December 23, 2008

San Jose House – perfect for aliens

1022 GLITHERO Ct, San Jose, CA 95112 | MLS# 80849611
1022 GLITHERO Ct San Jose, CA 95112
Price: $349,900

Beds: 3
Baths: 2
Sq. Ft.: 1,178
$/Sq. Ft.: $297
Lot Size: 7,841 Sq. Ft.
Property Type: Detached Single Family
Style: Ranch
Year Built: 1977
Stories: 1
View: Neighborhood
Neighborhood: Central San Jose
County: Santa Clara
MLS#: 80849611
Source: MLSListings
Status: Active
On Redfin: 6 days
Seller says: SELL!! Check this price and write your offer * Updated kitchen w/ granite counters * updated baths w/ granite counter/designer tile * tile & hardwood floors * Huge corner lot * tile roof * Some finishing touches needed * buyer to check permits * Close to downtown/San Jose parks/freeways and schools * Thanks!

At first, I really didn’t understand why Burbed reader Garret sent this to me. After all, it looks like an ok house to me. Great price! Not in the Real Bay Area, but pretty close.

But then Garret suggested I look at some aerial photos. Oh.


Wow… they’re not kidding when they say that foreigners are coming in to snap up real estate in the Bay Area – real or otherwise! Forget China, India, Russia! Forget about putting 888 in your prices! Now you have to aim really high – and look at the intergalatic market! What will people from Zimblethrop9 say when they look at your house from their planet? Will your house have the necessary roof appeal? Will it have an emergency launch pod in the backyard? How will you compete for these intergalatic dollars?

(And what’s going on in the upper right corner of thos photo?)

So many questions, so little time. All I know is that the RE market is going to shoot for the stars next year!

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41 Responses to “San Jose House – perfect for aliens”

  1. sonarrat Says:

    The only word is “epic.” Garret wins the Interplanetary Internets with this one.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Wow! Looks great from the street view, too!

  3. A. Lewis Says:

    That’s an awesome find. Did they do it with different colored roof tiles or just paint? That’s real work. Easily adds $50k to the home price.

    And that ’emergency pod’ house thing in the back yard is bizarre. I like the blue tarp – do you get that with the house?

    The school bus and other abandoned vehicles left of the question mark also tell you why this is such a cool, quirky street to live on.

  4. JayDawg Says:

    Any guesses as to what the structure is the back yard?

  5. A. Lewis Says:

    OT: The lawn on the previous posting reminded me: anyone know anything about dealing with moles?

    My landlord is kind enough to let me landscape the backyard myself (and is even paying for materials – I’m the labor), and I’ve grown a lot of nice grass this year – but there is a mole or family of moles that is continuously ruining it with these little tunnels they dig a few inches under the surface. They’re driving me nuts.

    The cats actually killed two moles in the summer, but the tunnels are only increasing now.

    From what pitiful web research I’ve done you can try either poison or traps to get real results. Anyone done the poison route? I’m very hesitant due to environmental concerns, but even more as potential danger to my kids and cats. Can it be done ‘safely and effectively’? The traps seem like a huge pain in the ass, somewhat dangerous, and you are literally hunting moles which takes a lot of time and effort (“only place the scissor trap in an active tunnel – check it daily”).

    Can a professional be hired who can take of it? I’d love to hear experience on this issue…

    There’re large parts of the yard I wouldn’t care if he dug up, but the mole just LOVES the MIDDLE of the newly planted lawn, and I don’t think we can “just all get along”.

  6. A. Lewis Says:

    OT again:

    The change in the conforming loan limit helps make larger loans to more people – b/c they can be resold to the GSEs, right? So the banks are happier/feel safer making the loans.

    Are the upgraded limits going to expire? Soon? If so, do you think they will try to renew the upgrades?

  7. madhaus Says:

    A (I can still call you A, right?), I’d recommend deleting the lawn because if you just add a new layer the moles could tunnel up through your new ones. Be sure when you copy a background lawn layer to save as JPG not Photoshop or the mole layer will still be there. Collapsing layers could squish them.

  8. Heather Says:

    I love the school-bus, too. You know it’s a classy neighborhood when you’ve got one of those.

