September 25, 2009

House with $5,525 potential gross income

1793 Geneva Ave, San Francisco, CA 94134 | MLS# 359554
1793 Geneva Ave San Francisco, CA 94134
Price: $625,000

Beds: 3
Baths: 1
Sq. Ft.: 1,304
$/Sq. Ft.: $479
Lot Size: –
Property Type: Single-Family Home
Year Built: 1946
Community: Visitacion Valley
County: San Francisco
MLS#: 359554
Source: San Francisco MLS
Status: Active
On Redfin: 40 days
Single Family Home used as investment property with gross potential income of $5,525. Contact Agent for more info.

Hey hey hey entrepreneurs! Check out what I’ve found for you!

With easy access to power lines, and protected from tsunamis by a mountain behind it, this house offers $5,525 of gross potential income.

That’s right! $5,525! Did you notice that the unit of time isn’t specified? That’s because it’s per day!

Yep. $5,525 per day. This house can be for all sorts of lucrative purposes – your imagination is the limit. Personally, I think you can rent it out for ultimate parties for celebs like Lohan, or sports figures like Vick. Or… you can have corporate off-sites for Amgen, Genentech, and other firms.

Look… it’s happening already! There’s a BMW parked outside. Ooooh! Ahhhhh!

Buy this house and start profiting today!

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108 Responses to “House with $5,525 potential gross income”

  1. Joe Says:

    Fat Chance this rental fetches $5k/month. Here’s a better rental in same area, remodeled 3 bd/ 3.5 bath that is asking $2700:

  2. sonarrat Says:

    Potential rent of $5,525! *

    * in the year 2573

  3. nomadic Says:

    Potential rent of $5,525! *

    * per year


  4. sfbubblebuyer Says:

    I bet they could pull down $5k+ a month if they rent it out to a prostitution ring.

  5. ES Says:

    I think they’re implying it’s already equipped as a meth lab.

  6. bob Says:

    That thing makes me think of pink chalk. Ugh. Yuck.

  7. nomadic Says:

    It’s not even pink.

    Check out the street view on Google – looks pretty dang bleak.

  8. bob Says:

    Yeah… its kind of a weird, neutral, old marshmallow color.

  9. ES Says:

    You guys are hung up on the color of the house? Like if it had a nice neutral tone you’re going to drive up there and put in an offer?

  10. ta Says:

    Someone needs to write the agent and find out how. As a normal rental this is unlikely to be much over 2k. That isn’t a very nice area unless you like the convenience of being able to walk to the cow palace

  11. nomadic Says:

    ES – if you go up there, paint it purple with lime green trim, then I’ll put in an offer.

  12. sonarrat Says:

    That isn’t a very nice area unless you like the convenience of being able to walk to the cow palace

    Or the Sunnydale projects a block away.

  13. UnrealAlex Says:

    Do not disturb the Craig’s List sex for sale operation inside……

  14. cardinal2007 Says:

    Sounds interesting, living close to the Cow Palace, the Sunnydale Projects, and right on a busy road. I guess some people think that since it is in San Francisco, that it should rent out for a lot.

    If anyone has read the comment on SFGate, or Redfin, they would know that parts south or east of I-280 don’t count as SF for RE purposes, thereby allowing people to claim that SF house prices have only gone down slightly.

  15. anon Says:

    “That thing makes me think of pink chalk. Ugh. Yuck.”

    Thinking of pepto bismol, bobert?

  16. bob Says:

    The BMW out front ads a nice touch. Otherwise we would be too tempted to think the house in the ghetto.

  17. UnrealAlex Says:

    That BMW is a 5 series and could be easily 10 years old. In fact, BMWs are very popular among the new down-and-out, I see beater bimmers all over here, and even drive one (belonging to a friend) when I need a car. Beat up ol’ M7.

  18. Pralay Says:

    The BMW out front ads a nice touch.

    Realtards are Realtards. They are not known for being thoughtful to give nice touches. That’s Realtard’s BMW and he just happened to park in front of this property.

  19. sonarrat Says:

    Actually that’s an old 3-series, ca. 1999 or so.

    There’s no such thing as an M7.

  20. bob Says:

    See? well it sure fooled me. BMW and Mercedes sort of all look the same to me. They all have that same sort of general, unassuming styling. It worked on me and I bet others would also assume that boy oh boy- there must be a lot of rich people living around there so it’ll be good and safe for my recent batch of toddlers and “the Wife”.

