June 25, 2008

Kitchen cabinets included in listing price in Sunnyvale – you greedy buyer

616 Cypress Ave, Sunnyvale 94085

* Status: Active
* Bedroom: 3
* Bathroom: 1
* Year Built: 1955
* Lot Size: 5000
* Square Footage: 1008
* List Date: 2/24/2008
* Garage Spaces: 2
* MLS#: 780135

Nice home in a great location, hardwood floors throughout. Great for first time buyer, home needs a little love, easy access to 101. WASHING MACHINE, DRYER,REFRIGERATOR, AND KITCHEN CABINETS INCLUDED IN LISTING PRICE.

Does this house look familiar? It should! It was just featured here on Burbed not too long ago!

Last sold on 02/22/2006 for $620,000, this owner has an amazing value proposition for you: not only will you get $170,000 in instant equity, but you will also get the washer, the dryer, the refrigerator, and the kitchen cabinets.

Most first time buyers don’t know this, but often times, the kitchen cabinets aren’t included. You get the keys, you move in, and you’re like “Oh shit! Where do I put the dishes? The kitchen cabinets are gone!”

This seller is bending over backwards my friends. Squeezing blood from a turnip. Doing what it takes to make you the buyer happy. He’s even throwing in the kitchen cabinets along with the $170k in instant equity. What more do you want?

And, it still has lots of room for your fleet of cars!

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22 Responses to “Kitchen cabinets included in listing price in Sunnyvale – you greedy buyer”

  1. nima_nt Says:

    is toilet included in this house? it would be real “shit” once the buyer moved in and realized there was no toilet.

  2. DensityDuck Says:

    I love how they include a picture of the crappy pavement job outside the house. Like, this is a selling feature?

  3. passthebubbly Says:

    Never mind what the house includes, the lot magically gets bigger over time! (5000 sqft vs. 4791.) Buy and hold for 20 years and it’ll be a full acre! What a deal!


    I wouldn’t pay more then 150k for that shack.

  5. bob Says:

    Don’t you just luv that color? Sort of a nuclear fallout green.Either that or its swimming pool blue. I can’t tell. As far as the crack, well it’ll simply disguise future cracks from earthquakes. Bonus!

  6. madhaus Says:

    Ha ha, they changed the MLS listing number so we wouldn’t notice it’s been on the market since last year. I’m so impressed with how this FB is chasing the market by lowering the price $10K a month.

    Listing Price History
    Date Price

    Feb 24, 2008 $499,950
    Mar 31, 2008 $489,950
    Apr 24, 2008 $475,000
    May 23, 2008 $450,000
    May 29, 2008 $449,000 that’ll show ’em!

    Oh look, it was sold for $620K in 2006. I call Option-ARM! I call NOD! I call REO!

    The street looks like they paved over the potholes without filling them first, a nice counterpoint to the spray-paint job yesterday.

    And still no inside pictures. What could it be? Meth lab? Shooting gallery? Crash pad for 24 illegal aliens working in the owner’s restaurants? Brad Pitt’s hideaway? Buy this house and find out what’s going on!

  7. Frank Jewett Says:

    Drought resistant yard offset by cheerful green of exterior paint. Can we use this property as a comp to WillowGlenner’s recent $420K REO investment?

    Sunnyvale, baby~!

  8. bob Says:

    yeah. Buy that one WG. I bet it’s just a gold mine of cash flow right this very minute!

  9. WillowGlenner Says:

    Heh- I looked at this one. I don’t know the Sunnyvale and Santa Clara areas as well, and price points at 450K actually sell pretty briskly so I don’t know what happened with this one that doesn’t seem to want to move. Obviously it started way too high but once you get to 450K and below, there is not much around and this looks as good as any. Lets see if it sells now, give it 10 days or so.

    I was watching this one and it sold in 3 days, but look at the sales history on it- 864K in Feb 07!? HUH?? That can’t be right.

    This one looks pretty good, lets see how long it takes to sell. They just dropped the price to the magic $450K.

    Redfin now has street view which is GREAT!

    Frank, its tough to find comps for my 420K property because mine was on an 8000 Sq ft lot in a san jose zipcode (95124) with a small uber-fixer. I found one house that was similar on mine with a small 1920s house on a large lot on listing on Maywood in Campbell, they wanted 450 or so for the place but it was off the market in 3 days. That street maywood is right behind valley medical and has huge lots – the fact that it is behind VM is probably a serious impediment though. On street view it looks ok.

  10. madhaus Says:

    I know Sunnyvale pretty well, but I know my own home zip best. This neighborhood can vary a bit, lots of apartments. Looks like there’s one over the back fence, between the house and the park on the other side (nice sized park, though). The street itself (hey, Street View, cool!) is SFH, some better kept up than others. Note the low chainlink fence around the house next door, to me that says either small dog or petty crime, or both. Didn’t notice window bars.

    Fair Oaks is a VERY busy street, just one house to the west.

  11. Frank Jewett Says:

    Sunnyvale is an armpit, but it’s close to Mountain View, it’s toward the peninsula, and parts of it are in decent school districts, so it will hold its value better than Willow Glen, which is where I live. And then there is Cambrian, which I like to think of as “the Sunnyvale of Willow Glen”, if you catch my drift.