  9. madhaus Says:

    Okay, I finished the novel. Here is A Lewis receiving the first gift of the party. Don’t worry. There’s plenty more to come, unless you all hate it.

    Happy holidays, everyone! It’s time for cheer, good food, seasonal music, drunken in-laws, and most important of all: The Holiday Party. Good thing burbed invited everyone to a Gift Exchange at his house, after the Thanksgiving Dinner went so well.

    Each participant was given the name of another one and had to provide an inexpensive gift.

    So, the eggnog is ready, the mulled cider is toasty warm, the wood-burning stove is off because of the Spare the Air warning.

    burbed: Hope everyone remembers the rules. All your names are in this envelope, and please take a good look at it. This envelope was used to mail a Notice of Default to a house in Mountain View! So, when your turn is over, pull the next name out. When you’re called, find your gift, and either open it or take someone else’s. If you gave a gift, say so after it’s opened. I’ll pull the first name from the NOD envelope. And it’s… Renter4!
    nomadic: She’s not here yet.
    burbed: Okay, back in the envelope with her. First is… R!
    MW2W: R’s not here yet either.
    burbed: One more try. Stepford!
    mtv-renter: I haven’t seen Stepford in a month, at least.
    burbed: You try. I keep having to reset this thing. I hate this new version of WordPress.
    mtv-renter: And it’s A Lewis!
    nomadic: A! A! A!
    DreamT: Can we call you A?
    A Lewis: Of course you can call me A. It’s the first letter of the alphabet, so it’s quite a complement. Now if we were using the Greek Alphabet you’d probably want to call me Alph.
    DensityDuck: Some of us don’t have to call you because you’re always talking.
    A Lewis: Yes, I do like to talk. But that shouldn’t be a problem, since most of our interactions are virtual anyway.
    DensityDuck: If you’re talking, we know where you are.
    Prof. Bleen: burbed, why are there cans of Spam on all the gifts?
    burbed: Sorry, that’s for protection. Just mark a 1 on it when it’s your turn.
    Herve: I prefer brie.
    bob: Brie! What’s wrong with Velveeta? It tastes the same and costs a tenth as much!
    madhaus: Sure, if your taste buds were blown out by pellet stew. Here you go, A. Can I call you A too?
    A Lewis: Yes, all of you can call me A. You don’t have to keep asking if you can call me A, because you already did call me A. Now if I were more formal, I’d let you know that I’d rather you called me Mr. Lewis, but that’s my grandfather.
    Pralay: What’s in box? If you don’t open soon, no one will open theirs and afternoon is wasted.
    A Lewis: Oh, am I supposed to open this? Now this is a conundrum. You see, the rules say I can steal a gift or open my own. But since I open the first gift, there is nothing for me to steal. So I wonder. Would it be fair to let me steal a gift at the end? Or would it violate the integrity of the convention we agreed to by showing up at the party?
    nomadic: Read the NDA to find out.
    sg: That would be in the TOS, wouldn’t it?
    madhaus: Could be a TLA to discourage him.
    Joe: What’s a TLA?
    rick: Three Letter Acronym.
    colton: I am dying of boredom already.
    A Lewis: So you are suggesting, colton, that I open my gift and allow others to have a turn. A turn that could include stealing my gift. You are certainly giving me a lot to think over.
    burbed: Sorry for the downtime, everyone. I think this should work.
    A Lewis: And inside the box is… A book! It’s… oh this is a good joke.
    JayDawg: What’s it say?
    A Lewis: Flipping Properties: Generate Instant Cash Profits in Real Estate. Oh, how thoughtful.
    Ross: A moldy oldy!
    zanon: Double your money every ten years!
    RealEstater: That’s only true in the RBA, not in flyover-land. Who gets the next present? Our host is gone.

    …don’t worry, there’s plenty more to come!