  21. nomadic Says:

    They all have that same sort of general, unassuming styling.

    The luxury auto makers have always had somewhat dull design, and an evolutionary approach to their cars. (I’m talking sedans/family cars, not “look at me” cars obviously.) That way the owner can drive it for ten years and won’t be embarrassed by a car that everyone knows is old. Helps resale value too.

  22. anon Says:

    I bet it’s the realtor’s bmw. They probably purposely included it in the picture. All good realtors know that a car like that is a sign of success. Success that anyone who buys this home will enjoy.

  23. bob Says:

    Well, if the Realtor really did put the bimmer in the ad to make it look all gentrified, I should have hired someone with a jacked-up Buick on 30″ rims to drive by as the picture was taken to ruin the atmosphere.

    I have to say that some of the latest designs from BMW are absolutely hideous looking. The rear lights look like a squinting cat. That and I’m not sure why Mercedes has stuck with their rounded, egg shaped designs for so long. They look like 90’s Camrys.

    Honestly, if I wanted to blow money on a new luxo-sedan, I’d get a new Caddy CTS. Very aggressive, sexy looking car. That and not everyone and their mother in Silicon Valley owns one.

  24. Real Estater Says:

    >>I’d get a new Caddy CTS. Very aggressive, sexy looking car.

    Saw one on the way to work this morning. Not feeling it.

  25. Herve Estater Says:

    > I’d get a new Caddy CTS. Very aggressive, sexy looking car.

    As far as I’m concerned, the CTS is about as sexy as Paris Hilton eating a sausage.

  26. DreamT Says:

    bob’s right. North Carolina is very nice especially if you’re in the right town, and the food’s quite good too. And there’s so much #$%W green everywhere. The silicon valley was really butchered (yes even Palo Alto, only Atherton is decent in that regard).
    On the other hand, what’s with the Westfield and Outback right off the airport? And the same nine fast food joints every five miles on the freeway?
    (off-topic I know but you don’t expect me to post about cars, do you?)

  27. anon Says:

    “>>I’d get a new Caddy CTS. Very aggressive, sexy looking car.

    Saw one on the way to work this morning. Not feeling it.”

    First time you have seen a CTS, RE?

  28. CB Says:

    It’s too bad that the 3-series and C-class allows every Tom, Dick and Esmeralda front like a player. There used to be a time when you can judge a persons income by the car they drive.

  29. anon Says:

    Lol – nowadays when you drive through the ghetto, you see BMWs and Escalades with CHROME RIMS all over the place. I can’t help but think all those people “have arrived.”

    CB- I don’t quite agree with your statement that it allows them to ‘front like a player’ – 3 series BMWs are for suckers who want to be able to say that they drive a BMW. Had they possessed a nickel’s worth of common sense they would have bought a Honda. Oh well. Name recognition has a certain value to unintelligent people.

    Anyone remember the BMW 318s? What a joke that car was.

  30. CB Says:

    Way back when, my mom test drove a 318 while I sat in the back seat. The salesman hailed the “air recycle” setting as a unique feature to the 318 that “prevents pollution from entering the car”. That’s when I realized people are full of shit.

    Touche’ on the Escalade. I estimate that 1 out of 10 who drive them could really afford the price tag. A sure sign that an Escalade owner (or any luxury SUV owner) is in the dumps is the bald tires. 50k car, cant afford new tires.

  31. nomadic Says:

    ok, I’ll do a token defense of the Cadillac… being from the Motor City and all. The CTS is nice to ride in; my brother has one. The new CTS-V has a 556HP engine – “fastest V8 production sedan in the world.” woo. hoo.

    To me, the style looks like the designer carved his clay model and forgot to soften the edges.

  32. anon Says:

    “A sure sign that an Escalade owner (or any luxury SUV owner) is in the dumps is the bald tires. 50k car, cant afford new tires.”

    Good call. Kind of like the homeowner who “owns” a million dollar home but can’t afford to perform basic repairs.

    Debt sure is wealth!

  33. nomadic Says:

    or the million dollar home, but no furniture. Or with new construction, they live there for five years and STILL don’t have a deck or patio in back. People like that are all over – even in parts of the country where houses sell for $150/sf.

