May 28, 2008

Tired of San Francisco prices? Want sunny weather?

1714 13th St Oakland, CA 94607
Price: $430,000

Beds: 6
Baths: 2
Sq. Ft.: 1,004
$/Sq. Ft.: $428
Lot Size: –
Property Type: Detached, Modified, Single-Family Home
Property Style: Victorian
Year Built: 1895
Region: Alameda County
Area: Oakland
County: Alameda
MLS#: 337112
Source: San Francisco MLS
Status: Active
On Redfin: 86 days
Classic detached Victorian located in hot, developing West Oakland has 6 Bedrooms/2+ Baths. Used currently as two units with combined rental income of $2350/month. Vintage construction requires some TLC. Less than one block away, 29 acre Central Station development for 1200 townhomes is under construction! Located not far from 12th Street BART with easy access to Bay Bridge this home in sunny Oakland offers a good opportunity for buyers tired of San Francisco prices.

Burbed doesn’t generally venture to Oakland, but I simply had to feature this house that Burbed reader ElectraVoltz shared.

6 bedrooms and 2+ baths in 1004 sqft. If nothing else, this is a testament to the ingenuity of the residents of the Bay Area. In most other places with less resilient citizens, with a less educated populace, you probably would have heard “That simply can’t be done.” But not here. And in a house that is 113+ years old. If that doesn’t amaze you, I don’t know what will!

Oakland isn’t in the Real Bay Area, but who knows, someday it might rejoin. Is now the right time to invest there? After all, it’s sunny, cheap, and close to Berkeley. What could possibly go wrong?

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15 Responses to “Tired of San Francisco prices? Want sunny weather?”

  1. interestedbystander Says:

    And boom!, the price has already dropped 20K.

  2. JesusCrispy Says:

    What does 2+ bathrooms mean? You can use your backyard if need be?

  3. Martin Says:

    It looks like 1714 13th St Oakland sold for $200,000 on 1/10/2003.

  4. NotHereAnymore Says:

    Classic selling point: located near a bunch of new townhomes (all of which suck less than your place.)

  5. Pralay Says:

    Oakland offers a good opportunity for buyers tired of San Francisco prices.

    Yes, in addition, it offers a good opportunity for buyers tired of not getting drugs and prostitutes in their own neighborhood.

  6. mrbogue Says:

    West Oakland is definitely a shithole, but San Francisco has its share of drug, violence and prostitution problems as well. BUT.. S.F. is alot more glamorous, so its OK.

  7. Prof. Bleen Says:

    What’s that thing in the front “yard”? A grill? A telescope? A searchlight? Is it included in the price? Inquiring minds, etc., etc.

  8. bob Says:

    Looks like one of those grills made from a 50 gallon oil drum.

  9. sanfrantim Says:

    Translation: “We know this is a shitbox, but hey it’s cheap and sunny here.”
    Not cheap enough.

  10. sg Says:

    I am really interested to see the floor plan. How could they fit so many rooms in 1K sq ft?

  11. madhaus aka guitar hero Says:

    sg sez: I am really interested to see the floor plan. How could they fit so many rooms in 1K sq ft?

    Simple. See those windows downstairs? It’s a finished crawlspace! There’s at least 3 bedrooms right there!

    I find the lack of interior photos somewhat disturbing. Does that mean that the photographer doesn’t have enough room to pick up the camera?

  12. rick Says:

    The ones like this was selling for $100+k in ’99.

  13. tenspeedSF Says:

    It’s either a dorm, hostel, or brothel. Is the location zoned for business?

  14. deja vu Says:

    I have a friend who bought in West Oakland a few years back, but she has large dogs and a lot of attitude. And of course, she paid $40k for her house (not a typo). Between the city’s subsidy and her renter in the basement, she’s making money, and she works out her aggressions by taking on the criminal element. If she gave me a personality transplant and they marked the place down 90%, I might consider it for a few seconds.

  15. WillowGlenner Says:

    Yeah 6 bedrooms and 1004 sq ft doesn’t jive. But if rental income is really $2350 on this, it is almost cash flow positive with a purchase price of $430K.

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