  10. WillowGlenner Says:

    A Lewis, the conforming limits of 729K which was the bay area peak for 2008 has pretty much expired, these were until 12/31. For next year, the limit is 625.5K for jumbo conforming, or confumbo loans. You could say that this represents a 100K deduction in conforming loan amount would would be a hit to bay area real estate. But the reality is the 729K loans were never treated as real conforming loans all this year. They created a new class called agency jumbo and while those could be sold to GSEs, they were segmented, had higher rates, and many banks did not offer them. They were available but not THAT available. The new 625.5K confumbos on the other hand are true conforming just like every other conforming. Just like on the wells fargo site a confumbo is the same as a conforming rate. Now the 625.5K will be the starting point for loan limits the next time the max is raised, which is how this was supposed to work.

  11. WillowGlenner Says:

    A lewis, those are probably ground squirrels not moles. Have you ever seen them above ground? We don’t have many moles here.

  12. WillowGlenner Says:

    Forgot to mention for either moles or ground squirrels, sonic repellers are the way to go. They look like stakes in the ground and do a very faint vibration which keeps the ground squirrels away. I’ve never used them myself.

  13. madhaus Says:

    Hey, leave A alone. He’s reading his new book. Here’s the next bit of the party.

    RealEstater: That’s only true in the RBA, not in flyover-land. Who gets the next present? Our host is gone.
    mtv-renter: It’s Pralay!
    DreamT: That’s a big package for a gift under ten dollars.
    RealEstater: Give me that envelope!
    madhaus: Roger’s playing mod again.
    RealEstater: It’s wrapped in newspaper. Must be from someone with no taste.
    A Lewis: It is possible that the gift cost so much there was nothing left for the presentation. And does presentation really matter, when all is said and done? I would make the case that it is what is inside, and what is in the giver’s heart that matters.
    anon: You done?
    A Lewis: Well, I’m never really done, you understand. But sometimes my friends roll their eyes when I start explaining myself.
    DreamT: Read your Boileau again.
    Pralay: I wonder what this could be? It’s heavy.
    DensityDuck: An illegal immigrant to live in your bathroom.
    Herve: And pay you $750 a month for the privilege.
    nomadic: Ha ha! It’s a garden hose.
    RealEstater: Why does a renter need a garden hose?
    madhaus: So he can water your lawn too, Roger.
    Pralay: Very nice. Who is this from?
    Rocket: Uh, that was me. Your gravatar made me think of it.
    Pralay: Thank you. Very thoughtful.
    Doorbell rings and two children enter.
    Chuck, Jr: Daaaaaadddy!
    Chuckette: Hi, dad!
    WillowGlenner: What’s with the children? This is a blog posters only event!
    sonarrat: I’m giving them a piano lesson.
    bob: Your keyboard is always in the way. At least madhaus only brought one guitar this time.
    madhaus: That’s because I couldn’t stand your complaining. Also my bass amp got stew on it last time.
    RealEstater: I thought that was brilliant on my part. I book a lesson so my children get to come to the party. Plus, this makes sonarrat my social inferior since he now works for me. I win two ways.
    Ross: Where’s our host?
    RealEstater: I’ll draw the names. A professional needs to do this. Next victim is bob.
    bob: Thank you, thank you. I just heard on the radio today that same-store sales are down.
    austindweller: Here you go, bob.
    bob: Nice wrapping job. Love the duct tape.
    Renter4: It’s definitely you.
    madhaus: Hey, they already pulled your name. Glad you made it.
    Renter4: I had to, since you didn’t invite me to the other one.
    madhaus: I didn’t not invite—
    DreamT: That is impressively bad piano playing.
    pianist: Even for a beginner, that’s poor.
    madhaus: I’ve never seen a child play every note with just his left thumb during an actual lesson.
    RealEstater: Obviously the fault is their teacher’s. sonarrat, you’re fired. Next time I hire a quality instructor.
    sonarrat: You told me that nobody in Palo Alto will teach your kids, that’s why you begged me to do this lesson here. You still owe me my fee.
    RealEstater: Let’s not discuss that now. You know I always pay my debts.
    Pralay: Like the donation to the website. He paid that right up.
    RealEstater: We’re going to be here all day if we don’t get the gifts moving. bob, open it already.
    bob: It’s an iron pot. Hey, can I keep the spam?
    WillowGlenner: Your old one had shotgun slugs in it. I figured you needed a new one. Or least newer. I got it at Goodwill so don’t worry, it wasn’t much.
    bob: My old one is fine. I can keep my stock certificates in this one.
    DensityDuck: Won’t it be better if the stew doesn’t come out the 20-gauge holes?
    madhaus: Looked like 12-gauge to me.
    DensityDuck: You don’t’ know anything about shotguns.
    bob: Well you don’t know anything about Tennessee cookin’! You gotta shoot the squirrels while the stew is goin’!

