January 30, 2010

Over Time: Palo Alto, 1947-1980

Over Time: Palo Alto, 1947-1980 (General History: California) (Paperback)
~ Ben Hatfield

Adrian Hatfield was one of many happy veterans returning to Palo Alto after World War II, but this flying ace and Stanford student (class of 1938) would spend the next 33 years photographing every inch of Palo Alto and vicinity. Presented here for the first time in published form is the aerial photography of Adrian Hatfield, founder of Hatfield Aerial Survey in 1947. The astounding visual archives that he created during his long career documents the evolution of a small town surrounded by dairies, farms, and apricot orchards to a tech-industry giant that finds its roots firmly attached to Stanford University. Working closely with developers such as Joseph Eichler, Hatfield witnessed, recorded, and helped build the community that is Palo Alto today

It’s time to spend some time reflecting on the most important city in America: Palo Alto. It may be too late for Christmas, but it’s never too late to buy multiple copies of this book to share with your friends and family who don’t have the privilege of living in the Bay Area to help them understand how this important city came to being.

More importantly, perhaps this will inspire those people to move here, further driving up housing prices.

I for one cannot wait for the 2000-2020 version of this book. It’ll be a sure winner!

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2 Responses to “Over Time: Palo Alto, 1947-1980”

  1. asdf Says:

    So, several decades ago, some middle- or slightly upper middle-class person built this shed-like structure for his daughter to play piano.

    Fast forward to 2010…you can bust your hump to get a B.S., M.S., Ph.D., and get some management job working 60 hours a week to live in it, thinking there is nothing wrong with that scenario.

  2. Real Estater Says:

    Have seen this book at some stores in Palo Alto. Lots of interesting photographs, particularly how the area around University Ave. looked in the early days. I don’t know about being the most important city, but certainly one of the most well documented city. Every neighborhood is written about every year. Most residents are fans of the city. Everyone seems to know about every street and every store in the city.

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