August 15, 2008

Gables End in Mountain View – a tapestry of colorful 3-story homes!

Burbed reader Herve sent this clipping from one of those new home guide maps.

Although those giant SOLD signs have been out since early June, they are still pushing ads. But why advertise in such a low brow publication? Why not focus the ad spend on the Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, or the Shanghai Times?

Is it desperation?

Nope. The answer is simple my friends – this is to make all of your friends and co-workers jealous. That’s right. By the time this hits the streets, all the units will be sold, and the demand will soar. People will drive up and down 101 just to say “Damnit! That’s the one that got away!”. And you’ll then have to drown your sorrows at Krispy Kreme and In-n-Out

You’ll be able to flip this for 15% without a problem. You’ll even be able to ask the buyer to sign a contract promising to feed the (mutant) squirrels.

Yep, this my friends is how conscientious the developers of Gables End are. Constantly thinking of you, the customer.

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24 Responses to “Gables End in Mountain View – a tapestry of colorful 3-story homes!”

  1. 3rd Generation Says:

    I’m sure the next developer will consult the prestigious burbed internet blog for your wonderful advice to finalize their marketing plans. After all. you are an expert on real estate marketing.

    Especially if the development is in East Palo Alto, your specialty market.

    Try getting some sun and fresh air…

  2. bob Says:

    SOLD! is the oldest real estate trick in the book. When you flip open a newspaper to the real estate section ( which I rarely do since I find that section totally moronic) why do you think agents would spend extra money to show SOLD! houses? The only reason is to make people think that:

    “Holy Sh!t!- we better go out and buy a house before ALL of them get sold!”

    This is yet one more reason that I really do not like RE agents: They show their smiling faces on everything, yet try lame manipulation games, all geared towards getting people off their asses to spend more money. I guess its just as much the fault of the consumer for thinking this way too.

  3. R Says:

    It’s called sales. Realtors are really no different than any other type of sales person. Their job is to sell, which means convincing others to buy. I have no problem with that. People just need to understand that their realtor is not a financial planner and should not be used in deciding whether to jump into the market by buying; they should simply used to decide between competing properties and to handle the transaction.

  4. Herve Says:

    Don’t forget the best deal: if you buy one of these properties (either in Mountain View’s Most Successful New Community or in another one of the advertised communities) you will receive a $25 gift card from Macy’s or Lowe’s! Woot!

  5. Herve Says:

    Gotta love the covers!

    This is my favorite:

  6. R Says:

    Unless there are numerous immediate overbids, in which I doubt the need for the advertisement, isn’t “below market pricing” an oxymoron? The ultimate sales price is the market price.

  7. DensityDuck Says:

    Krispy Kreme? In-N-Out? If the San Jose city council has their way about it, you won’t see any of THOSE filthy places around here anytime soon.

  8. Ctrl-Z Says:

    R (@3) – You’re right, people need to realize that Realtors are just commissioned sales people. Sounds simple, until you realize that the NAR spends $$$ every year trying to convince people that Realtors are disinterested experts with their fingers on the pulse of the housing market. I don’t have a problem with salespeople; I have a problem with salespeople who lie about being salespeople.

  9. cardinal2007 Says:

    DensityDuck, that’s kind of funny, what is “fast food”, according to San Jose? Is In-n-Out fast food, they do make a lot of the food to order. What about Red Mango, and Pinkberry, and all the other new yogurt places?

  10. R Says:

    @8, agree 100%. The public image of Realtors would be improved if the NAR stopped trying to convince people that buying real estate is *always* a good deal and focused on the value a realtor can add to a transaction.

  11. Roxboy Says:

    I went to check out this new place 3 months ago. They told me all the single houses are soldout. if i want to buy one, i have to be on the waiting list but I could have a brand new one for $580K. I bargained down to $540K, they said no way. Two months later, I went back and checked and the price for that particular house I wanted was now $540K. I went back last week and now the price is $510K. The salespeople thought I must be stupid and believe that there was actually a waiting list and all their houses were soldout and I was willing to pay their original asking price of $580K. HaHaHa!!! Good sales tactics they use but i’m too smart for that.