  14. WillowGlenner Says:

    guys, this is just different colors of roof tiles that you buy at home depot. This house probably was owned by a bunch of roofers who wanted to be creative. They did their own roof and bought weathered wood and sienna colors, or they had 2 colors leftover from a project and wanted to do their own roof and decided to do this.

  15. Prof. Bleen Says:

    It’s the RBA equivalent of the Arecibo message. At the resolution of the picture, not all the information encoded in binary is legible. However, the triangular portion of the roof over the garage can be partially decoded as “RBA R–l Es-a– V-lue D-ubl-s –ery Te- Y–r-“.

  16. madhaus Says:

    Got to keep the party going. Here’s the third installment.

    bob: Well you don’t know anything about Tennessee cookin’! You gotta shoot the squirrels while the stew is goin’!
    RealEstater: Everyone behave! Next up is… anon.
    nomadic: Which one? There’s three guys here with bags over their heads.
    zanon: But I’m wearing a mask over my bag.
    anon: Whatever.
    anon: Is there a link on the package? I always use a link. He doesn’t.
    RealEstater: I need a worker bee to translate this.
    Pralay: You cannot read HTML? And you call yourself Tech Guy?
    Herve: Guess we have to wait until 2 AM phone call!
    rick: That’s a link.
    anon: So it’s me. It looks small. And cheap. Is it from you, Roger?
    RealEstater: My gift outshines all this other pedestrian garbage.
    anon: You probably didn’t bring anything.
    DreamT: On Thanksgiving you brought no food. Now at the gift exchange, you take but don’t give. You are predictable.
    anon: Oh, how sweet. It’s a jar of cayenne.
    bob: And gas is only $1.75 a gallon! Did I tell you all about my 1964 Monte Carlo with—
    RealEstater: Keep it moving! Who gave the pepper to SUV-boy?
    anon: Roger, I told you never to address me.
    Ross: Guilty.
    anon: Thanks.
    RealEstater: And the next one up is—
    Pralay: Roger, burbed said whoever opened a gift should pull the next name.
    RealEstater: Renters are not allowed to pull names. The next one up is… Renter4.
    madhaus: Someone didn’t mix those too good. Roger.
    RealEstater: Come on, we don’t have all day. I have a mega-project to get back to.
    nomadic: Megaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Pralay: 24×7! Wipro! For frequent flier miles!
    Renter4: At least I’m included this time.
    madhaus: Will you STOP it already?
    rick: Where’s her gift? I don’t see it.
    Prof. Bleen: Look under the Spam.
    Rocket: It’s got to be here somewhere! rick, R, Rocket, Ross, Rickroll… not finding it.
    Renter4: Great. I actually get invited and no gift.
    anon: Roger, you got Renter4, didn’t you?
    RealEstater: Let’s not talk about who I bought for.
    anon: You cheap asshole.
    Pralay: That’s rather unpleasant even for you, Roger Brickster.
    A Lewis: I was at this party once where everyone was supposed to mix a drink and sing a song. And there was this one guy who didn’t understand that the purpose of the game wasn’t to write the best song, but to get drunk as fast as possible. So he kept us all waiting while he counted syllables.
    madhaus: Some of us can write songs on the fly. So it’s probably time to turn this amp up. “Ah got no gift! On comment! Sixteh Six!”
    A Lewis: I think that guy must have stopped the drinking game completely. They’re all waiting for him to stand on the table and sing four lines about whatever the topic was. Maybe it was real estate. Or the RBA. Or perhaps Gable’s End.
    DreamT: A, were you the guy?
    A Lewis: That’s a very perceptive observation, DreamT!
    Renter4: I can’t believe I didn’t get a gift. I’m not coming to one of these again.
    Pralay: When everyone gets their gift we see who didn’t give something. Then we have villain.
    Renter4: All I wanted was one little gift! Was that too much to ask for?

    and yes, unfortunately, there’s more…

  17. madhaus Says:

    As promised, installment 4 of As Burbed Turns.