  34. Herve Estater Says:

    Speaking of cars, it looks like Tesla should be worried…,32068,41526108001_1925565,00.html

  35. UnrealAlex Says:

    There’s sure such a thing as a 735 with the M symbol on there too – true is it properly called an M7 or just a 735 with some kind of M tech stuff added ….. the world will never …. care.

    I thought that hideous chrome bling was only inflicted on the 5 and up series’ I guess they decided to crap up some otherwise rather nice 3’s with it.

    Bob I agree on the new BMWs ugh. Horrible.

    I’d like to have one of the older BMWs from back when they used that odd orange color, reddish orange or was it orange-ish red? But what I REALLY want is a nice R65LS that’s the Bavarian machine for me.

  36. zanon Says:

    New Bangle BMW design completely sucks. Different just for being different, the same disease that’s afflicting the modern architecture world.

    The car looks like the last generation 3 series to me. 1970s Bimmers (or Mercs) are sweet, especially the old 6.

  37. sonarrat Says:

    UnrealAlex – the previous owner bought an M badge for that 735. No M engineer ever touched it, I promise you. 😉

  38. Real Estater Says:

    The problem with Detroit is that they hire designers with taste and car culture from the middle of the country. You know, the kind who read Hot Rod and Car Craft magazine. It almost seems as though these guys have never checked out cars from another country. When they run out of ideas, they try to Retro one of their previous designs from the 70’s.

  39. UnrealAlex Says:

    Sonnarat – You know what …. that doesn’t surprise me …. Chinese born one high mucky-muck with a bank LOL.

    All I know is if I need a car I drive the thing.

    And Yes! On BMWs just being different to be different …. bikes the same, lots of gee-gaws to “because” the old airheads were formed by function. I’ll take pinstriping over chrome any day.

  40. bob Says:

    The problem with Detroit is that they hire designers with taste and car culture from the middle of the country.

    Not at all correct. I’m actually part of a study group for GM and have been for around 6 months. I was sent to Detroit to tour their various brand studios. That includes Buick, Cadillac, GMC, and Chevrolet. Both Buick and Cadillac have an international team. Buick is actually turning more into a Chinese designed car than anything. The interior of the new Lacrosse- which to me is the most attractive model they’ve made in decades. The interior was designed in China. The exterior in Detroit, the mechanicals in Germany where it was also track tested.

    Buick sells extremely well in China. Its what most in SV consider along the lines of a BMW. They have a Chinese Riviera that would in my opinion do very well in the US. The new Lacrosse takes ques from a concept from GM Shanghai studios.

    I went over the Lacrosse with a fine tooth comb. I test drove it, the CTS, the Chevy Traverse. I am a stickler for quality. I have to say, all of these were extremely tight. The fit and finish on the CTS is beyond what you could find on any Bimmer or Mercedes, hands down. Lastly- they showed us a few future concepts. Let’s just say be prepared for some amazing cars.

    I know I sound like a GM salesperson, but their product is amazing and they’ve made enormous strides in a short time. One of the biggest hurdles they have is changing negative perceptions. 1/8th of the market is in California and Californians are particularly hostile towards their brands. Sure- Californians have no problem buying an Audi that has constant electrical problems or a VW Jetta TDI that clogs the EGR valves with carbon every 50,000 miles and despite all that will buy another one because those brands have succeeded in relaying this notion of high quality.

    Yet they’ll blast everything Detroit comes up with without even looking at them. So that is a major problem.

  41. bob Says:

    Yeah, NC is super-green. That’s what it looks like where I grew up too. Its pretty to look at but we had a large yard and since everything grows so well there, the yard had to be cut sometimes twice a week. As far as chain restaurants and sprawl, well that’s sort of a given with most of the Southeast. But the nice part iis that the cities are so small that you can be out in the sticks in 10 minutes flat.

    I was also surprised at the number of microbreweries there. I think I counted 15 or something.

  42. nomadic Says:

    Yet they’ll blast everything Detroit comes up with without even looking at them. So that is a major problem.

    Same way certain people disparage anywhere outside of this area as dull, boring, uncultured and useless.

  43. Real Estater Says:

    >>Not at all correct. I’m actually part of a study group for GM and have been for around 6 months.

    I rest my case. You are exactly the type of person GM should not be talking to.

