May 30, 2008

Dining room could be converted back to fourth bedroom

920 Round Hill Road

Redwood City (Redwood City) 94061
Detached Single Family (Class 1)
Bed/Bath:    3 / 2 1/2
SqFt:    1,630
Lot:    8,400 sq ft
Age:    51 years
List Price:    $998,000
Assoc Fee:
Exceptional Value!!!
Exceptional Value in Farm Hill Estates, Quiet and Desirable street, Open Kitchen/Family room, Spacious Living Room/Dining Room Combination with Large Picture Windows and Wood Burning Fireplace, Hardwood Floors as well as Double Paned Windows Throughout, Dining Room could be converted back to Fourth Bedroom. Excellent Roy Cloud School (K through 8)

The anonymous Burbed reader who submitted this thought I should make note of the fact this house is pink. Like Pepto Bismol pink. Pink sure is a popular color in Redwood City – I think this one is even better than the Valentine’s Day special one.

I suppose one could also fall in love with this house because it is in Farm Hill Estate. When I see this house, and it’s 8,400 sqft lot, estate is definitely the first thing I think of.

But really, for me, the big catch is that the dining room can be converted back to the fourth bedroom. I really wonder how this works. With this make a cool transforming sound like in Transformers? Does this use nano-technology? Perhaps the floor flips when you move a vase and press a button – thus converting the room from a dining room to a bedroom. The imagination wanders!

What do you like best about this house?

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  1. bob Says:

    … and you just know that the slick chic folks that buy this are gonna’ paint it some tasteful forest green color, put up arts and crafts style exterior light fixtures with amber shades, and park a shiny Mercedes SUV out front.

    Seeing what were former leave it to beaver homes all doctored up to look like wealthy people’s homes in Palo Alto is almost too ironic.

    Personally, if I had enough money to blow on a house like this, I’d leave it pink, or better yet- paint it BRIGHT pink with purple trim and plunk a 1970 Chevy Nova on blocks out front. Add a few beer cans out on the lawn and I’m sure it would really add to the allure of the area…

  2. vfsv Says:

    Converting bedrooms is nothing new. We found a particularly silly one in Mountain View awhile back:

  3. Prof. Bleen Says:

    A graph down a ways in the listing purports that crime in Redwood City plummeted between 2005 and 2006. What’s up with that?

  4. Pralay Says:

    A home with 19″ TV (or may be 14″) sitting on a cheap $20 furniture? Am I really looking at million dollar house here?

  5. MSG Says:

    Does anyone know what the average cost would be to tear down and rebuild a house in Burlingame? I know it’s exorbitant in SF, but, for a house about 1600 sq ft in Burlingame, any ideas?

  6. sonarrat Says:

    Prof. Bleen: it did, except that the murder rate doubled. And RWC still has a higher per-capita crime rate than San Jose.

  7. madhaus aka guitar hero Says:

    You can’t call a room a bedroom unless it has its own closet. So does the dining room have a closet or not? They didn’t show it in the photo.

    Man, that is a painful color to look at. The trim below the roof looks like cough syrup to go with the Pepto-Bismol.

  8. sonarrat Says:

    Closets are -not- required for bedrooms. One of the things I plan to do when I get a house is knock out the closets and put large, movable organizers in their place. What is required is working heat vents, and some kind of emergency exit to the outside (window or door).

  9. Stepford Hottie Says:

    G Says:
    May 30th, 2008 at 1:02 pm
    Does anyone know what the average cost would be to tear down and rebuild a house in Burlingame? I know it’s exorbitant in SF, but, for a house about 1600 sq ft in Burlingame, aMSny ideas?

    I have friends in Burlingame who are going to remodel their first story home which I think is about 1400 sq ft. They are also going to add a second story since the house is too small for them. The 2nd floor would be between 1000-1100 sq ft. The bids from contractors average about 550 -600k which includes permits. They will also be living with their parents during construction (9-12 mos) so they will save on the cost of a rental. They are choosing medium range finishes.

    Another friend in San Carlos just spent 700k to add a second story and remodel the first floor. Their total sq footage is about 2800 sq ft.

    I have heard for new construction it is $250 sq ft and for a second story addition it is between $300-$400 sq foot depending on whether you choose low medium or high end finishes etc. Based on the above examples though, I’m not really sure how contractors make the actual calculations.

  10. San Mateo Home Sellers in Trouble Says:

    well..the lawn looks pretty nice. I can’t believe this is nearly a million dollars, though. Farm Hills is an okay area to live, but it’s not the most convenient. I live in 94061 actually and I think every single house in this zip is ridiculously overpriced.

  11. bob Says:

    A cool mil is indeed way too much for that house, or any house of that nature. Seriously- the thing is ooogly, plain, and utterly pedestrian at best. What is it near? Google? Apple? Oracle?

    I’m imagining some little old Asian couple have owned this thing for 40 years and bought it for 30k back in the day. If they get a mil for it- god bless em’… they’ll be loaded.

  12. San Mateo Home Sellers in Trouble Says:

    It’s closest to Oracle out of the companies you mentioned, but I know many Oraclers who can’t afford this dump on their fairly high salaries.

  13. rick Says:

    Does Henson sound like an Asian to you? I wonder where you get the stereotype from.

  14. sonarrat Says:

    I lived in 94061 as well, though my next-door neighbor was in 94062. It regularly took me fifteen minutes to get to 101, more if Jefferson was jammed, or ten minutes uphill on Farm Hill Blvd to 280. It is spectacularly inconvenient, almost as much so as Woodside.

  15. WillowGlenner Says:

    Farm Hill is the biggest speed trap in the bay area. I mean the BIGGEST SPEED TRAP, and thats saying a lot.

  16. RinkRat Says:

    It’s actually a good neighborhood. What keeps the prices high here are a) Roy Cloud School, and b) proximity to 280 for the dual-Silicon Valley incomes that you’ll need to pay for these homes.

  17. madhaus aka guitar hero Says:

    I got a ticket on Farm Hill when I used to live in Emerald Lake Hills. Big wide 4 lane road, makes you want to drive 60, and the speed limit is 35.

  18. RinkRat Says:

    ditto here. Except they got me on Jefferson just before it turns into Farm Hill. Cheap shit ticket, too — 29 in a 25. That street is the biggest revenue generator of any kind in Redwood City.

    I spent 25 years up by the cross. Whereabouts did you live in EH?

  19. Er Says:

    This is something annoys me. The Police in CA think their role is to garner revenue. In Indiana, the only time I interacted with the Police was when they stopped me to ask if I was lost or to point out a light was not working (for my safety, not to ticket me), etc. I’ve lived in about a half dozen states and nowhere else do the Police have their priorities as divorced from those of the citizens as over here.

  20. madhaus aka guitar hero Says:

    RinkRat I could see the cross easily from where I lived but I was below it. The house I lived in is not there anymore, I lived near the corner of Summit & Summit (I’m not kidding, both Summit & Lakeview turn corners even though both roads could continue straight into each other.) The satellite map has a big honkin’ house where I used to live, probably a different street # too.

    There were a few nights I considered going up to the cross (wasn’t it on the other side of 280?) and shooting out the spotlights so I wouldn’t have to look at the flipping thing anymore.

  21. Prof. Bleen Says:

    Thanks, sonnarat!

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