    Renter4: All I wanted was one little gift! Was that too much to ask for?
    RealEstater: Moving on!
    Renter4: I bet it WAS you.
    madhaus: I bet $100 it was, too.
    RealEstater: Betting is illegal. Moving on! madhaus, go sit in the million dollar 94087 seat.
    madhaus: It devalued while A was making another long-winded observation. Now it’s worth $950K. Hey, get your kids away from my Strat! Touch this and you DIE.
    RealEstater: I will buy your house right now for $950K if you feel that way.
    madhaus: Plus my commission. Oh, is this my gift? Very interesting wrapping paper. Looks like seventeenth century manuscript.
    sonarrat: Sixteenth.
    madhaus: Oh are these from you? How thoughtful. Guitar strings.
    sonarrat: You don’t like them.
    madhaus: Excellent brand. Thank you, Sonar.
    sonarrat: What’s wrong. I made a mistake, didn’t I?
    madhaus: I don’t own a classical guitar. These are nylon. But thank you. Just tell me what store you got these at, I’ll swap ‘em.
    sonarrat: You said you play classical!
    madhaus: I do. On steel strings. Wanna hear me play Prelude in C Minor on my Strat?
    RealEstater: madhaus, show some more gratitude for the first useful gift we’ve seen.
    Pralay: My gift is quite useful. I can tie it around your neck and pull you away from the envelope.
    A Lewis: I can throw this book at a certain someone who is putting himself in charge without acceptance from the entire group.
    madhaus: And since I’m not a renter, I’m pulling the next name. Come on down, austindweller!
    austindweller: Thanks, everyone. Hey, it’s wrapped in Dallas Cowgirl paper. I don’t live in Dallas!
    RealEstater: Dallas, Austin, who cares? It’s flyover-land.
    bob: They’re different! But they’re both way better than here. This place is full of overpriced garbage. Anyone who would buy here—
    austindweller: A cowboy hat. Yee-hah!
    nomadic: What kind of hat would you get an RBA resident?
    cardinal2007: Something waterproof, because they’re going under.
    RealEstater: The RBA never goes under. The hat should be unique rather than something from a chain store.
    austindweller: Next gift getter will be DreamT.
    DreamT: I cannot wait. Although given what I’ve seen, maybe I should steal Pralay’s garden hose.
    Pralay: I like my garden hose. It’s me.
    DreamT: Hand it over.
    Pralay: Then I get DreamT’s gift. Pass the parcel.
    cardinal2007: Looks like a book. Maybe it’s another real estate guide.
    bob: It’s in some foreign language. Pig Latin. Ha!
    Pralay: Looks like French. Can I have my hose back?
    DreamT: Only because nobody else can read Heptaméron. Whom may I thank for this?
    steve: Me.
    DreamT: Merci. And the next person in the chair of the unpleasant presents will be… RealEstater.
    RealEstater: About time.
    bob: You have to wait your turn along with everyone else.
    RealEstater: Professional class people like me should get priority. Our time is much more valuable.
    DreamT: I believe this overdone box is yours, Roger.
    RealEstater: Of course, I deserve the best-looking gift here. All is as it should be.
    nomadic: Little gifts come in big packages.
    Herve: Pass the brie.
    bob: Yuck! Can I have your can of Spam, RE?
    Prof. Bleen: I think the giver might be making an ironic comment about you, RE.
    RealEstater: Look at this ribbon! It’s not the cheap crap you see at Target. This is quality stuff.
    nomadic: And shallow brooks are noisy.
    bob: Loll!
    Lionel: You said “loll” again, bob. El Oh El!
    RealEstater: And look at the nice decoupage on the box itself.
    madhaus: Minus ten points for a dude knowing the word decoupage. French dudes excepted.
    Chuckette: What’s in the box, daddeeeeeeeeeeeee?
    Chuck, Jr: Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie!
    WillowGlenner: I can’t help noticing your children have terrible manners.
    madhaus: Took you that long, huh? I’m stopped playing because I’m wiping peanut butter off my whammy bar.
    Pralay: I cannot say “spirited” because would imply a positive thing. Perhaps “loud” is the kindest thing?
    RealEstater: Nonsense. My children aren’t limited by your middle-class expectations and – THERE IS NOTHING IN THIS BOX!
    Renter4: How apt.
    Chuckette: Gimmie that ribbon!
    nomadic: Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.
    DreamT: So it is symbolic!
    Chuck, Jr: There’s no cymbals! Just air!
    A Lewis: Something like this happened to a buddy of mine once. We were having a present exchange, or maybe it was a birthday party, or, come to think of it, it might have even been Christmas or Chanukah or something. But the point is there was a box, and there was nothing inside, and the person with the empty box—
    rick: Oh come on. That wrapping job must have cost twenty bucks, easy.
    Herve: Presentation is all.
    nomadic: You said you deserved that one. We all heard you.
    Pralay: Your exact words were—
    Prof. Bleen: Small things come in fancy packages.
    sonarrat: Very small things.
    DreamT: Microscopic things. So who gave Roger the perfect gift?
    Renter4: Is going to get me to buy him lunch, because RE didn’t buy ME a gift.
    madhaus: Well, that would be me. You want to do lunch in 94301?
    Renter4: You got it.
    RealEstater: madhaus, I want your guitar strings.
    madhaus: What for? Nobody plays guitar at your house.
    RealEstater: I’m going to strangle you with them for this empty box.
    madhaus: But your children are enjoying that box so much.
    RealEstater: Hey, stop crushing the nice box, I could use it for my gift to my boss!
    nomadic: On your Megaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Project!

