May 27, 2008

Authentic experiences in the Bay Area can be found in San Carlos

365 OLD COUNTY RD, San Carlos 94070 (San Carlos)
$525,000 Beds: 3 bed(s) Baths: 1 bath(s) MLS: 800775

Property Overview
San Carlos (San Carlos) 94070
Detached Single Family (Class 1)
Bed/Bath: 3 / 1
SqFt: 1,090
Lot: 5,000 sq ft
Age: 60 years
List Price: $525,000
Assoc Fee:
Short Sale Opportunity in San Carlos?! Ranch Style home with 3 bedrooms and 1 Bathroom..FIXER< FIXER, Call Now!
Short Sale Opportunity in San Carlos?! Ranch Style home with 3 bedrooms and 1 Bathroom..Call for more information: (650) 270-4733 CALL NOW! Governemnt Program Available for Loan Approval FIXER Opprotunity!

These days, people want demand authenticity. People don’t want Disneyland like experiences. They want the gritty, the hardcore, the real. People want to feel alive. They despise the fake. Look at how distressed jeans are in style.

And that’s what makes this house so simply amazing – when you look at it, you feel alive. You feel real. You feel like you’re the photojournalist stepping into virgin land.

Let’s take a look:

The gritty back yard with bull dog. The roof with the bricks hold it down. The kitchen. The outdoor washer and dryer. Just like how our manly forefathers lived.

My god. Just looking at these photos make me feel alive. My blood is flowing, my heart is pounding. I feel alive!!!!!!!!!!!!

But you know what? There’s more.

That’s right… it’s across the street from Caltrain. Oh yes! Bring it on!

Buy this house you hipster. You adrenaline junky. You thrill seeker.

Don’t you want to feel alive?

(Thanks to anonymous Burbed reader.)

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10 Responses to “Authentic experiences in the Bay Area can be found in San Carlos”

  1. RinkRat Says:

    You don’t even need a bulldozer. A strong wind should easily topple that shack.

  2. leavin' the bay area! Says:

    But you forgot, all those posters in the other thread told me the weather in the bay area is perfect! Therefore, there is never a strong wind in San Carlos. In fact, that’s probably why they never fixed the hole in the roof, since it never rains.

  3. RinkRat Says:

    You’re right — take a look at that back yard (I think it’s the back yard, anyway.) It hasn’t seen a drop of water in years.

  4. Frank Jewett Says:

    Maybe they moved the washer and dryer outside to make room for the meth lab?

  5. JesusCrispy Says:

    The pit-bull is to protect the meth lab from tweaked out bandits. I guess when you snort your entire product you can’t pay the mortgage.

  6. madhaus aka guitar hero Says:

    I want a higher resolution image of that back yard. I think those weeds are, um, Weed.

  7. Pralay Says:

    By posting these pictures in listing, is the seller making joke so that it remains in market for long time and seller can live in this home for longer period? Atleast looking at these pictures it seems so. He/she is totally dedicated to highlight all the flaws – especially the picture of hole in ceiling.

  8. madhaus aka guitar hero Says:

    Yeah, it practically screams, “If you come on the Realtor’s Tour, my dog will tear off your leg.”

  9. Pralay Says:

    That’s right, I don’t see any purpose of that picture other than showing his/her dog.

  10. Area 51 Says:

    Awesome how they emphasize the worse aspects of that shack, crumbling roof etc….

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