June 21, 2009

Palo Alto Online: Flood '98

Palo Alto Online: Flood ’98

Burbed reader steve posted this a while back. I just wanted to make sure everyone saw it.

Always be prepared.

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  1. Lionel Says:

    I found a graph that represents RE’s predictions about the DOW.


  2. anon Says:

    So long as fools like real excreter remain bullish, wall street will make money.

  3. karen Says:

    being prepared does not mean sandbags. the house of one of my husband’s colleagues was swamped in that flood. we and others helped him put up countless sandbags, but they weren’t ANY help AT ALL. if you already live in that area, get bricks to put your possessions up on (all their furniture was ruined since they did that too late). and if you don’t live there yet, don’t be stupid enough to buy there. they had something like two years of misery dealing with the fixing up and the insurance claims – and they were *lucky*, since their insurance co. didn’t try to screw them over. my community garden plot is in a floodplain; I’m cool with that. rice the next year that it floods.

    when they used their claim money to raise the house, I was hoping that they’d put it on Baba Yaga (sp.?) chicken legs, but they didn’t alas

  4. madEstater Says:

    94301 is in the flood zone? Of course, the flood of home appreciation! The rest of the RBA may be underwater, but the only sinking in this zone will be the debt to equity ratio!

  5. PA-S Says:

    Was the green area flooded too?

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