  18. sonarrat Says:

    I didn’t even realize classical guitar strings were nylon. That tells you how much I know about guitars, I would have gotten you steel. :o)

  19. madhaus Says:

    Yeah, but knowing that you don’t know about guitars, you would have asked the nice guy behind the counter for classical guitar strings, and he would have given you nylon. So tell me where you got them. 🙂

    I have one more installment to come. At least it goes out with a bang. Or something.

  20. madhaus Says:

    And now, the very last (for now) installment of the burbed Holiday gift exchange. Thank you all for coming!

    nomadic: On your Megaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Project!
    Pralay: Renter with a garden hose pulls a new name! Lionel!
    RealEstater: No! Renters cannot pull names!
    Lionel: Too late. What’s with the kiddie wrapping paper? Hey RE, get your brats off me.
    Chuckette: That’s a present for a kid, not a grown-up! Gimmie!
    Ross: Someone with kids used their leftover paper for you.
    Chuck, Jr: Gimmie! Gimmie, dammit!
    Lionel: A Thomas the Tank Engine? That’s not even a Lionel product.
    Chuck, Jr: Whoo-whoo! I want it!
    RealEstater: I’m stealing that.
    nomadic: You can’t. You can only steal before you open your present. Now you have to hope somebody steals your formerly beautiful box, since your darling children have mushed it.
    Lionel: And the next lucky contestant is… WillowGlenner!
    WillowGlenner: Anything worth stealing? Sorry, RE, I don’t want the box. Let’s see. I could use that garden hose at my new rental. DreamT, hand it over.
    DreamT: I took pity on Pralay and kept my copy of Marguerite d’Angoulême’s stories.
    bob: Who? Oh, you mean the Pig Latin book.
    rick: Here you go, Pralay. Consolation prize.
    Pralay: What is this?
    sg: Looks like a bag.
    RealEstater: A paper bag. Nice wrapping job! Is this from you anon? A bag of chips?
    anon: Those are not just any old chips, Roger. Those are Cayenne Flavored.
    nomadic: Didn’t we see those chips at Thanksgiving? They have a two for one special?
    Pralay: I will certainly enjoy – what was that tremendous crashing noise?
    RealEstater: If somebody hit my Porsche in the driveway I am going to – oh, never mind.
    A Lewis: That sounded like an accident, and I should know, because I’ve been in a couple. Usually because I’m too busy talking to notice that the light has changed, or the road has curved, or maybe the gas tank has emptied.
    Prof Bleen: Looks like a Porsche was hit.
    RealEstater: Who cares? It wasn’t mine.
    Prof. Bleen: Who owns the Cayenne parked by the fire hydrant? Because it’s on the front lawn now. Upside down.
    bob: Dang, that is one nasty accident. I saw a picture of a crash like that in the paper the other day. But it didn’t have a fire hydrant knocked over so it was just mangled, not smashed and flooded.
    nomadic: anon, don’t you have a Cayenne?
    anon: Apparently not anymore.
    DreamT: You have surprising equanimity about this mishap.
    anon: Insurance will pay more than it cost me, plus I’m going to sue that stupid cow in the SUV who hit it.
    Doorbell rings
    Mrs. RE: I’m here to pick up the kids, Roger. How was their lesson?