    >>Buick sells extremely well in China.

    That is because the Chinese consumers’ taste in cars is about 30 years behind the times (even though they are catching up fast). Brands that were popular 30 years ago in the U.S. can do well in China today.

  44. DreamT Says:

    #41 – The downside of super-green is that it was raining (or pouring) more than half of the time I was in Asheville. A couple more observations: the provincial feel is tantalizing (anybody would envy their “union square” with casual live dancing and live music). And I’ve never seen so many shabby shacks (rectangular blocks with teeny windows) than along NC’s 40. I guess the nice houses are hidden away.

  45. bob Says:

    The Buicks sold in China are pretty different from those sold in the US. There’s some very talented designers in Shanghai. For example, here’s the Chinese Riviera concept:

    The car culture in China is different from our own. For example, if you own an upper end car there, which includes Buick, BMW, or Mercedes, the owner will usually sit in the back and be driven by an actual “driver”. Hence the rear seating area in some of the Chinese market Buicks have things like wine coolers and fold-down tables like you would’ve found in a vintage Rolls Royce.

    It boils down to this: Perception can often trump quality. It doesn’t matter that most of the new BMW’s on the road today aren’t actually made by BMW, but rather a number of contracted companies such as Premiere, or that the reliability rankings Mercedes, Audi, and VW are average to even below average. People have perceptions. In China, there’s a desire to emulate the success of US corporate culture and Buick gives them that perception.

    Lastly, I am a perfect fit for the group because I am a lifelong Toyota owner and have been very critical of the big 3 for years. But I am also an auto enthusiast and I believe they are making big strides in improvement. So for them they get the perspective from someone who has bought their competitor’s product. Its smart to see what people like me look for in a car. You on the other hand would be a poor fit because you are totally unmoving with your choice of vehicle, which you believe is superior to all others. Thus you would not be helpful at all.

  46. bob Says:

    Asheville gets a lot of rain. It is basically right in the Smokey mountains so it acts like a funnel for rain. Other parts aren’t as rainy like Raleigh/Durham. Unlike here, they don’t have a set weather pattern. You could have a month or so of sunny weather and then have a week of rain. You could have a winter day that’s in the 40’s and then suddenly the weather will be 65-70 the next. When I moved to California it was the first time I knew of something like a “dry” season and a “wet” season with absolute predictable weather as exists out here.

    As far as the shabby shacks, I assume you’re talking about the myriads of brick rancher subdivision houses? Yes- there are a lot of them. Prior to pressure treated lumber, people liked using brick because there is a termite problem in the region. That and the first Southern “Renaissance” happened in the 60’s with the completion of a highway system linking the region to the North. There was an influx of people and lots of 60’s subdivisions with ugly houses were built.

    There are many, many small little towns all around NC. Some that we used to go to as a kid up in the mountains. One had a genuine large general store thats still there. So if you like old fashioned towns, there’s lots of those. The huge houses are in Cary outside of Raleigh. They’ve tried to make Cary look like some sort of New England town. I didn’t like it. Durham is a little more rough but the houses are older and have more character.

    The bottom line is that no- it doesn’t have the perfect weather, the perfect architecture,and so on and so on. But it has its own unique qualities and it doesn’t cost a fortune to live there. Its definitely on my list as I’m looking for jobs out of state.

  47. R Says:

    Bob, no need to lecture RE on Chinese culture. Remember, Mr. Culture is as well-versed in Chinese culture as he is in all others. Five star hotels are wonderfully educational, even if only experienced through the HD travel channel.

  48. zanon Says:

    BOB: Very interesting on cars. I may need to replace by Subaru WRX soon because rear legroom is too small. Any sporty wagons from Detroit you would recommend? (I would actually also consider a used Cadillac STS-V. Cheap, great performance, worried about reliability).

  49. bob Says:

    The CTS wagon is available in a rear wheel drive configuration so that alone will give you a lot of punch.But… it only has a 6 speed automatic so you can’t get a manual transmission which to me is a bummer. As far as reliability, Cadillac has actually been near the top of the list of JD Power for a few years. The engines are pretty solid. I actually took a new CTS out on GM’s Milford proving grounds and gave the thing a thrashing. It handled really well. Very quiet, solid interior. The one I had was a CTS-V and that thing was incredibly fast. But they are expensive when they’re new. So your idea of buying used might be worthwhile. I personally like the new design much better than the previous model.

