September 26, 2008

Dark days in San Jose? Go and show it!

It’s Friday! Time to wrap up San Jose week! Here’s the final entry!

3262 Firth Way, San Jose, CA 95121 Evergreen MLS# 80776102 – Property Details

* Status: Active
* Bedroom: 2
* Bathroom: 1
* Year Built: 1971
* Lot Size: 5300
* Square Footage: 805
* List Date: 2/2/2008
* Garage Spaces: 2

* MLS#: 80776102
Beautiful home close to freeway and shopping center. New hardwood floor and remodeled bathroom. Go and show it.

Are there any Realtor photo competitions coming up soon? I’d really like to enter this photo into a competition. The haunting light really enthralls attracts me. It has this ominous beckoning sensation – telling me to come to the house. That once I do, the glory of light and hope will instantly radiate as the SOLD sign is planted into the fertile soil.

It’s quite the breathless composition – wouldn’t you agree?

I also like the Realtor’s captivating caption: “Go and show it.” Go and show it – I command thee. Biblical reference?

I think it’s time for a captioning contest – what would you call this photo?

I’m thinking: “Good Morning San Jose”

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9 Responses to “Dark days in San Jose? Go and show it!”

  1. Herve Says:

    As soon as it was light, the men were sent away, they with their donkeys. (Ge 44:3)

  2. TimelineGuy™ Says:

    That’s the kind of realtor I want. I don’t some wuss that has clients to show ‘properties’ to, I want someone who coasts after getting the listing. Let some other schmo do the heavy lifting.


  3. DreamT Says:

    The Bedroom Witch has struck. I was warning you, guys…

  4. Pralay Says:

    It’s too dark. I can’t see anything except a car drinking water from lawn hose. Poor car…did not drink gas since oil became $100/barrel.

  5. Prof. Bleen Says:

    Stupid solar eclipses! Always have to happen just when I snap an exterior shot of my most beautiful property.

  6. madhaus Says:

    I love how the dim light makes the house look even more avocado green. Which means this place last got a paint job in 1973.

  7. Ross Says:

    RBA comes out #1 again:;_ylt=Akv4BA3OZraapWuLtP0XTp_T4JF4

    San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara ranked #1 “most secure” large metro area in the U.S.

    “Most secure” being a composite of “crime statistics, extreme weather, risk of natural disasters, environmental hazards, terrorism threats, air quality, life expectancy and job loss numbers in 379 U.S. municipalities.”

    Terrorism threats? I’d like to see how they estimated that one.

    San Francisco-San Mateo-Redwood City ranked only #4. A big rasberry to the penninsula 😉

  8. sonarrat Says:

    Well, naturally.. San Francisco has a rather high violent crime rate, don’t ya think? I feel pretty secure here in South San Francisco, unless some cleric decides Youtube must be nuked for harboring anti-Muslim content, in which case I’m screwed.

  9. sonarrat Says:

    Price raised to $332,000. It’s already appreciated 11% and it hasn’t even sold yet. Sweet!

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