February 27, 2009

149 LLEWELLYN Ave, Campbell, CA 95008 | MLS# 80905491

149 LLEWELLYN Ave, Campbell, CA 95008 | MLS# 80905491
149 LLEWELLYN Ave Campbell, CA 95008
Price: $1,289,000

Beds: 4
Baths: 3
Sq. Ft.: 3,181
$/Sq. Ft.: $405
Lot Size: 9,072 Sq. Ft.
Property Type: Detached Single Family
Style: Ranch
Year Built: 2009
Stories: 1
View: Neighborhood
Neighborhood: Campbell
County: Santa Clara
MLS#: 80905491
Source: MLSListings
Status: Active
On Redfin: 14 days
Open Saturday 2/14 1:30-4:30pm. Brand new custom built home in the heart of Campbell. Constructed with attention paid to detail for the fussiest of buyers who want to move in and put their feet up. High ceilings, custom crown moldings, 2 clean air certified fireplaces, top of the line GE Appliances, built in espresso machine.

People ask me all the time – Burbed, what’s the next hot area to buy into?

My answer? I have no freakin’ clue.

Burbed reader Eric does though – look what he’s found in Campbell! Holy moley! It’s a 3000 square foot house that’s $1.289 million! It’s even got 2 clean air certified fireplaces – for all those times that you need to use a fireplace in the Bay Area!

Wow… even built in espresso machines. This is hot hot hot.

With more houses like this, Campbell might just be entering Real Bay Area territory soon!

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26 Responses to “149 LLEWELLYN Ave, Campbell, CA 95008 | MLS# 80905491”

  1. Joe Says:

    Geez these realtards have had it good for far too long.

    I love how they refer to a buyer (bay area buyer) as being fussy if they desire a new home with updated amenities. Like a “reasonable” bay area buyer should be satisfied with a beaten down 50-year old rancher that they need to put thousands more into to become livable.

  2. vfsv Says:

    We looked at this house last summer when it was available for rent. It’s modern construction but some of the room & closets are shaped oddly with lots of wasted space. The Master bath was unusual, to use a polite term.

    The cost to rent did not nearly cover $1.3M which is typical for most of the flipper deals. It should be interesting to see how much longer they can service the debt before the “have to” sell.

    BTW, track the latest county stats at:

    We are again able to update these weekly.

  3. sonarrat Says:

    Reduced to $1,195,000. 😀

    Well, it’s not the most overpriced home in Campbell, but for that price I would rather have a home in Dry Creek. Not that I will ever be able to afford this.

  4. anon Says:


    Urge to sell…rising…rising…rising…

    If VFSV saw this last year, it looks like they couldn’t even rent it for what they wanted… poor babies.

  5. JayDawg Says:

    w00t… this is a few houses down from where I live. It’s a fabulous house… much better than the OTHER houses on the street which sold for over 1 mil. Well-designed, high ceilings, premium fixtures. Of course I can’t afford it until it hits 900K, but if it does I will go for it.

  6. Real Alex Says:

    2JayDawg: Surely, all these POS bought at Home Depot costs 1mln. No doubt about that. Go for this. As for me, I would buy it when owner cur one zero from the price.

  7. UnrealAlex Says:

    Have their cur chew the zero off, or just cut it off, its fine with anyone sensible!

  8. Joe Says:

    This place will probably take a 30 – 40% haircut from the current pricing once the bottom hits.

    Anyone else’s guess?

  9. CB Says:

    375 sq ft for a middle-upper qual rebuild does not seem outrageous to me. Nice sized lot too. Not that I’d pay 1.2 mil for a single family anything, but I’ve seen better cases for the insanity.

  10. zanon Says:

    yeah, but campbell?!

  11. Lionel Says:

    So wait a doggone moment, does the below mean that realtards were lying when they said now was a good time to buy?

    “The CEPR also found that people who were renting homes in 2004 will have more wealth in 2009 than those who were owners. That’s true for all five wealth groups the study analyzed, from the poorest to the wealthiest.”


  12. anon Says:

    Interesting article, Lionel. This is interesting:

    “The collapse of the housing bubble, which led to the current recession, has already destroyed almost $6 trillion dollars in housing wealth for homeowners,” said report co-author Dean Baker. ”

    Now, I wonder: how is 700 billion going to cause inflation when 6 trillion dollars have been removed from the money supply?

  13. Herve Says:

    > yeah, but campbell?!

    Is that a question of getting no respect?

  14. nomadic Says:

    Now, I wonder: how is 700 billion going to cause inflation when 6 trillion dollars have been removed from the money supply?

    Excellent question, anon.

  15. anon Says:

    Thank you, sir. Perhaps RE can give us some ‘help.’

  16. Real Estater Says:


    Can you not understand this message:

    Please be nice. No name calling, no personal attacks, no racist stuff, no baiting, etc. Let’s be nice to each other in the true Bay Area spirit!

