June 17, 2008

Houses in 95129: never ending appreciation – buy now to be a millionaire!

1036 Harlan Dr, San Jose 95129 (Berryessa)

* Status: Active
* Bedroom: 4
* Bathroom: 2
* Year Built: 1967
* Lot Size: 7344
* Square Footage: 1843
* List Date: 5/20/2008
* Garage Spaces: 2
* MLS#: 810140

Totally remodeled home in the top Cupertino Schools: Dilworth/Miller/Lynbrook(walking distance), double pane windows, granite kitchen/bathroom counters, new maple cabinets in kitchen and bathroom , new flooring through out the house, new paint in&out, gated front door for privacy , beautiful backyard with durable fiber deck, copper plumbing, new light fixture. Quality Dura-style home.

Top congrats to 95129 for continuing to break new appreciation ground, and proving once and for all that there is no slump in the Real Bay Area. Let’s look at the Zillow:

Just look at that! Since the “slump” (which btw is a fiction of your imagination), prices have actually gone up nearly $300k! If you had bought when everyone was saying “OMG, don’t buy”, you would’ve made out like a bandit. This proves that it’s either a seller’s market or a buyer’s market. You simply can’t lose when you buy a house that’s in the Dilworth/Miller/Lynbrook district!

Not only that, but this house is Dura-style much like the famed Ford Duratec engine.

Everyone grows up wanting to live in a million dollar house, to show that they have made it. And if you buy this house today, you can show to to the world that you’ve made it – and not only that, but you’ll be surrounded intimately by other millionaires:

What? Don’t tell me you’d rather live like those phony millionaire savages do-nothing-hedge-funders in Connecticut do:

Gah, talk about anti-social.

UPDATE: Readers like mrbogue have pointed out that if you buy this house, you will also solve our smog problem! Just check out the sky this house comes with:

Too bad this new sky will eat your trees…

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22 Responses to “Houses in 95129: never ending appreciation – buy now to be a millionaire!”

  1. Hellboy Says:

    Ah ha ha! Dura-style! I was thinking Dura-last like one of those battery:-)

  2. Prof. Bleen Says:

    Is it just the fading sunset, or is that house pink? And the “gated front door” looks disconcertingly like a cave entrance, à la B.C.

  3. nomadic Says:

    Dura Style is actually a builder in San Jose – I never heard of them either. The posting I found for them online says they have 5-9 employees, so maybe one of them built this house for themselves. (?)

  4. bob Says:

    I never cease to be amazed at how much these houses are. 1.3 mil for that? The home is ugly. Plain and simple. In fact, most homes I drive by out here on the Peninsula are also pretty ugly, dated, and squat little houses that I’d personally never want to actually live in even if they were 150k.

    When I look at houses in Austin, Nashville, and Raleigh, I look for historical, interesting,and architecturally pleasing homes: old Craftsman or classic antebellum homes and so forth. I can find many of these for under 200k. There are houses just like the one pictured above in all those places I’m looking and they tend to be on the lower end of the market, as in 100-150k or so. They’re ugly in TN as well, hence they’re actually less desireable.

    Even if I had the money, I’d feel like an idiot buying something like that for 1 mil.

  5. mrbogue Says:

    agree with bob. this is one ugly frontend configuration for $1.288M+ and the interior is all home depot quality fixtures… but anyone see the associated pics, it does have a somewhat cute backyard with an impossible, photoshopped blue sky only found in the likes of French Polynesia. Pretty Lame.

    Watch it sell though, because if you don’t buy now you’ll be priced out FOREVER!

  6. nomadic Says:

    mrbogue, I noticed that picture too and wondered if that’s how people who dropped acid in the ’60s saw things outside! That’s a freaky picture.

  7. madhaus Says:

    Prof Bleen, you’ve nailed that entrance. I wonder if some creationist nut lives there who gives kids Chick tracts when they come by on Halloween expecting candy.

    What’s with calling this place Berryessa? Is this some new kind of downscale chic? If I spent a mil and a third for a dump like this, I’d be shouting “Cupertino schools! Cupertino schools” so loud I’d put a bloody marquis up on my roof. The last thing I’d do is compare it to the cheap side of town. I don’t even want to admit I’m in the same town, which is why “Cupertino” will become this house’s middle name. Even if I live a couple blocks from a townhouse development behind the Safeway and the abandoned hobby store.

    Now you might think if you buy this place it would make you a millionaire surrounded by other millionaires, but all it makes you is a homedebtor surrounded by other mortgage serfs. You know who the millionaire is? The San Jose (excuse me, Cupertino!) version of Konrad Susnow who sold you this place.

  8. madhaus Says:

    Agree about the phony blue sky in the backyard shot. Come on burbed, add it to the article. It looks like one of those postcards from the 1960s that used polarizing filters to make the sky look like deep water. The lighting is ALL wrong on the trees for a sky like that.

  9. mrbogue Says:

    nomadic: hehe. yeah, either the seller has been dropping too much acid or playing alittle too much

    Check it out…


  10. burbed Says:

    Doh, you’re right about the sky. I like how the tree fades into it.

    That said, I think Movoto is botching up some of the city designations. I saw some other very strange ones recently.

  11. mrbogue Says:

    whoops… that link doesn’t work.. try this link instead:


  12. Pralay Says:

    Does this guy work for Adobe? Too much photoshop work in all the pictures. That makes this house million dollar Surreal Estate. Therefore, I guess I can pay for this house with some Surreal dollar bills printed from my printer. And if the seller wants, I can print his face in dollar bills, instead of Lincoln, Washington or Madison.

  13. Crossroads Says:

    but look at all those zillow values. it must be real!

  14. nomadic Says:

    mrbogue – that picture somehow looks LESS disturbing with your changes!

  15. mrbogue Says:

    hmmm.. surreal money for a surreal house, interesting new concept…


  16. Pralay Says:

    mrbogue, LOL! In RBA Surreal Estate We Trust.

  17. bob Says:

    Holy crap. I just noticed that picture. Clearly someone did a quick a dirty job replacing the sky. They didn’t bother to really clean up the tree that much, which makes it look like it was ripped out of paper.

  18. RealEstater Says:

    Check out the photo in this listing:


    Is it real, or is it Photoshop?

  19. mtv-renter Says:


    That’s a real photo with a polarizing filter over the lens. Polarizers give the sky that deep blue color, but this real estate agent put it on a wide angle lens, which is why the deep blue is just in one part of the sky. Polarizers and wide angles don’t mix.

  20. Herve Says:


    Correction: photography and real estate agents don’t mix.

  21. madhaus aka guitar hero Says:

    They would have been better off photoshopping the blue sky instead of using an actual filter on the lens. There’s some interesting lens flare splotches that looks fake too, maybe they used photoshop to try to clean it up and it only got worse.

  22. Frank Jewett Says:

    The punchline is that the status of this listing on the MLS is Pending/Show, so it looks like they found someone who was willing to pay a million bucks to send their kids to my old high school.

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