    The only other domestic sport wagon is the Dodge Charger wagon. In my opinion everything Chrysler builds is garbage. So I wouldn’t recommend them.

    Too bad about the WRX. Those things are mean sounding cars.

  50. sonarrat Says:

    What about the Subaru Legacy GT? You already have and enjoy your Subie. Dad had an SVX for 10 years and that was an awesome grand touring car.

  51. DreamT Says:

    #46 – Thanks for the additional insights and background history

  52. mike Says:

    > Real Estater Says:
    > September 26th, 2009 at 8:55 pm
    >>Not at all correct. I’m actually part of a study group for GM and have been for around 6 months.
    > I rest my case. You are exactly the type of person GM should not be talking to.

    Other people are asking for bob’s opinions on cars but no one asks for yours.

    It’s clear who’s opinion is valued, and who’s is not.

  53. anon Says:

    Outstanding point, Mike.

  54. Pralay Says:

    Other people are asking for bob’s opinions on cars but no one asks for yours.

    The value of his opinion comes not from his brain but from a mechanical machine he happens to drive. You know he has a Porsche.

  55. Pralay Says:

    Bob, no need to lecture RE on Chinese culture. Remember, Mr. Culture is as well-versed in Chinese culture as he is in all others.

    And don’t forget posting Shanghai skyline picture to show how much he knows about “good stuffs”.

    Pretty soon he will be posting Angelina Jolie’s picture show how much he knows about “good mate”.

  56. anon Says:

    real estater is so awesome.

  57. no estater Says:

    yeah, anon, I wish I could be more like him.

  58. mike Says:

    > no estater Says:
    > yeah, anon, I wish I could be more like him.

    I also wish for the day, when I can have as many opinions with as little substance as our resident troll.

  59. no estater Says:

    you can, mike. However, heavy drinking might be required.

  60. Pralay Says:

    However, heavy drinking might be required.

    Correction: drinking (and enjoying) “good stuff”.

  61. SiO2 Says:

    Hi Zanon, unfortunately there’s not a lot of wagons out of Detroit. they’ve mainly focused on 4x4s in the last few years. The CTS wagon looks promising, but only available new. The Legacy as suggested is a good idea. Or a used BMW 3 series, or an A4. I admit that the reliability is not quite as good. OTOH the driving experience is great. And the interior holds up better than standard Japanese cars – we have a 2002 325 wagon and the interior is still in great shape. It has not been perfectly reliable but not bad either. Cost of maintenance is fine as long as you find a good independent shop and avoid the dealer.

    The Dodge Magnum has tons of room, and is supposed to be a reasonably good drive. But consumer reports gave it a low reliability mark. Having said that, they are pretty cheap, so if you don’t drive that much it could be ok.

    Here’s an different idea – Mazda5. Roomy for 4, can fit 6 in a pinch. Reasonable handling. Not that fast but gets ok mpg (25 mpg). can get a used one for 15k or so. get the newer ones (07) as it has a 5 speed auto instead of 4. There are some of these with manuals too, so that could be fun.

    hopefully in the future Detroit will start to bring out some of the wagons that they sell overseas. Focus wagon, Opel wagons. If/when gas goes to $4 or $5 then the style of the 4×4 may not be so attractive anymore.

  62. no estater Says:

    Ford still owns Volvo. The XC wagon is nice & roomy. A good friend of mine has had two in a row.

  63. bob Says:

    The Mazda 5 isn’t a bad idea. But in my opinion the car is sort of ugly. The rear is too big and bulbous. The previous generation was nice though.

    Ford is actually bringing over the Fiesta from Europe, but its an entry level car. GM tried similar with the Saturn Astra, which is a very common car in Europe sold as the Opel and Vauxhall Astra.

  64. SiO2 Says:

    NE, of course, how could I forget Volvo wagons. In the XC style if you like the off-road styling without the low mpg and poor handling, or the V70 if you prefer the on-road look. Very roomy.

    I’ve seen the EU Fiesta. It’s small, but it’s not bad inside. Not a penalty box in the way that a Chevy Aveo is. But probably too small in this case, less room than the WRX for sure.