  12. sonarrat Says:

    Always thought of Sunnyvale as Little India myself. No crack against the town – I adore Indian food and from what I’ve been told – by people who came from the place – the Indian restaurants and markets here are actually better than what you get in most parts of India.

  13. madhaus Says:

    You know where Little India is? Valley Green apartments in Cupertino, huge sprawling compound that takes up at least 3 city blocks, almost everyone I see going for a stroll around there is Indian.

    Saravana Bhavan is completely authentic, exactly like home, according to many of our Indian friends.

    This house is in the armpit of Sunnyvale (which is really saying something, Frank). The biggest difference between this neighborhood and mine is the complete lack of shade trees. The city planted shade trees everywhere throughout the southern part. The northern part seems exposed, hotter, and cheap without them. All the added concrete’s a bonus!

    Seriously, Sunnyvale isn’t the armpit of Santa Clara county, but it’s the butt end of the Peninsula.

  14. Frank Jewett Says:

    madhaus, my snobbish perspective comes from growing up in Northpoint (Homestead and Blaney, on the border between Sunnyvale and Cupertino) and eventually moving south down Blaney toward Saratoga. I wouldn’t dream of buying in Northpoint today, but it looked like Shangri-La compared to the dumpy apartments along Sunnyvale-Saratoga Road. The homes along Wolfe Road also deserve special mention. Sunnyvale proves you can still find cars up on blocks in the real bay area.

  15. madhaus Says:

    Frank, find me cars on blocks in 94087, the rest of the ‘vale is not the RBA. Although some of those apartments east of Hollenbeck look pretty run-down too.

    I know people who used to own in Northpoint and all are shocked how much those places have appreciated. CUSD, baby!

  16. Pralay Says:

    Always thought of Sunnyvale as Little India myself. No crack against the town – I adore Indian food and from what I’ve been told – by people who came from the place – the Indian restaurants and markets here are actually better than what you get in most parts of India.

    I think places like Fremont has more Indian than Sunnyvale. Atleast that’s the impression I get when I go there. But in Sunnyvale more Indians are visible for various reasons. You may find many Indians walking on El Camino or waiting in bus stop – some of them just landed here, mostly for a temporary assignment from India (hence either whole family has only one car or they don’t want to own cars for short visits). They normally live close to El Camino because of easy availability of VTA buses and Indian shops/restaurant in walking distance.

    Regarding Indian food, it depends. It’s not that you don’t get similar quality food in India. In US, due to higher living standard, better quality of foods are within a reach for middle class people. But that may not be true for India. If you pay $10 for an Indian dish here will probably cost 200 rupees (Indian currency, approx $5) in India – for same quality food in same quality restaurant. But in India, 200 rupees is lot of money. Probably I spent 200 rupees for dish not more than once in month in India, where I can spend $10 dish almost in every dinner here. But India, the best quality food is street food – tasty, very cheap but low hygiene.

  17. Pralay Says:

    Saravana Bhavan is completely authentic, exactly like home, according to many of our Indian friends.

    That’s a good place for South Indian food. Udupi Palace on El Camino (near Wolfe) good too.

    Not many good North Indian food around here. Kabab And Curry @Santa Clara is ok. My favorite is Naan and Curry at SF (on O’Farrel).

  18. bob Says:

    I think street food is actually better than most food anyway. The best burritos I have ever had are in the Fruitvale area of Oakland. There’s a couple of bread trucks turned into portable kitchens ( roach coaches) and they sell burritos that come with habanero peppers,radishes, pickled carrots, and Mexican Coke. All for around $4. Better than the Americanized crap they sell in restaurants. BBQ is another. BBQ out here seems to pop up in fancy restaurants in the bay area, and it is always overpriced, too sweet, and too fatty. The best BBQ can only be had from tiny little shacks in the rural Southern US.

    As far as Indian food, well I love Japanese, Mexican, Chinese, and most other foods, but for some reason, I’ve never liked Indian food as much. I’m not a huge curry fan.

  19. Frank Jewett Says:

    madhaus, we moved into Northpoint in January, 1977. My mother decided not to buy because $95K seemed too high for a duplex. When we moved out in the summer of ’78, the same floorplan was listing for $125K. That’s 30+ percent in eighteen months helped by the westward migration of high tech (Fairchild rescued us from Portland, Maine) and the reputation of CUSD.

  20. Crossroads Says:

    is uncle frank’s bbq in mountain view good enough for you bob? or am i being misled?

  21. madhaus Says:

    Pralay, I love Udupi Palace, I don’t know what size skillet they are using to make those huge dosas, they are twice as big around as the plate, must measure more than 20 inches (50mm) across.

    bob, there’s a terrific camión des cucarachas that parks at the car wash at El Camino and Grape (Sunnyvale). Better burritos than most of the Mexican places around here. For my money, the best burritos were from this little hole in the wall in Mountain View.

  22. sonarrat Says:

    The E14’s roach coaches rule.

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