving to this San Rafael house?

Just think, if you bought this house, you would never have to leave the Bay Area to go on vacation because you would be on vacation every day at your own home. Nothing says resort living like this! It’s like having your own Club Med, and your own investment vehicle at the same time! And like a time share in Las Vegas, you can be sure you can sell this for a profit when you’re tired of living in a resort.

San Rafel. Resort. San Rafel. Resort.

Go for it. Who knows, maybe you can host some poker games there!

(Thanks anonymous Burbed reader.)

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9 Responses to “Where are you going this Memorial Day? To this San Rafel Resort?”

  1. reezon Says:

    Is that a water retention container on the right of the house? The structure/large curved surface on the right of the house looks like a large water container. That would be a good thing if there was a forest fire and you had to save the well established “mature” landscaping from fire. Or maybe the house is a “green ” and smart because the structure on the right is a holding tank that collects the run off water from the house and uses it to water the lawn… I saw that ecological builders create water containers to save and re-use/recycle water that in the magazine Solar Power Today, maybe that is what this house is doing.

  2. sonarrat Says:

    If it had views of the water maybe. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. It’s a 3500 sf house on an 18,000 sf lot, by the way. There’s no way this is worth more than $1.5M.

  3. tim Says:

    Wow! The good life! Imagine! Never needing to step foot out of San Rafael! The use of fifteen exclamation points really sold me!

  4. buckborden Says:

    Just think, you too can hobnob with George Lucas and Grace Slick for the mere price of $2.235 mil! I don’t know about you, but I’m considering whether to mortgage my future to get my little piece of happiness at such a bargain. I just love being around phony people who flaunt their wealth. They must truly have something I don’t. These are the folks who make the Bay Area truly special. This listing proves it.

  5. buckborden Says:

    Oh, yea, San Rafael, where, according to this listing, the sun never sets. (You mean “all-day sun” didn’t sell you?)

  6. buckborden Says:

    San Rafel? Didn’t they film an episode of “Quincy” there?

  7. rick Says:

    Or you can live in this house in San Carlos:

    It is asking for under the price it was bought in 2000.

    Thanks for San Mateo Home Owners in Trouble.

    It seems per square feet price is below $200 in below average areas, to $300+ in good areas like Belmont, back in ’99. I guess the rent rocketed in ’99 only to be catched up by housing prices, the tech bubble has busted since, now the housing bubble, yet people seems to think the housing price or rent is normal here. Are we really at a permanent plateau or going back to ’99 level?

  8. Yatima Says:

    You may be interested to know that Sydneysiders also believe they are the mostest special:

    The Real Bay Area must arise and conquer the kangaroo upstarts!

  9. madhaus aka guitar hero Says:

    The Real Bay Area no longer includes Sunnyvale CUSD. I just got a call from a real estate agent asking me to look at an open house. I haven’t gotten a call like this since early 2002. When properties are flying through windows, there is no need to call more people to come look.

    Yatima sez: The Real Bay Area must arise and conquer the kangaroo upstarts!

    Wouldn’t they be down-under-starts?

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