    Zanon, you might want to check out the Honda Fit and Nissan Versa. They are surprisingly roomy. I think the front passenger seat of these has more legroom than a Chevy Suburban. No lie. Less headroom though. The Fit would be a little more fun to drive than the Versa.

    out of curiousity I looked it up. in fact the Versa does have more legroom in front than a Suburban. 0.1″ more. The fit is exactly the same as the Burb. that’s wild.

  65. Top Dog Says:

    You all need to re-read #48. The requirements is from Detroit.

  66. anon Says:

    Way to contribute, dawg.

  67. bob Says:

    I’m gathering that Zanon is kind of a taller person or something because if his WRX is too small for him then a Fit or Versa would probably definitely be too small. I’m kind of short so those cars are alright for me.But some of my friends are taller and have problems in them. That and those two are entry level econo-cars. I drove a Fit last year. Its pretty peppy for a little car but the engine winds up in it like its about to explode. Bottom line: They aren’t sports wagons. They’re good beater commuter cars that’ll give you 10-15 years of honest service.

    Now… if you just wanted insane speed and power and could do with so-so reliability, one of those Charger Wagons with a Hemi would be very fast. Then again I think Chrysler builds junk.

    I dunno… I’d probably go for the CTS Wagon. But I’m biased.

  68. SiO2 Says:

    In my experience, the Versa has more room up front than the WRX. Exterior size doesn’t always relate to interior size. The leg angle also varies – in a van or 4×4, legs tend to angle down, but in a car they tend to go straight in front. So Zanon needs to test sit.

    Hey, I just thought of a great candidate, assembled in Flat Rock, Michigan: Mazda 6 Wagon. It’s no longer available but there are used ones around. Fun to drive and roomy. mpg is not very good however.

    Top Dog, there’s not too many US-brand wagons available in the US. (Sadly there’s more GM & Ford wagons available outside the US than inside). I think Bob is right, just 2: Magnum (Charger) and CTS. Oh, and the Ford Focus from the early 2000s. That might work, that’s surprisingly roomy, roomier than the WRX. The WRX is AWD, so the center tunnel is higher to accommodate the driveshaft. Not so in the Focus wagon, Fit, Versa.

    I guess there’s used Taurus wagons around, but that would not qualify as sporty. Unless you transplanted a SHO engine! Or drop a Corvette engine into a Caprice wagon.

    Final options – VW Passat, or Jetta. Previous-gen Jetta is pretty tight in back, current is not bad. Passat is pretty roomy overall. VW quality has improved since early 2000s.

    The CTS Wagon is definitely the best of what we’ve discussed. OTOH it’s around $40k.

  69. bob Says:

    Stay away from VW. My Mother in Law has a Jetta Wagon TDI. Handles great, great interior, pretty peppy and fast ( because its diesel) but the thing is falling apart. We’re talking the worst problems I’ve seen in years.

    Another option might be the Ford Flex. It kind of has that 50’s Woody wagon thing going on except its a crossover. Gets pretty decent fuel economy too. That and its big. I saw one on the road just today. They’re pretty nice looking. Speaking of the Taurus, the new one is actually pretty nice looking. The Taurus SHO is extremely fast.

    The SHO has an interesting story. Apparently back in the early 80’s Ford had a semi-exotic mid engined sports car on the drawing board and had the engine for it partially designed by Yamaha. They received a whole ton of these engines and the mid engined car was scrapped and never made it to production. So Ford was stuck with all these high performance engines. So they stuck them in Tauruses and called it the “Taurus SHO”

    Bottom line: The old Taurus is crap. But if you want a cheap, fast, sleeper car that’ll blow most cars out of the water, get an old Taurus SHO.

  70. Top Dog Says:

    Top Dog, there’s not too many US-brand wagons available in the US.

    You’re not thinking hard enough. I can give you two: Chrysler PT Cruiser and Chevy HHR. Not saying these are great rides, but then again he’s coming from a Subaru.

  71. Top Dog Says:

    Bob: Will you take your Car Talk elsewhere? This is a real estate chat.

  72. nomadic Says:

    Dog, if you don’t like the discussion here, please go to another thread. The PT Cruiser is a wagon? Since when?

    Discussion of the Taurus SHO reminds me of Robocop – that’s what he drove.

    As for the Honda Fit – the front seats are quite roomy. A friend got one; we stuck a 6’4″ guy in front and he was impressed with the space. Another adult passenger could even fit behind his seat.