  12. Mr. Ethics Says:

    some might consider representing that all houses were sold in an effort to get you to make a sizable offer when in fact they were not fraud…

  13. RE agents are funny Says:

    Saw this today on Redfin:

    Look at the price history.

  14. Lionel Says:

    SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA (KGO) — More foreclosure signs are going up around the Bay Area in places we are not used to seeing. New numbers released Thursday show the picture remains grim. No part of the Bay Area is now immune from the housing crisis. Foreclosures are skyrocketing in the wealthy counties of Marin and San Mateo.

    According to RealtyTrac, the mortgage meltdown is starting to impact counties that until now have been relatively insulated.

    Places like Marin County have seen foreclosure filings jump 603 percent since July of last year. In San Mateo County the increase was 831 percent.

  15. madhaus Says:

    Herve, that’s an interesting cover. I love how the wall framework invades the integrity of the new home. It’s the wicked jaws of equity destruction tearing at the American dream!

    RE agents are funny, that price reduction would be a lot more effective if it had more eights in it.

    Roxboy, did you get any sense that any of those places have sold? Did you see signs of inhabitance, such as furniture, shoes on the porch, and a proud homedebtor out there watering his own lawn?

  16. buckborden Says:

    Those “sold” signs are faked to make sucker buyers think that sales are brisk and to promote sucker sales. A friend and I noticed four “sold” signs in the windows of several units of a new townhome complex near his place in San Jose, and when we asked the guy in the office how come nobody is moving in, he got really evasive and said that was not public knowledge. So I inquired myself down at City Hall, and much to my (un)surprise…..the signs were faked; there were zero sales recorded since the place opened three months ago! I told the office guy there was no record of sales AT ALL for his complex, and he got really angry then. I still haven’t seen ANYBODY move into any of the units. We are thinking of changing the “Now Selling” sign out front to “NOT SELLING.”

  17. sonarrat Says:

    I see the same thing by those condos at 88 S Broadway in Millbrae. They are selling – at a rate of about one every six weeks, which is not surprising since they are $1 million condos on one of the busiest street corners in San Mateo County (El Camino Real & Millbrae Ave). But there are huge signs hung from the front fascia saying “FINAL PHASE – FINAL OPPORTUNITY” which have been there since about this time last year.

  18. nomadic Says:

    You guys will like this one then:

    The house was originally priced $100k LOWER a few weeks ago, and had a deadline (about a week after listing) for all of those offers to come rolling in. Note it was priced at a 34% premium over 2005.

    I guess now that they aren’t expecting multiple offers they figured they better raise that “bargain basement” price. Hehe. Good luck, it may technically be Palo Alto but it’s nestled in between 101 and a bunch of on-ramps!

  19. eRicK Says:

    Reply @ buckborden,

    Love the work that you did. Haha. The pissed off look on his face must have been priceless. Is there a law against deceptive selling/advertising tactics anyone?

  20. anon Says:

    That’s hilarious. Where was in SJ was this, BB?

    It really is wonderful to laugh at the people in the real estate industry who used to be making far more than they were worth.

    Now they better find other jobs… Maybe a college degree might be required to sustain their lifestyle. Too bad most don’t have one. I hear cheesecake factory is hiring.

  21. rick Says:

    Sales people lies all the time, that is their job. However, some of the lies like putting sold sign out is probably illegal, but even if it is enforced it might be a misdemeanor, in the RE industry it can be done by revoking license.

    The regulation with burger restaurants is ridiculous, it is outright communist.

  22. Mr. Ethics Says:

    Yes eRicK, and it likely also violates the NARs Code of Ethics (it really does exist).

  23. Herve Says:

    Did anyone hear the radio ads for the California Association of Realtors?

  24. rick Says:

    NAR has ethics? It looks good on paper I guess. 🙂

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