    sonarrat: I suspect it went remarkably like all their others. That will be $150, please.
    Mrs. RE: Time to go, darlings! My husband will take care of it.
    madhaus: This I got to see.
    Mrs. RE: And Roger, dear, I got a little dingie-pooh on the truckie. Can you take it to the garage tomorrow?
    Chuckette: Thanks for the lesson, Mr. Rat.
    Chuckie, Jr.: You’re almost as mean as our last teacher. He fired us after only two minutes.
    Mrs. RE: Come on children! It’s time for Zenbudokai!
    Chuckette: I don’t wanna go. Brody is always kicking me.
    Chuck, Jr: That’s because it’s a martial arts class, pimple-brain.
    Chuckette: You don’t even have a—
    Door closes behind the departing family.
    nomadic: That’s your trophy wife?
    RealEstater: Isn’t she something?
    Pralay: I am trying to imagine what trophy she represent. Perhaps roller derby?
    anon: She’s quite the Bob Bondurant. Call your insurance company, because you’re buying me a new ride.
    RealEstater: Let’s not talk about who hit who. You shouldn’t have bought a Cayenne when you could have bought RBA property instead. If you’d bought it in August—
    nomadic: It would be worth 10% less now.
    R: Trophy wife. Hah. Bowling, maybe.
    madhaus: Her roots need touching up.
    Renter4: Her Wonderbra is hitting her stomach.
    RealEstater: Neither of you ladies measure up to what a trophy wife looks like.
    DreamT: She seems rather high maintenance, even without the driving issues. WillowGlenner, pick a name.
    Pralay: He stole garden hose! I should get the pick.
    WillowGlenner: nomadic, your turn.
    nomadic: Do I have to sit in that chair? I like moving around.
    WillowGlenner: As long as we can watch you open your gift.
    nomadic: I’m not opening it. I’m taking the garden hose. You open it.
    WillowGlenner: I only had it for three minutes.
    anon: And one SUV on SUV incident.
    WillowGlenner: So where is nomadic’s gift?
    zanon: Oh, nomadic was mine. My realtor friend will be dropping it off real soon.
    bob: Along with that beer that never showed up.
    Renter4: Join the club. I bet you don’t get anything either.
    WillowGlenner: I don’t think you can steal the garden hose if you don’t have a present to give me.
    zanon: It’s coming!
    nomadic: And the next to steal the garden hose is… burbed!
    RealEstater: I’ll open that.
    rick: I don’t think so.
    sg: Where is burbed?
    austindweller: Haven’t seen burbed since A Lewis opened his book.
    A Lewis: I must say this book is fascinating. All I have to do is indentify and purchase a property in poor condition, then improve it quickly. Oh, and I need two hundred thousand dollars down payment. Or four hundred thousand if I want Piedmont. Do you think Piedmont is still RBA?
    WillowGlenner: Where’s Piedmont?
    bob: Hey, stop being Peninsula snobs! Alameda is much better than this hellhole!
    DreamT: What shall we do? Do you think burbed wants the garden hose or the gift?
    steve: I bet he’s posting another article in his office while we’re wasting time here.
    Herve: Hey, I can’t pick up my gift! This spam is protecting it.
    madhaus: You’re right. Let’s all go to the other thread.

    Happy Holidays, everyone.