  73. anon Says:

    Dog, would you please go sniff real estater’s ass?

  74. Top Dog Says:

    What did I say wrong? This is not a car blog, is it?

  75. nomadic Says:

    So we drifted off topic. What’s the problem? You can discuss real estate on today’s thread if you have something meaningful to say.

    Or how about this? The “acceptable” RBA wagons (IMO) are made by BMW, Mercedes & Audi. But since I don’t care about those, I’m not sure if they still build wagons…

  76. Pralay Says:

    What did I say wrong? This is not a car blog, is it?

    This is not Animal Planet channel either. Stop barking, Rescue Dog.

  77. anon Says:

    “What did I say wrong? This is not a car blog, is it?”

    Masking your identity doesn’t disguise your ineptitude or your ignorance.

  78. Top Dog Says:

    The guy calling himself anon is certainly not hiding his identity.
    The person who doesn’t want to talk about cars in a real estate blog needs to get out.
    This site is now run by gangs.

  79. anon Says:

    A split personality doesn’t count as a gang.

  80. bob Says:

    Arr matey! Gangs huh? I like the idea of pirates ruining the board better. Pirates are free to discuss what they please and today’s topic is about hot dogs and BBQ grills. That must make you concerned… top dog.

  81. Pralay Says:

    This site is now run by gangs.

    Burbed is Emperor gang-leader.

  82. Pralay Says:

    The person who doesn’t want to talk about cars in a real estate blog needs to get out.

    Top Dog sounds like Whining Dog.

  83. nomadic Says:

    sheesh, #78 sounds just like RE…

  84. Pralay Says:

    Right, typical RealEstater game with a pretense of staying on topic.

  85. SiO2 Says:

    HHR. Of course! Get the SS version, 260 hp. It’s pretty cool and actually gets good mpg. I can’t quite get past the styling though. And I’m not sure that it’s roomier than a WRX.

    I had a PT Cruiser rental. A WRX driver would not be satisfied with a PT Cruiser.

    Semi on topic. RBA wagons:
    BMW 3,5. M E-class. Used to sell C-class here, no longer. Audi A4, A6. A3 might count but it is smaller.

    Plus all the RBA 4x4s. “I’m rich enough to buy BMW/MB/Audi but I’d don’t know that high center of gravity = easy roll over and poor handling.”

    Ford Flex is very roomy, but pretty overweight so probably would not satisfy the WRX driver. Taurus SHO might, but not avail in wagon anymore. Too bad, that would be pretty sweet.

  86. Top Dog Says:

    Pralay: If you think Bay Area is too expensive, then get out and go back to India.

    Please, nobody whine or bark about my attitude. I’m only following the conventions here.

  87. DreamT Says:

    someone didn’t have a happy work day

  88. anon Says:

    boss woman breathin’ down your neck, underdog?

  89. Top Dog Says:

    No whining, pussycat.

  90. Top Dog Says:

    nomadic: It does not take a Real Estater to figure out that using a real estate blog to talk about autos makes no sense.

  91. anon Says:

    This is a real estate blog?

  92. zanon Says:

    Hi guys:

    thanks for all the great suggestions! I fit fine in the WRX, the problem is that we’re going to need a rear facing car seat PLUS a regular car seat and car sears are frickin’ huge these days. Wife does not think we can get both in the WRX because the rear is too cramped. I think we can squeeze them in somehow. (Yes, the WRX is our family hauler, and a damn fine family hauler at that. Cooper S is the wife’s commuter. I have a motorbike).

    If it has room in the back for a backward AND forward facing car seat, AND it can haul a refrigerator in a pinch, and it’s fast, and it handles well, and it’s cheap used, and it’s a manual, I am so there. WRX hit all of the above, except maybe the first : (

  93. nomadic Says:

    Doggie – there’s room here for everyone. Go to today’s thread if you want to take part in the real estate discussion. No one is making you come to this old thread.

  94. DreamT Says:

    #93 – nothing but pent-up frustration along with terminal boredom with his toys

  95. Pralay Says:

    Pralay: If you think Bay Area is too expensive, then get out and go back to India.

    Whining Dog: If you think this site is run by gangs, don’t visit this site.

  96. Pralay Says:

    It does not take a Real Estater to figure out that using a real estate blog to talk about autos makes no sense.

