June 28, 2008

AgentGenius.com – a Real Estate Agent Blog


It’s a site for Real Estate Agents, by Real Estate Agents.

I love this sarcastic snippet:

Are most major universities moronic because they offer graduate degrees in real estate (which do not focus strictly on rental markets)?

Do most major universities really offer graduate degrees in real estate?

Be sure to read the other fascinating entries, and the fascinating comments that go with them.

(Thanks to anonymous Burbed reader for this find.)

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6 Responses to “AgentGenius.com – a Real Estate Agent Blog”

  1. Jay Says:

    I have a Ph.D. in Real Estate from Harvard, so duh.

  2. Frank Jewett Says:

    “As usual Agent Genius is right on the cutting edge of WHAT IS. Yahoo is out of there minds, the media are out of there minds. Negative, Negative, Negative instead of positive stories that will give the public confidence to move a head and get this economy healthy again.”

    Apparently it’s not about the actual real estate market, it’s about doing what is best for your country by promoting real estate to help the economy.

    It’s your patriotic duty to convince people to buy now!

  3. San Mateo Home Sellers in Trouble Says:

    Burbed, I saw Agent Genius a while ago after a San Mateo agent posted this piece that’s filled with entitlement. I think you’d laugh:


  4. San Mateo Home Sellers in Trouble Says:

    P.S. Now that gas is $4.55 a gallon now she probably thinks she deserves 10% commissions.

  5. Frank Jewett Says:

    If gas goes to $2 a gallon do you deserve 4%?

    That crack just made my day. Thanks for the link!

  6. Eddie Says:

    Why do most agents sell residential as oppose to commercial?

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