    ? Where’s your Bay Area spirit?

  17. anon Says:

    Real Excreter,

    Can you tell me which of those post 15 does not comply with?

  18. Real Estater Says:

    #15 – baiting.
    #17 – Name calling, personal attack, not nice to each other, no Bay Area spirit!

  19. anon Says:

    Good job, rube. Your ability to apply rules is improving. Unfortunately, I didn’t ask about post #17.

    Now, classify this post:

    Real Estater says: ”

    Not everyone can afford to sit at home like you.”

    see: http://www.burbed.com/2009/02/27/silicon-valley-recruiters-are-sending-out-their-own-resumes-nytimescom/#comment-39892

  20. Lionel Says:

    A fabulous compendium of truly ugly data from calculatedrisk…


    Although the homebuilders confidence levels rose from 8 to 9!! Yeah!!!

  21. Real Estater Says:


    Why are you jumping to a different thread? Based on your violations, do you think we should discuss any further?

  22. madhaus Says:

    You know what this house reminds me of, a little? Overbuilt homes in non-prestige zip codes… hmmm…

    Remember this place? Gee, 86 days on the market, price already reduced once, still no takers. The 2003 price was $1.389 million, the current asking price is $1.999 mil. Given the quadruple-diamond slope of the 94807/CUSD home valuation graph, I would say that price is a mite unrealistic.

    If Sunnyvale is a Toyota and Sunnyvale 94087 is a Toyota Avalon, Campbell is a Hyundai at best. I’ll let the auto buffs choose which Hyundai this house is.

  23. Lionel Says:

    From one of my favorites, Chris Thornberg, on the proposed Obama tax changes, my quote of the week —

    “President Obama has grabbed what the real estate industry considers the third rail of tax reform: mortgage-interest deductions. Among the many tax increases on the affluent laid out in his budget proposal Thursday was a plan to reduce the itemized deduction rate for families with incomes over $250,000 to 28 percent, down from 33 or 35 percent.”

    “The National Association of Realtors quickly responded with a strongly worded letter to the president, arguing the change could ‘trigger yet another crisis in home values…Mary Trupo, the Realtor group’s public issues director, said the impact would be particularly widespread in expensive housing markets like the Bay Area, where a large portion of home buyers are well-to-do.”

    “The California Association of Realtors ‘will vigorously fight this provision in the halls of Congress,’ said James Liptak, president of the Los Angeles trade group, in a prepared statement.”

    “Christopher Thornberg, principal at Los Angeles research firm Beacon Economics, said the reduced deductions could slightly weigh down home prices, by 2 to 3 percent, but only on higher-priced properties that have been less affected by the housing downturn. ‘It’s like I’m standing in the middle of a forest fire and they say, ‘Don’t light that match,’ he said, noting prices across the state are already down more than 40 percent.”


  24. steve Says:

    You can’t touch the third rail! Sure, high housing costs slow economic growth and harm the tech sector, but think of the true value that gets created with each new real estate transaction. Take 720 La Para in Palo Alto, for example.

    This was a “a comfortable 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom” 1753 sq ft, one story home, built in 1948 that wasn’t living up to its potential. Sold in May of 2008 for $2.5M, the house was bulldozed and the 19,539 sq ft lot was subdivided.

    Each of two parcels are now for sale for $1.498M. The south one even comes with a swimming pool.

    See, that is how you create real, lasting benefit for society. The global economy is sure to turn around now (unless Pres Obama messes it up).

    One interesting note: our flippers, two couples from Cupertino, appear to have all of their money at risk. That is a very welcome change for the specuvestor crowd.

  25. Lionel Says:

    Uh oh for tech stocks…

    “You have to click on the graphic for a clear visual but what I want to highlight is the spending for technology and software in the 4Q GDP numbers. Sector rotation, a strategy used by many market timers to rotate through the business cycle, rolled many investors out of banking stocks and into technology in 2007 and 2008. Stocks like HP, Sun, Oracle, IBM, Dell, & SAP to name some of the larger firms. In actuality this strategy was going from one fire to another.

    One can gain an appreciation of what Wall Street expects will be the next hot investment by listening to the buy recommendations. Sector rotations almost always come in waves. In other words, one firm will issue a call and most will follow suit as it pertains to this type of strategy. While these stocks were still making new highs we wrote that 40% of the domestic consumption of technology and software was in the finance sector. And, that these companies were going to suffer re our concerns over the biggest Wall Street bubble in history.

    Many technology stocks remain significantly overvalued.”


    BTW, the above site is terrific.

  26. afd Says:

    I lived at ths property as a child and my dad and stepmom sold and moved up the expressway I have since moved out of the county. But this isnt the home I grew up in. does anyone know why they tore down the house and rebuilt? Im just curious any answers woiuld greatly help thank you.

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