    I agree, talk about autos in real estate blog does not make sense, unless of course it is about Porsche and Porsche forum.

  97. SiO2 Says:

    backward facing car seat is huge. How tall is your wife? perhaps the b/w seat could go behind her and the f/w behind you? (assuming she is shorter – if not try the converse).
    I have a friend with a Civic and a rear facing seat, she’s 5’7″ and the rear facing seat can be behind her fine. Not a wagon though.
    The Mazda5 would fit your requirements except for being fast. Manuals are available but hard to come by.
    The HHR SS might fit. Certainly fast, avail with manual. Not sure about the seating though. And you didn’t make any criteria about looks.
    Mazda6 wagon (last gen) would meet all your requirements except manual. They only sold slushboxes in the US. There was a Mazda6 hatch, you might be able to track down one with a manual, but the manuals only had 4cyl so it’s not exactly fast.

    The SF auto show is coming up, you can bring the b/w seat and test sit a bunch of cars.

    You have some unusual requirements. A manual xmission station wagon. I like it!

    For RE content – you can drive in your new car to go to open houses.

  98. zanon Says:

    Si02: Not tall. That’s why I think we can make this work. OK, I think it’s time to do a test fit to settle this question empirically.

    (And fast, fun to drive wagons, rock. They are practical, and fun! I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t want one). As a Subie owner, it should be clear that I have no aesthetic sense.

  99. bob Says:

    You should be happy your Wife lets you have a car like a WRX. Mine hates anything that could possibly go minutely fast hence what we drive are sluggish vehicles. Actually, the Tacoma I’ve got is pretty quick. tiny little truck with a 2.4 liter 4 cylinder , 5 speed manual. Since it weighs nothing the power to weight ratio is great. I’ve beaten a number of pimped-out rice mobiles with it.

    Speaking of wagons, down the street from me is a guy that has a pristine 1985 Mercury Colony Park station wagon. It only has 35,000 original miles, has a leather interior, and a 5.0 V8 engine. Wood paneling and all. I’d absolutely kill to have that thing. Now THAT would be a family hauler.

    When’s the SF auto show? I went last year and had a blast.

  100. nomadic Says:

    You should be happy your Wife lets you have a car like a WRX.

    lets? LETS? are you kidding me?

  101. bob Says:

    Probably too strong a word. Its more that she doesn’t like typical… Small male member cars. aka- vettes, Porsches ( not that I’d want one), Bimmers, and other showy fast cars. A WRX would probably be ok.

  102. SiO2 Says:

    Bob, SF auto show is usually the week of Thanksgiving. SJ is usually in Jan.

  103. Herve Estater Says:

    > lets? LETS? are you kidding me?

    What’s wrong? Do you find the lack of apostrophe shocking?

  104. nomadic Says:

    at least I can take comfort in the consistently capitalized W in Wife… Does that make her the primary wife in the household? 😉

    It just surprises me sometimes, the kinds of constraints a couple will put on each other. Seems that when it comes to something fairly insignificant like a car, you’d be able to pick what you want within budget and maybe some practical considerations like zanon’s car seats.

    As for the “small male member” remark, I guess that decision would be made with the understanding that the Wife may make some jokes at the Husband’s expense if he were to choose one. 😛

  105. bob Says:

    My wife ( note the non-capitalized “W” ) lets me get away with a lot of stuff that most women would probably go nuts over. Like all the useless junk out in the garage or the number of redneck hobbies I’ve acquired. I already have one ridiculous car which is 54 years old and 22 feet long. So I take it back. My wife is pretty awesome in regards to “letting” me do stuff. All I can say is that if it were not for her, I’d probably have like 5 cars on blocks in the backyard. Sometimes its a good thing.

  106. nomadic Says:


    let me know if you ever run across a ’54 Chevy pickup…

  107. anon Says:

    wow bob you would have your own car collection. couple that with some pride of ownership and jeez – that’d be too much pride for one man.

  108. zanon Says:

    WRX is a AWD Wagon. It passes the “sensible” test so we have one. Also, it’s pokey off the line, you really need to get on boost for it to become fast. Fine by me, I don’t want to go fast all the time.

    Problem is cars like 911s. No practicality. Even worse, you may get indecently assaulted by RE.

    And a basic WRX is not a small male member car. That’s reserved for the STI.

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