  21. WillowGlenner Says:

    LOL ok madhaus. In this latest installment we have RealEstater, Chuckette, Chuck Jr, and Chuckie, Jr. Who are all these people, RE’s kids?

  22. anon Says:

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess Chuckette is the trophy wife and the rest are kids…

  23. anon Says:

    Home prices Fall Near Depression Pace

    Guess what everyone? Nobody wants to pay the principal off on these homes…

  24. madhaus Says:

    Chuckie, Jr and Chuck Jr are the same kid; Chuckette is his sister. These kids have previously appeared on burbed. The trophy wife is Mrs RE.

  25. Lionel Says:

    madhaus, you’re clearly not hooked up quite right. (That is a high complement.)

  26. pianist Says:

    Madhaus, good tale but you goofed my line. I would say “even for a beginner, that’s poor playing on the Bechstein M 192” (with blue felt – not red – and blue cording)

  27. R Says:

    “Sales of single-family houses in the U.S. dropped in November by the most in two decades and resale prices collapsed at a pace reminiscent of the Great Depression, dashing speculation the market was close to a bottom.”

    Why is it so difficult for so many in the media and around the country to figure out that housing prices won’t stop dropping until they reach a level where they are inline with local rents, local salaries, and historical prices after factoring in inflation? Given that most areas are still overpriced by these metrics, how can anyone expect prices to have bottomed out? Doesn’t make sense to me. Just like Bay Area prices staying much above their historical level based on price, wage level, and rental rates doesn’t make any sense to me.

  28. sonarrat Says:

    pianist – I’m a Schimmel guy myself, though I’d never argue with a Bechstein.

  29. MW2W Says:

    Good stories, Mad. If Burbed doesn’t start posting excerpts from disgruntled owners whose properties are featured here, we will have to ask you to ghostwrite what they might have said!

  30. Prof. Bleen Says:

    Very nice characterization, madhaus.

  31. bob Says:


  32. bob Says:

    A little holiday news for the RBA perma-bears: Palo Alto home sales now at 11 year low.

  33. bob Says:

    How long have you lived here? Haven’t you realized that prices that are out proportion with actual income and salary is a non-factor in the Bay Area? Remember- its special here.

  34. DreamT Says:

    “RealEstater: No! Renters cannot pull names!”

  35. madhaus Says:

    pianist: if the party were at your house, that would be correct. But this was just a portable keyboard. You want to dis a least-favorite Yamaha or Casio instead?

    That Bechstein sure is nice looking; I’d hate to let those bratty kids actually look at it.

    bob, don’t you realize sales are down in Palo Alto because it’s Even More Special Now? It’s all designed to keep the $300K people out.

    MW2W and Prof. Bleen, thank you.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah and Joyout Winter Solstice to all.

  36. madhaus Says:

    Lionel, I’ve always known I’m not hooked up right. If I were, I certainly wouldn’t hang out around here. But thank you for the compliment. Hopefully you can find someone who’ll appreciate that Thomas toy.

  37. Stepford Says:

    “burbed: One more try. Stepford!
    mtv-renter: I haven’t seen Stepford in a month, at least.”

    I’m still here. Thanks for the holiday laugh MH.

  38. pianist Says:

    Sonarrat and madhaus, true confession time. I drive a Yamaha, not a Bechstein. That figures, when I lived in the Bay Area, it wasn’t the RBA. I assumed, since it was RealEstater’s kid, the piano couldn’t be average.

  39. sonarrat Says:

    I [i]do[/i] have a Schimmel. It’s an RI 120 upright, look it up. It cost me a pretty penny, but it is an amazing machine.

  40. A. Lewis Says:

    Awesome, Madhaus – thanks for the early Christmas gift. I feel so included.

    WG – thanks for the confumbo clarification. So for ’09, it’ll be 625.5k. Good for the midrange – no help for the high end. I think rates will stay low-to-moderate for the rest of ’09, b/c there’s no danger now of the economy taking off and the Feds raising rates for a while to prevent hyperinflation. I don’t see that now.

  41. Mole Man Says:

    Moles are good fun. Plant poppies and other flowers in the spots they dig up.

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