July 23, 2009

Can someone help Jennifer Hu with Century 21 Su Casa and Mariposa Mortgage?

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Jennifer Hu Says:
July 22nd, 2009 at 2:25 am

A similar situation happened to me. I was tricked into “having a house under my name for a few months”. And all of a sudden found out I owned 1 house and 1 triplex in Stockton. I never signed or saw any documents and now they have gone under forclosure. The people who scammed me were Simon Dante Lopez Jr. from Mariposa Mortgage and Pete and Anna Flores from Centry21 Su Casa. They lied about my income, and also said i worked for one of the centry21 Su Casa “fake business” like a trucking company! Where can we get help and justice! Now my credit is ruined and I have Tax issues. If there is anybody out there to help, please reply if anybody can help me I’d appreciate any advice.

Now, that’s what Jennifer alleges. But let’s assume this is true.

In the Bay Area spirit of everyone helping out everyone else – does anyone here have thoughts on how to help Jennifer out?

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  1. Trader Joe Says:

    One question: What did you receive in return for “having a house in your name for a few months”?

  2. BuyersAreIdiots Says:

    My advice is to bring this up with the district attorney. If there was some fraud or collusion going on, that’s the person to talk to.

  3. nomadic Says:

    Where can we get help and justice!

    Justice? If someone’s credit is ruined as a result of participating in fraud, I’d say that probably is justice. (And getting off pretty easy.)

  4. Pralay Says:

    This news from San Clara County website
    Notorious Former Century 21 Su Casa Agent and Son Arrested

    Anyone who has filed a complaint against Gloria Alvarez is encouraged to update his or her contact information with the Real Estate Fraud Unit’s Paralegal, Carol Vega (408) 792-2639.

    If they did signature and document forgery for Stockton home, that’s definitely fraud without her knowledge. But that would be beyond the jurisdiction of Santa Clara County.

    Regarding “having a house under my name for a few months” with her consent. I doubt there is any remedy for this. She owns the home (or “under [her] name”). She is liable for tax. Credit record? She already sold it when she gave her SSN for “having a house under [her] name for a few months”.

  5. Alex Says:

    Jennifer, if you’re hot, I’ll help you out. LOL

  6. Pralay Says:

    Similar fraud in San Diego committed by a Bay Area guy – James McConville.

  7. nomadic Says:

    #6 article – will people EVER be smarter than they are greedy? The woman was told she could own 3 condos and get $30k, yet it wouldn’t cost her a cent. Sweet!
    Wouldn’t a semi-rational person wonder what the catch is?


    and the icing:
    “Honestly, I don’t regret doing this, because I believe everything in life happens for a reason,” Greenspan said. “And the reason is so I can expose him and bring him to justice.”

    Yeah, better to let someone rob a bank too so you can stuff him in jail afterward to “teach him a lesson!”

  8. Jennifer Hu Says:

    I want to return the money but I do not know where to send it to. I received 2 checks. The first was around $4,000 and the second for around $4,000. The check was written by Old Republic Title Co. so I thought It was legitimate.

    I have consulted a few attorneys but they made it seem like it was almost a “hopeless” situation because I cashed those checks. Even though all the documents are forged and it is clearly NOT my signature, it is difficult to get representation. So far I have contacted 3 attorneys and they didn’t really know what to do. (or didn’t care to work on this case)

    A 5 minute phone conversation with the salesman from Mariposa opened up the gates of hell here. Everyday I wish that I had more common sense to prevent this from happening but it seems too late to repair.

    Some of you may laugh and sneer on what an idiot I am and you are not.. and I will admit I am THAT naive. I’m one of those people who would buy snake oil if the salesman was charming enough.

    But what about the predators that prey on the gullible? Do they get off clean while we pay the price? Why are these people still out there selling loans?

    Thank you all for your comments and help. I truly appreciate it.

  9. Jennifer Hu Says:

    To Praylay’s article about Fraud in San Diego:

    It’s possible that the same salespeople at Mariposa/Su Casa are the one’s responsible for the Fraud in San Diego as well because the salesman from Mariposa had breifly mentioned how they were “expanding” to San Diego.

  10. Lucifer Says:

    First off I know Simon Lopez was never a part of this transaction. I remember working for the company and this issue coming up. The people involved in the transaction were Roland Torres was the Realtor and Ruth Mejorado Burnias was the agents involved for the San Jose property. The property in Stockton the agents that were involved in that transaction were Pete Flores and Anna Almejo. You should try researching them and finding out were they are employed at. Also I would call the District Attorneys office for santa clara county and report the incident. I wish you the best of luck in trying to solve this mess and working it out.

  11. Ludwig Says:

    I too was a victim of Century 21 Su Casa. As a result of their schemes I was sent to jail. Knowing this that it has occured to many people gives me strength to fight. If you need any help contact me at ludwigfhurtado@yahoo.com

  12. Alex Says:

    Glad someone brought this interesting topic up again. So whatever happened to Jennifer Hu? Did she go to prison?

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