September 19, 2008

How much does a garage cost in San Francisco these days?

13 Lucky St
San Francisco, CA 94110
Price: $499,000

Status :
Type :
Attached Single Family
Neighborhood :
Inner Mission
Bedrooms :
Bathrooms :
Parking Spaces :
Days On Market :


Contractors special! Bring your developers to see this great opportunity to build your perfect SFH. Was zoned commercial but recently converted to RH-2. Variance only allows for RH-1 building to be built. Design sketches of building mass and envelope (shape) approved by City to be built pending final permit process.

Thanks to Burbed reader Lisa for this find.

I find this a bit ironic, of course. 13 Lucky? I wonder what 888 Lucky looks like.

That said, this amazing unit is a great example of how special San Francisco is. Formerly just a garage (click in to see the photos), this is now a RH-2. That means you can easily build two homes here. Hello, think of all the instant equity that’s just waiting to be tapped.

That said, let’s say you buy and keep it as a garage. Buy a comfy car – boom – you’re still living in San Francisco. Now that’s not too bad is it?

BTW, when this says bring your developers, it really means bring your software developers. This is the perfect opportunity to start your next HP, Apple, or Google. As everyone knows, most tech startups that start in an actual garage succeed – so this is your chance to launch The Next Big Thing!

No matter how this goes – you win! Buy it today!

Thanks Lisa!

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19 Responses to “How much does a garage cost in San Francisco these days?”

  1. pianist Says:

    Bet you could buy a tricked out Hummer from some failed East Bay Donald Trump wanna-be in foreclosure and live in it until you come up with the $$$ to build the house.

  2. rick Says:

    San Franciscans sure have their winning strategy. Business failed? Sell the building for 10 times more than your business worth! Leave the junks in there, and even showcase them with 14 photos, who knows, for the next Lucky owner, it might mean garage and house! And Mission is so desirable that thousands of cars go by your door step everyday.

    If this is south of Mission, you will have friendly neighbors AND lots of engineers for your next startup (if those little web companies have not all gone belly up yet).

  3. cardinal2007 Says:

    It is down to $449k, but I think that may be too much for the area, I’m surprised they approved the zoning change. I read all the time articles condeming the loss of light industrial for residential areas, especially in the Mission.

    Either way it is not a large lot, and you would probably do better making two condos, instead of 1 house. But I don’t know how much it costs to build. So I don’t know about appropriate pricing really, it may be too much. I estimate, about $580k each for 1000sqft condos there, at least, maybe up to $700k.

  4. JesusCrispy Says:

    Thats alot of pictures for the inside if your going to tear it down. Do we really need to see pictures of plywood?

  5. EH Says:

    It’s worth it just to have the address.


    just when I thought that the “burbed” house was fading! Thanx Lisa you restored my confidence

  7. Tom of SF Says:

    That would be east of mission.

    Soma this area ain’t,this is gang land city, and I’m talkin those really scary 13-14 year old bangers.

    I lived at 19th and mission years ago and had like three execution style killings in front of my house.

    This neighborhood would be worse IMHO.


  8. madhaus Says:

    I would pay $888K for an address of 13 Lucky. That’s like owning a McMansion on a kibbutz (socialist cooperative farming community) or buying a nuclear power plant from Al Gore. The cognitive dissonance is worth the extra $444K. You do know that 4 is as unlucky as 8 is lucky to Chinese. So I am going to buy 44 Lucky too.

  9. anon Says:

    Sorry, you can’t. I already traded my Ferrari for this home.

  10. madhaus Says:

    I am going to outbid you for this home by adding on my Picasso for it. It isn’t every house that throws in not one, not two, but three ladders.

  11. anon Says:

    I thought you would come out of the woodwork, so I slipped the owner 3 bean burritos from taco bell and sealed the deal then and there.

    I’m going to park a lawnmower in there so that when I go up to the city, I have something to ride around on. Worst case scenario, I sell it next year for a 15% gain.

  12. madhaus Says:

    I just spoke to the owner and he was very amused at you importing Taco Bell into the Mission District. But not amused enough to take your money. I got him some decent food from El Metate, which he enjoyed while letting me try out the ladders.

    Also I am keeping my Lamborghini Murciélago in the garage right now, so I guess you’d better pick up your Ferrari. I parked it at the Muni stop so you better come quick.

  13. anon Says:

    This is an outrage. I wake up in the middle of the night to a call from the Oakland police. They’ve found my recovered ferrari. It looks like the smell from the taco bell left in the car attracted some felons…who stole the car. They stripped it and dumped it in the east bay on East 14th street. It wasn’t insured so I had the police donate the body of the car to charity. Oh well, I’ll just make the money can make that back on my next flip.

    Keeping a Merc in there shouldn’t be a problem. They’re not recyclable like a Porsche so you don’t have to worry about bums picking it up and claiming their 5 cents.

    It looks like lucky 13 was not so lucky for me and I am now priced out from San Francisco tool sheds forever. Time to move elsewhere. I hear there are some properties in Irvine for sale.

  14. madhaus Says:

    Hey anon, when you pick up what’s left of your Ferrari, be sure to swing by bob‘s for a lecture on how safe it is over there. Or at least affordable. I bet you could buy three tool sheds.

  15. madhaus Says:

    Dang it, anon!!! I thought you were being cute calling my Lambo a “Merc”! When the hell did you switch my fine Italian driving machine for a flipping COUGAR! So that’s how you plan on financing your next flip, eh?

    I don’t think 13 Lucky is doing anyone much good.

  16. nomadic Says:

    Huh, I thought “Merc” was only an affectionate term for one’s Mercury back in The D (Detroit). Out here in the land of rich fruits and nuts, a Merc is a Mercedes, of course.

  17. anon Says:

    merc was a reference to your car. I’ve heard it used to describe a mercedes or a Murciélago. Never a mercury. This is probably a result of having spent too much time in California.

    Sorry about your car. I was hoping you wouldn’t notice for at least a month because I sold it to a crack head who promised to pay me 15% interest. If you agree not to press charges, we can share the interest. I’m pretty sure he will pay – not only did he appear to be fully competent to sign his name on a piece of paper, he seemed to be able to move his diaphragm as well. Naturally, I assume that he will make good on his commitment.

    It does indeed look like lucky 13 is turning out to be a loser for everyone (except me – I know how to use clever financing!). It just goes to show you: It’s not a matter of being lucky, its a matter of making smart decisions based on sound economics.

    With both our cars gone, at least the current owner still has a place to put his tools.

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