June 28, 2009

Best Places to Live 2009 – Yahoo! Finance

Best Places to Live 2009 – Yahoo! Finance
Here’s our list of the 10 best places to live:

1. Albuquerque, N.M.

2. Auburn, Ala.

3. Austin, Texas

4. Boise, Idaho

5. Durham, N.C.

6. La Crosse, Wis.

7. Loveland, Colo.

8. San Luis Obispo, Calif.

9. St. Augustine, Fla.

10. Upper St. Clair, Pa.

Thanks to Burbed reader E.S. for sending this to me. Here’s what E had to say:

They have forgotten the RBA!ย  Where’s the culture, the access to VCs, and all the other… uhh.. benefits to living here… like how your school might shut down because a right wing state assemblyman from Fresno thinks life should be tax free…


moving to Portland soon.

Ouch. Well have fun in Portland. Do they have Fry’s there? Do they have good schools like Monta Vista, Gunn, Sequoia, or Fremont there? Do they have VC’s up the wazoo? Can their light rail system compare with ours?

But back to the original topic, it’s a shame that this happens. We need to get our message to the MSM (Main Street Media) that they’re completely wrong if they should ever forget to include Mountain View, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, etc in the list of best places to live.

Any one up for a letter writing campaign?

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23 Responses to “Best Places to Live 2009 – Yahoo! Finance”

  1. BobbyS Says:

    Why is the list in alphabetical order?

  2. madhaus Says:

    Notice a trend with this list? Most of these places get godawful HOT? San Luis Obispo stands out like a flatscreen TV in a lamasary with its cool coastal climate.

    I think this list was put together by a committee of reptiles.

  3. nomadic Says:

    lamasery? A monastery of lamas?


  4. Ocirats Says:

    Madhaus, I’m traveling outside of the RBA right now, but I heard it was 100+ degrees back there? Does that not qualify as godawful hot?

  5. CB Says:

    I think the school shuts down because some left winger thinks the janitor should make $70k. That’s the take from my vantage.

  6. PA-S Says:

    10 Pricey Cities That Pay Off


    No 1. San Francisco. With the fourth-highest quality of life and the highest trade productivity on Albouy’s list, the San Francisco area — which includes Silicon Valley — comes in first on the list of most valuable cities. There are high wages, but even higher housing costs. Albouy found that housing costs are pushed so much above the wage level because San Francisco residents enjoy a premium beyond income, such as great weather, a thriving local arts community, and lively neighborhoods. But the business aspects of San Francisco outshine even the quality of life. Albouy says it’s often thought that small cities where workers earn lower wages, like Boise, Idaho, are where businesses should start because costs like hiring and renting a building are so low there, relative to cities like San Francisco. But low prices also mean low quality. “Boise is a terrible place to do business, and the low wages are a sign of that,” he says. Compared to Boise, “San Francisco has a highly productive workforce,” he says.

  7. Woody Guthrie Says:

    Oh, if you ain’t got the do re mi, folks, you ain’t got the do re mi,
    Why, you better go back to beautiful Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Georgia, Tennessee.
    California is a garden of Eden, a paradise to live in or see;
    But believe it or not, you won’t find it so hot
    If you ain’t got the do re mi.

  8. Real Estater Says:

    >>10 Pricey Cities That Pay Off

    We are #1!

  9. DreamT Says:

    #4 – A short drive away (Carmel) the temperature was mid-seventies, and the beach as gorgeous as usual. Bonus points: no traffic either way (on 101/156). The short-lived, unusual heat is just the excuse needed to go and enjoy the ocean.
    I’m not familiar with the other cities on the list. Do they offer similar relief on as exceptional a circumstance?

  10. nomadic Says:

    No traffic on the way to Carmel?! Wow, you were lucky.

    I went to Santa Cruz and 17 was a beeyotch – even on the way home at 9pm. It was nice and cool over there though. 30 degrees cooler than LG (my thermometer read 105 when I left home at 2pm).

  11. DreamT Says:

    I always avoid Santa Cruz like the plague ๐Ÿ™‚ too crowded, painful parking, so-so restaurants, the beach isn’t even as nice, and 17 by night with a baby isn’t my idea of fun.

  12. nomadic Says:

    I’m fortunate to have some friends who live 2 blocks from the surf museum/lighthouse. ๐Ÿ™‚ Otherwise, I’d avoid it too.

  13. BuyersAreIdiots Says:

    “Notice a trend with this list? Most of these places get godawful HOT”

    According to my car’s external thermometer, it hit 101 degrees in Los Gatos yesterday. Not exactly a cool breeze there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Incidentally, as someone who has lived in this area for about 7 years, is it me, or are the summers getting warmer?

    Makes me wonder what global climate change will do to Silicon Valley over the next 50 years or so.

  14. R Says:

    My car thermometer hit 109 while driving back from the central coast yesterday afternoon. Brutal.

  15. nomadic Says:

    Another list where we’re NUMBER ONE! Believe it…Or Not!

    Another notoriously high-rent city, San Jose, Calif., falls at the other end of the spectrum, emerging as the country’s most affordable major city.


    Of course they throw in the caveat of a two-income household earning the median $100k salary. Bummer for singles, stay-at-home parents and anyone else without a tech job!

    San Francisco did well too:

    San Francisco, a city well known for its pricey housing and steep cost of living, turns out to be one of the country’s most affordable. The city may have high costs, but similarly flush wages soften the blow. The average budget only runs to 68% of a family’s income.

  16. SB123 Says:

    I would never put Albuquerque on any “Best” List.

    ABQ has a high amount of illegals because neighboring Santa Fe is a “Sanctuary City.” Amazingly enough, Santa Fe has priced illegals out of their city (where have I heard this before???) and so they live in ABQ.

    Recently, 2 illegals shot five people to death in a Denny’s restaurant in ABQ.

    Breitbart has the FBI list of crime numbers. Albuquerque is (IIRC) the same as or worse than Palmdale.


    ABQ is a big “small town” with all the associated problems of a large city yet without the tax base to support adequate law enforcement.

    Q: What CA city is comparable to ABQ?
    Ans: I would say its like San Bernardino.

  17. SB123 Says:

    Question: How do I insert a pic as my avatar, like madhaus, nomadic, DreamT, BobbyS have? TIA

  18. Real Estater Says:

    >>Another notoriously high-rent city, San Jose, Calif., falls at the other end of the spectrum, emerging as the countryโ€™s most affordable major city.

    The reason Bay Area rocks is because you can make a lot of money living here, where as in NY it sucks all the money out of you.

  19. Real Estater Says:

    SB123 says,
    >>How do I insert a pic as my avatar, like madhaus, nomadic, DreamT, BobbyS have? TIA

    The answer has already been given in the past, dude!

  20. Pralay Says:

    Question: How do I insert a pic as my avatar, like madhaus, nomadic, DreamT, BobbyS have? TIA

    Go to gravatar.com and create avatar for your email id. Email id should match with the email id you use here to post comments.

  21. DreamT Says:

    he’s obviously here to help!

  22. SB123 Says:

    Real Estater:

    I am female.

  23. SB123 Says:

    Thank you, Pralay! ๐Ÿ™‚

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